I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: The Gears Start Turning

Yuma and the others returned to Chiba from the ‘City of Explorers’ in the jeep driven by Tanaka. It is around nine o’clock in the afternoon.

“Oh, I’m so tired. Then, Tanaka-san, take care of Yuma.

Yes, I’m on it.

The president and Maika get out of the car and go home.

Seeing this, Tanaka backed the car up, stepped on the accelerator and drove onto the road.

I’m sorry, Mr. Tanaka. I’m sorry you had to come all the way out here.

“Hey, it’s okay. I live in Tokyo too, so it’s just a stop on my way home.”

Tanaka, smiling and laughing, puts on his blinker and makes a right turn at the intersection.

We turned onto Route 6 via the old Mito Kaido Road and headed south toward Tokyo. Tanaka talked to me in a friendly manner during the trip.

The first time he and Tanaka have talked so much alone, Yuma is once again a very considerate senior and he appreciates the care he has taken.

It was around midnight when they arrived home. Yuma got out of the car and looked into the driver’s seat.

Thank you very much. Mr. Tanaka, I’m sorry it’s so late.

“Okay, okay. See you the day after tomorrow, Yuma. Good night.”

Good night.

Yuma slammed the door and watched the car drive away. He went into his house and told his mother, who was still awake, that he was home, and then walked quickly up the stairs.

He enters his room and locks the door behind him. He puts down his luggage, opens the drawer of his desk, and takes out the notebook inside.

“I’m pretty sure it’s this one…”

You sit down in your chair, open your notebook, and flip through the pages.

For a while after the metal slime came out, Yuma had been keeping a notebook to record the date and what had happened.

I got bored and quit soon, but I know the date of the first defeat.

“There was… The first time metal slime appeared… August 2nd the year before last…”

And the biggest slime came out on September 19th of last year. Yuma checks his calendar.

Defeat the metal slime that has not missed a single day.

If they really did go up one level for every one they killed, then that little dungeon must have been ridiculously deep.

He adds up the number of days he checked on the calendar with his calculator. Yuma gulps at the number shown.

“413 days… …413 levels of dungeons…”

It’s 300 levels deep, far deeper than Orpheus, the world’s deepest dungeon… The deepest dungeon in the world.

“Oh, no. No way–“

The president of the company, Mr. Kanzaki, returned home and took out a can of beer from the refrigerator, intending to have a drink before going to bed.

“Father, take a proper bath!”

I know.

His daughter Maika nagged him while he was packing up his belongings. Kanzaki opens the lid of his can of beer, wondering who the hell he’s taking after.

He gulped down his drink, sat down on the couch, and turned on the TV with the remote control.

I was about to relax when my phone on the table rings. I looked at my phone with a suspicious look on my face and saw that it was Aisha.

Hey, what’s up? What are you doing here?

‘Oh… I’m sorry Kotaro. I’m in a bit of a hurry.

What’s the rush?

‘It’s hard to tell on the phone. Can you come to the lab now?’

“Huh? Are you kidding me? It’s the middle of the night! I just got home from work. I’m tired.

‘Okay… But I really need you to come. Can’t you?

Kanzaki was puzzled because this was the first time Aisha had ever said such a thing.

“Can’t we go tomorrow? I can’t go now. I don’t have a car!

‘The sooner the better. I’ll pay for the taxi.

I knew it was more than just a long time ago. Kanzaki sighs and reminds her that it will take some time. I’m not sure how long it’ll take.

“Maika, I’m going out for a bit.”

“What? Now? Where are you going?”

I’m at Aisha’s. I’ll be back by morning.

Yeah, hey, Dad!

Maika hurriedly peeked in the doorway, but her father had already opened the door and was outside.

The time is 3:00 a.m.. Kanzaki gets a taxi to Ota Ward, Tokyo, and gets out of the car, scratching his head.

It cost me a lot of money. I paid a taxi to take me back to the hotel.

I was going to relax at home… but I’m in big trouble. With that in mind, Kanzaki enters the tin laboratory with a grim expression on his face.

“Hey! I’m here!

Kanzaki roughly opened the door to Aisha’s room. The room is unlit and only the light from the computer is leaking into the dark room.

Aisha was sitting cross-legged in front of her computer, drinking a can of coffee.

Kanzaki turned on the light switch in his room. I’ve been here many times before and I know where everything is.

A crackle of lights came on, brightening the whole room.

Aisha is looking at the computer screen with her back to Kanzaki.

What do you want?

“… It’s about Mitaka.”

“Mitaka? You mean Yuma? What about him?”

Kanzaki remembers that he had done a physical examination on Yuma three days ago.

Are you sick?

“No, I’m… I’m perfectly healthy.

“You scared the shit out of me! What the fuck?

“Remember when we measured the mana index before?”

“Hmm? Yeah, with that big-ass machine. I remember.

“That’s what happened.”

“Oh, yeah… And? There was a ‶mana index″.

The president asked her about it and Aisha put the canned coffee she was drinking on the desk and turned her chair around to face Kanzaki.

“As it turns out, there was a ‶mana″.”

“Oh, yeah! I knew it. I don’t think there’s anyone whose mana is hard to raise from the start.

Kanzaki smiles happily and asks Aisha “So how old are you? Aisha asks.

But Aisha looked serious and fell silent. Kanzaki wonders what’s going on, Aisha mutters in a small voice.

“… .465200.”

“Hmm? What?”

This is Mitaka Yuma’s mana index. There are some fractions, but it doesn’t matter.

“What? What are you talking about?

 However, Aisha continued to talk with a very serious expression on her face.

I measured it with my mana meter. The numbers are correct.”

“Don’t be ridiculous… it’s just a broken machine! The world’s most powerful Seeker, Albert the Flame Emperor, has a mana index of 8,200. Are you out of your mind? !”

The device is accurate. Unless I’m seeing things wrong…”

Aisha stands up and glares at Kanzaki.

“Mitaka Yuma is the largest possessor of mana in the world, by an order of magnitude!”