I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Unexplored Realms

When Yuma came home from school, he was in his room looking at the ‶Demon Ore‶ that he had dropped.

It’s a black magic ore. It’s the same color, shape, and size as ordinary metal slime. The only difference is that the surface of the stone has some sort of pattern on it.

The relief of white plants appears to be a circle of floral ornaments.

Does this mean anything to you?

Yuma first takes out his mana index meter and points it at himself and presses the switch. He had defeated such a powerful demon. It’s not surprising if his Mana has risen a little.

I looked at the display screen with expectation, but it was still zero.

“… Damn it, man. After all we’ve been through.

Yuma complained, but then he tried measuring the next drop. It turned out to be zero as well.

“He’s a zero… I guess that means we can use him.”

Yuma took it to the kitchen, washed it with water and swallowed it as usual.

After a while the heat rises in the pit of my stomach. It was a feeling I was used to by now, but this time it was a little different.

“Wha? What is it? It’s so hot.

A heat like nothing I’ve ever felt before rushes through my body.

Is it something I’m not supposed to eat? I was afraid, but I calmed down after a while.

“Are you all right? That was a little scary.

You go to the garden to test this magic ore to see what it can do.

With Mamezou barking and howling at my side, I first activate the ‘metallization’. Mamezo gets scared when he turns completely black, but I manage to calm him down by telling him that he’ll be fine.

“Well, it’s possible that the Decaslime’s traits could be its abilities, but…”

Reminds me of the decathlon we encountered this morning. The tentacle attack was terrifying, to say the least.

He was turning body parts into weapons. If I could do that…

As I think of this, I see my hands undulate and change shape. You try to imagine that your hand is a weapon.

Then his hand gradually changed and took the shape of a single-edged knife.

“Oh… “Oh, my God! You really did it.”

I’m a little impressed. I’ve been trying to figure out what else I can do.

They were able to change their bodies into various shapes just by imagining, for example, changing their hands into hammers or iron balls. It seems that simple shapes can be made quickly.

The most amazing thing about it was–

“Oh, I didn’t know you could do that! This is so interesting.”

Yuma had taken the form of a round metal slime. I didn’t think he could transform his entire body.

The elephant is playing with the bean elephant, jumping up and down.

I thought it was quite interesting and was excited, but when I looked at the glass door of the house, I saw my reflection in it.

The round slime figure jumps about and stretches out many tentacles, and moves them undulatingly.

Yuma thought calmly.

“That… This is… Does it look like a demon?

That day, the International Dungeon Research Organization (IDR) was in turmoil over an unprecedented situation.

The ‶Orpheus tablet‶ was installed in one corner of the laboratory. Many researchers were gathered in front of it.

Ethan Noble was among those who looked up in astonishment at the tablet.


Clark comes running in, looking panicked.

What’s going on, Ethan? What’s this all about?

Clark looks around in confusion. The lab was in turmoil because of the sudden turn of events, and they hadn’t been given accurate information.

Ethan smiles mischievously at Clark.

“That’s the thing, Clark. That’s what everyone’s interested in.”

Ethan pointed to the top of the ‶Orpheus tablet‶ propped up on the wall.

It’s a place of multicolored ores.

“What? Duke Duke and Lord Monarch have been defeated again?

“No, no… No, Clark. No one’s surprised by that anymore.

Clark raises an eyebrow at Ethan, who smiles wryly at him.

“Look closely. Look at the top of the tablet.”

I looked over and saw that one of the ores had been shattered. It was the topmost ore that had never been destroyed.

“The highest level demon on the tablet, one of the six King Kings…”

Ethan looks at the top of the slab and raises the corner of his mouth.

“[The Black King] is fallen.”