I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Mystery of Yellow and Green

And the next morning. Yuma looked into the hole in the garden, and there he was…

“Now you’re green!”

Bright metallic green slime wriggles and squirms in the hole.

Yuma prepared more cans for the cooling spray and gas burner.

All right! We’re all set.

With a mighty whiff, you turn your whole body to steel. You jump into the hole and face the green slime.

The slime moved cautiously around the edge of the hole, but when I sprayed it with the cooling spray it came at me in a furious rage.

Yuma staggers as he is hit by the body, but he sprays a cooling spray at him.

It’s hard to catch the fast-moving slime, but you keep firing and fill the narrow hole with cold air.

The temperature is dropping rapidly and the green slime is slowing down.

On the other hand, Yuma had ‘cold resistance’, so he was able to work without any problem.

All right! We just have to stop it from moving.

He concentrated cold air on it and stopped it completely. He now holds two gas burners and sprays fire with both hands.

Raise the temperature all at once and do a lot of damage to the green slime.

They’ve been jumping on me since the moment they defrosted, but no matter how many times they hit me, I don’t feel a thing.

Thankfully, the defense is perfect, so you can focus on the attack.

After repeating this several times, he swung his hammer down on the ravaged slime and put the finishing touches on it.

I pick up the ‶green magic ore‶ that remains on the ground and stare at it in the light.

Beautiful metallic emerald green .

He rinses himself off in the kitchen and swallows without hesitation. My whole body is burning.

Well, we’ll find out when we get back.

Yuma gets ready as usual and leaves the house for school.

On the way home from school. Yuma was walking while searching on his phone.

“Well, I guess this is it.”

What was displayed was a site that explained the characteristics of dungeons. There are six dungeons and the ‶magic gems‶ produced in each dungeon.

White dungeon(White or transparent magic gems. You can use recovery magic.)

Red dungeon(Red magic gem. You can use fire magic)

Blue dungeon(Blue magic gem. You can use water magic)

Yellow Dungeon(Yellow magic gem. You can use lightning magic)

Green Dungeon(Green magic gem. You can use wind magic)

Black dungeon (Magic ore. Body Enhancement? can be used)

If you consider the characteristics of these dungeons and the ‘colored’ magic ores that have appeared recently, red is ‘fire resistant’ and blue is ‘water resistant’.

And yellow for ‘lightning resistance’ and green for ‘wind resistance’?

I’m probably right, but I can’t say for sure until I know for sure.

Yuma went home, changed out of his school uniform into his casual clothes, got on his bicycle and rode off.

We’re going to the big-box store where you bought the mana index meter.

I park my bike in a corner of the parking lot of a mass retailer and run up the stairs to the ‘dungeon-related’ section.

Among the various items on display, a stun gun and an electromagnetic baton caught my eye.

You can’t try it, so you have to buy it.

The most expensive ones cost several tens of thousands of yen, but the cheapest stun gun costs 4,980 yen. I picked it up.

You buy the stun gun, come home, open the box and set the big rectangular battery in it.

This should work.

When you press the switch, a thin stream of electricity shoots out.

Yuma puts his body into a powerful ‶metallization‶ and rolls up the sleeve of his left arm. He brings the stun gun in his right hand close to him.

If it’s metal, it should conduct electricity.

A little freaked out, he pressed the taser to his arm.

“Ugh! Ow… Are you okay? I’m fine!”

It’s not conducting any electricity at all, just as I thought. It’s become lightning resistant.

Yuma was pleased that his prediction had come true. If that’s the case, then the green magic ore is definitely ‘wind resistance’.

I’ve heard of a great wind wizard… who could cut steel in half. Wind magic might be the scariest thing of all.

Yuma’s body shakes with a shudder.

But there’s no way to test wind magic.

“Anyway, this means you now have resistance to all four attack magic ‘fire’, ‘water’, ‘lightning’, ‘wind’. Anyway, this means I’ve got resistance to all four! Isn’t this a great thing?

Yuma is excited and happy, but he soon realizes that he’s not.

That such abilities are of no use to us in our daily lives.