I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Failure and Determination

“Well, dungeons that are open to the public are no different from leisure facilities. Might not be considered an experience. Okay, thank you. Next…”

The examiner said something, but Yuma had almost no memory of what had happened after that.

I wander out of the office and sit down on a bench outside. All I know for sure is that I fell.

“Huh… I didn’t know interviewing was this hard. I guess I underestimated it.”

I’m so tired and depressed. Did your father know this would happen so he gave you a leave of absence from college? He’s a man who knows how hard the world can be.

I wonder if he knew the job hunt was going to be a disaster.

“Maybe I should just go to college honestly…”

I can’t simply say that I couldn’t get a job after I’ve made such a big show of wanting to get a job. It’s too uncool.

Yuma needs to get a job somehow, no matter where. But he couldn’t imagine that it would work out at all. Then…


A can of coffee is suddenly offered next to my face. I look over and there stands a man with a close-cropped head and narrow eyes.

“Well, drink this! You look like you’re dying.

“Oh, thank you.”

I took the canned coffee and thanked him.

“I had an interview at GIG too. But no, no, no! I’m sure I’ll fail. I was about to leave when I saw a student who was even more depressed than I was. I saw him at the interview… so I got curious. Have a cup of coffee and relax.”

“Oh, hi… Are you from the Kansai region?

No, I’m from Chiba.

–I thought to myself, “You’re just a Kansai person, aren’t you! but I don’t have the strength to go into it any more.

“You’re in high school? That’s amazing that you’re trying to get a job at a dungeon company at your age.”

“Yeah, yeah, well… But I didn’t realize how hard it would be. I thought it’d be dangerous, so the stakes would be lower.

“Ah~ that was a long time ago. Dungeons are better researched now and weapons to defeat demons have improved. Students would jump at the chance to get paid a lot of money if it’s safer. I’m one of them.”

“I see…”

“Well, don’t be so downhearted! I’m Akito Akito of Tennoji. If we’re both lucky enough to get jobs… let’s meet on the field. What’s your name?

The man who introduced himself as Tennoji smiled and looked at me. His narrow eyes narrowed even more.

He’s a strange man, but I feel a strange kinship with him.

I’m Yuma Mitaka.

“Yuma. Then let’s meet again, Yuma. Bye.

Tennoji said that and left. I have a feeling that he’ll get in just on the basis of his comic ability. Thinking this, Yuma decides to get up and leave.

On the way to the station, you see a large bookstore.

–Come to think of it, I’ve only been getting information on dungeons from the net. I should buy a book if I want to learn more about dungeons.

Let’s go by.

Yuma passes through the automatic door of the bookstore and enters the store. It is a big bookstore.

I found it easily when I looked for the dungeon-related section. It must be a popular section, since it takes up a lot of space.

“Hmm, let’s see.”

If you look at the books on the shelves, you can see a variety of titles.

‘The Art of Defeating Demons Taught by a Leading Seeker Seeker’.

‘Easy Dungeon Utilization. How to Profit from Low-Level Demon Gems’

‘The Demon’s Illustrated Book – Unusual Creatures of the World’

‘For an Amateur Searcher to Become a Salaried Searcher’.

‘Job hunting for dungeon-related companies.100% of job offers’.

‘A Career Consultant’s Guide to Dungeon Corporate Strategy’

“Wow, they even have job hunting books.”

I picked up some of the books and flipped through the pages. I found that they are full of information which is not written in the net.

The best thing is that the source of the information is clear. It is because it is sometimes difficult to tell whether an article on the Internet is true or false.

I decided to buy three books. Naturally, they are mostly job hunting books.

“I’ve got to make sure I don’t embarrass myself at my next interview.”