I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Orpheus Tablet

Orpheus, the world’s deepest dungeon, is located in Israel.

This white dungeon, Orpheus, was clearly different from other dungeons.

The explorers who went to investigate have found remains with writing on them in the middle level.

The characters are very similar to the hieroglyphs used in ancient Egypt, and it is thought that they were written by human beings.

The decipherment of the characters is carried out by researchers, and most of the characters are successfully deciphered except for a few.

It was written about demons and magic.

And the way people were affected by dungeons in ancient civilizations, it seemed that dungeons were involved in the history of mankind.

The most important remains are large stone slabs, three meters long and two meters wide.

At the top of this slab were six ores in a row, twelve ores below, and twenty-four more below.

On the lower part of the slab, where there is no ore, there are hieroglyphic inscriptions.

The staff of the International Dungeon Research Organization considered this tablet to be the most important ‘dungeon ruin’, and decided to place it in the most conspicuous place on the floor where several laboratories are located.

The tablet stood against the wall, protected by tempered glass. In front of it, Ethan Noble, the authority on dungeon research, smiles wryly.

“So it’s true. I was wondering what all the fuss was about when I saw the other researchers.”

Clark, the assistant standing next to Ethan, looks up at the tablet and gives it a quizzical look.

“The Duke has been defeated. I believe it was the third. Who the hell did this?”

They looked up and saw twenty-four ores in the third row from the top of the slab. Three of them, red, blue, and black, were broken.

“It’s interesting that the one that shattered this time was ‶Black Ore‶.”

Ethan looks interested. Clark nods and continues.

“They’re checking with the governments of the world right now. If they’ve defeated the Duke, it’s got to be some sort of explorer clan or army.”

“Huh… You mean you dived deep into the black dungeon where there’s no money to be made? Some people are crazy.”

“If you’re focusing on exploring the black dungeons, is it a British university?”

“It’s true that they’re working on the ‘Demon Ore’ but I don’t think there are any Seekers who can dive that deep.”

“So, another country?”

“Well, yeah. The countries with the big black dungeons are India, Russia, Australia and Brazil, right?”

Ethan thinks for a minute and claps his hands. and claps his hands.

“There’s one in Japan, I think. But I don’t think it’s very likely since they haven’t explored that place much.”

Ethan turns his back to the tablet and walks away as the other researchers look up at it and discuss it. Clark follows him.

Clark sighed as he watched Ethan humming to himself as he walked back to his lab.

I’m sure the Duke’s defeat was no big deal to him.

After they leave, the huge stone slab stands eerily still.

Orpheus’ tablet–

It described special demons and showed their ranks of strength.

From the top are six King Kings, twelve Lord Monarchs, and twenty-four Duke Dukes.

This demon was called a unique monster by researchers.

Two of the Duke’s men and one of the Lord of Lords have already been defeated. This was the first time in three years that we had defeated the Duke.

There’s a reason why the International Dungeon Research Organization and governments around the world are keeping a close eye on defeating these things.

The text on the tablet reads as follows.

“A great change will come to mankind when all the demons shown here are defeated.

Whether this change is good or bad for the human race is not known at all.

But Ethan could have gone either way.

What matters to him is whether or not he can do interesting research.

Because that’s all it was.