I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Challenging the Middle Passage

“I only have that one bloody Bloody Ore Ore. I wish I had more so I could get more data.”

Yuma sees Aisha’s frustration and calls out to her.

“Well, well, what we don’t have, we can’t do without. Let’s take it one day at a time, a little at a time.”

There’s no need to be in such a hurry. That’s what Yuma thought.

Let’s go get it.


“We know that the magical ore that produces this Varin is at the fifty-sixth level of the Black Dungeon. That’s right, all we have to do is go there and get it!”

“No, no, fifty-six levels? That’s too deep! We only need one!”

Fifty-six levels is too deep. And eating lots of strange magic ore isn’t the same thing.

Yuma tries to refuse somehow, but…

“We still need the bloody Bloody Bloody Ore Ore. And the longer you have the ability, the less time you’ll have to experiment. Don’t worry, I’ll support you!”

No, but…

“Don’t worry, Yuuma. You’ve proven you can use Bloody Bloody Ore. All we need now is the numbers. Well, leave it to me!”

In the end, even the president of the company who had shown reluctance could not refuse Aisha’s request and Yuma and the others had to return to the ‘Black Dungeon’ in Yokohama.

It was around 6 p.m. by the time I arrived in Yokohama.

We decide to leave the dungeon for tomorrow, and stay at a hotel in Yokohama for the night. And the next morning…

Are you ready? Yuma.

Okay, we’re ready.

Yuma answered the president with a large backpack on his back. Inside it was a nitroglycerin bomb, packed tightly.

“By the way, Aisha. Where did you get this much nitroglycerin?”

“I don’t know where it came from, but I’m pretty sure it came through illegal channels. You shouldn’t pry too much into it.”

It’s too scary to carry a backpack full of explosives, but I can’t make it to the middle level without it.

The middle level of the black dungeon is riddled with demons more fearsome than bombs.

I have to take it with me even if I don’t want to. The president and Yuma meet up with Aisha and leave the hotel they’re staying at.

The three of us stand in front of the heavily guarded gates of the ‘Black Dungeon’.

Today, the mid-level attack begins in earnest.


The metallized Yuuma swings down with his ice axe. There’s a dull thud, and bits of rock scatter all around. The nickel doesn’t reach the monster’s head, blocked by its strong arms.

A rock golem over two meters high rises before us. Its entire body was grayish-brown, and its face had two glowing red eyes.

It’s the biggest humanoid golem I’ve ever seen.

“Fuck you!”

This time the President strikes with the hex cudgel. But the golem only staggers slightly and does not fall.

With a roar like an earth tremor the rock monster comes towards the president.

He raised his arm like a log and dropped it from above. The president blocked it with his hexagonal club, but his knee was broken by the impact.

Even so, you push the golem’s arm back with a two-handed hexagonal club.

“Damn it! Yuma, use the bomb! You can’t beat him in a normal fight.

“Okay, okay!”

Yuma takes down his backpack and pulls out a metal device and a tube full of nitro from inside.

You can’t use Bloody Bloody Ore’s ability until you reach the 56th level. You can only use it for three minutes, so you’ll have to conserve it until you defeat Verlin.

A white tube is set in the center of the nickel with a metal fitting attached to its tip.

Only the surface of the white tube is exposed, and it covers the entire surface of the nickel, using its ‘liquid metallization’ ability.

Sir, we’re ready! Please step away.

I can prevent the impact with my water magic. Just do it! Yuma!

“Yes… Yes!”

Yuma runs towards the golem and raises his nickel. The boss says “Hmph…” and he shoves the golem away with all his might.

Yuma saw this and slammed his nickel down on the golem’s head.

The moment it hits, there’s a flash of light.

The nickel tip exploded, shattering the golem’s head and sending rocks flying everywhere.

The president instantly put up a water barrier to block the flying debris. On the other hand, Yuma is blown away by the explosion and rolls over and crashes into a rock wall.

“… One…”

Yuma shakes his head. The explosion occurs right in front of him, and he feels as if he might lose consciousness, but he still doesn’t have a single wound on his body.

It seems to be very sturdy.

Yuma stands up quickly and looks at the golem. The head is gone, and the smoking rock wreckage shakes and falls to the ground.

“Ya… Taka.”

As Yuma watches with bated breath, the golem turns to sand and disappears.

Yuma, are you okay?

The boss is worried about you.

Yes, I’m fine. Are you hurt too?

“Don’t worry about me. I’m a veteran Seeker!”

While Yuma and the president are talking, Aisha crouches down in front of the golem that has turned to sand.

There was a small ‶ball″ shining in silver.

“Huh, look at you two.”


The president and Yuma turn around at Aisha’s words. Aisha showed them the ball on her hand.

“It’s ‶pure silver‶ from a rare magical ore.”