I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 69

Chapter 69: The trump card of the hierarchical strategy

The International Dungeon Research Organization had sent an e-mail to the dungeons urging anyone with any knowledge of the situation to report it immediately, but Aisha had no intention of doing so.

“I wouldn’t give up such a great specimen, you idiots! If we use him we might be able to solve the mystery of the Black Dungeon.

Aisha’s gaze shifted to the small box next to the computer.

And most importantly, you’ll be the only one who can use this magic ore. I’m looking forward to it. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.”

The only sound in the hotel room was an eerie laugh.

“Hey, Yuma! Your arm’s not bent! Get fired up!

Yes, yes.

In the morning, the president and Yuma are doing push-ups in the hotel room.

The boss told me to do 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 50 squats for 3 sets a day. I’ve been practicing it from today.

It was the first time for me to do a real muscle training, so it was quite hard.

“Got it. Pushups done. That’s it for this morning. I’m going for a run to the dungeon. We’re not done yet!


 After wiping himself with a towel he goes to pick up Aisha.

Then he asked me to go into the room. I went inside with the president.

Aisha’s room is exactly the same as the one we’re staying in, and she sits on the sofa next to the bed.

Hey, I’m sorry. I just wanted to talk to you.

Aisha is sitting on the couch opposite me with her legs crossed. She’s dressed in a white blouse and black pants, her usual style.

“What? I thought we were going to the dungeon to talk.

The president’s brow wrinkles. Aisha says, “Of course, but…” Aisha crossed her fingers.

Koutaro. What do you think? Do you think it’ll be hard to conquer the tiers as it is now?

No, that’s right! That’s what you’ve been saying all along!”

Aisha smirks at him and the president gives her a warning.

It’s common sense to go up to the 50th level with a group of five to eight explorers. It’s absurd to go with just two people!

Aisha didn’t change her expression even when the boss told her she was crazy.

“Yeah, I know. So. I have a proposal.

What the fuck… What’s the proposal?”

“If Yuma-kun becomes stronger, Kotaro. You’ll have a lot less work to do. Am I wrong?”

“No, well… “No, well… yeah, but it’s not that easy!”

He’s right. I’ve started strength training, and they’re teaching me martial arts, but it’ll be months or years before I see any results.

The magic ore doesn’t have much effect either, so it’s impossible for you to become strong right away.

Yuma thinks so and looks at Aisha with a dumbfounded expression. But Aisha gives a small smile with an insignificant expression on her face.

No, I’ve got a plan. Just give me a minute.

He gets up and brings a Boston bag which is in a corner of the room. It is an old bag that has been damaged in some places.

Inside, he took out a metal device and a white cylinder the size of his fist.

Aisha smiles and lays out the white tubes on the low table.

“What the hell is this?”

The president asks Aisha in confusion.

“Hmm, it’s processed nitroglycerin.”


I think I heard some kind of a terrible ‘word’ but I must have heard it wrong. Yuma looks at the president’s face fearfully.

But the president was completely pale.

“The last time you came to my lab, you showed me Yuma’s nickel. I made something to match that weapon.”

“Nitro”? You mean like a bomb? You’re breaking the law!

The president yells at her, but Aisha doesn’t care.

“Use it for meaningful research. There’s nothing wrong with that. Yuma, grab the ice axe and I’ll attach the equipment.

“Ha, ha…”

I looked next to him to see what was going on, but the president was stunned and exclaimed, “I don’t know what’s going on.

Yuma takes the ice axe out of his bag and hands it to Aisha. Aisha happily fits a metal device on the head of the ice axe and attaches a white tube to it.

“Yuma, if you give this part a strong impact, it will explode. Use it when a powerful demon appears.

“Oh… But wouldn’t I be in danger if the bomb exploded this close?

“Yeah, it’s dangerous. So just use it when it’s ‘metallized’.”

Aisha says as if it’s a matter of course and turns her back to Yuuma to get something.

–That’s crazy. He’s gonna blow me and the rest of them to kingdom come! What’s he thinking? !

Aisha smiles wryly at Yuma’s indignation and brings out a small box. She puts the box down on the table and sits down on the sofa again.

What is this box?

Yuma wonders if it’s another stupid stipend. Aisha opened the box and found a single black round stone inside.

Is it magic ore? There are many red streaks on the surface. It looks like blood is flowing.

“This is the Demon Ore that was discovered three years ago. It’s the reason why the restrictions on the ‘Black Dungeon’ have become so strict and why so many researchers have pulled out of the ‘Black Dungeon’.”

Aisha put the magic ore she took out of the box on her hand and held it out in front of the president and Yuma who were staring at her intently.

“[Bloody Bloody Ore Orr], that’s what they called it.”