I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Growth and Silver Magic Ore


I’m okay! I can do it.

The rock golem dodges his swinging arm and dives into his pocket. Yuma, in his ‶Metal Armor‶ state, slams his fist into the golem’s face.

The rock surface is shattered by the spikes on his fists. The golem’s massive body, which must have been over two meters long, shakes slightly.

But he refuses to fall down and tries to grab Yuma with his vicious grip.

Yuma bent down and dodged his hand.

Hundreds of long, sharp spikes extend from its back and head, piercing the golem’s body. The inorganic, voiceless creature seemed to grunt for a moment.

Yuma pulls back his spikes and puts his body back together. He hits the Golem as hard as he can as it continues to try to come at him.

The rock golem shakes and falls to the ground.

A heavy thud is heard and a cloud of dust and smoke is sent up in the air. Just as the Golem is about to get up, a sword reaches out from Yuma’s right hand as he leans on his horse.

He thrusts his sword at the throat of the struggling golem and pushes it in deeper with all his weight.

The arm that tried to push Yuma away stops dead in its tracks. The Golem’s motionless body slowly begins to crumble, and it disappears in a silt of sand.

“You did it, Yuma.”

The president’s coming to you. We’re on level 36. We used to be able to get here with bombs.

This time, however, I was able to get here without using any bombs or ‶Super Powers‶, and even managed to defeat the rock golem, which was a difficult enemy.

The president is more than happy to see me.

“Yuuma, the Demon Ore has fallen!”

“That’s the ‘silver’ magic ore we got before. It’s said to greatly improve physical abilities.”

“We did it! Let’s take it home and show it to Aisha. I’m sure she’ll want to see it.”

“That’s right. Grayish-brown golems that drop ‘silver’ are hard to find, and the other day the boss was forcibly snatching it away.”

They decided to end their search for today and leave the dungeon.

Of course, I’m running.

“Oh, wow! Silver Demon Ore! You killed that golem again!”

Back at the hotel, I show her the magic ore. Aisha takes it in her hands with great joy and smiles with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Now let’s see how much your physical abilities increase.”

Aisha quickly left the room and went to get the necessary instruments. The president and Yuma can’t help but laugh at her agile movements.

“He’s really like a little kid when it comes to the Black Dungeon. I don’t know why he’s having so much fun…”


After a few minutes, Aisha returns and starts to set up the equipment and devices in the room.

“There are three things we measure. Strength, agility and endurance. It’s only a simple test because we’re in a room, but it’s better than no data at all.”

A grip strength meter, a back strength meter, a laptop computer, and a large running machine were lined up in a row.

“First, we’ll measure your muscle strength. Yuma, give it a try.”

Yes, sir.

The test subject grips the grip tester and applies force to the tester.

“48.5… Now let’s see how your back muscles are doing.


She does as she is told and measures her back muscles using a back brace. Aisha writes down the values in her college notebook. She then turns on her laptop and measures her reflex velocity.

“When the circle changes color, click on it.”

Yuma frowned at the inspection as if it was a game.

“Is this how you know how agile I am?”

“‶Speed‶ is the speed of electrical signals transmitted from the eyes to the brain and from the brain to the fingertips. By looking at the movement of these electrical signals, we can measure a certain level of reaction speed, or agility.”


I’m not sure I’d be able to get an accurate reading with the equipment we have here.

The test to measure the reaction time took about five minutes, and Aisha wrote down the results in her notebook.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about endurance. Put this device on.

What is it? This machine.

There was a running machine and a rack of measuring equipment. And an oxygen mask connected to a tube.

“Exhaled gas analysis. Humans use oxygen to generate kinetic energy. Total body endurance is the ability to take in and use enough oxygen. In other words, the length of time you can exercise. This is a device to measure that.”

It was a rather large machine, but he couldn’t complain, so he attached the device to his body and started the measurement.

Running on a running machine with an oxygen mask on.

It was quite hard but I kept running as fast as I could. The maximum oxygen uptake can be measured when the load is gradually increased and a certain level of exercise intensity is reached.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough.”

Aisha gives her permission and Yuma takes off his oxygen mask. He gasps for air and leans against the handlebars of the running machine, exhausted.

“Let’s take a break for an hour. In the meantime, Yuma, please eat the silver magic ore.”

Yes, yes, I understand.

Yuma swallowed the silver magic ore as he was told and rested on the bed in his room.

The president of the company, who was smoking a cigarette by the window, opens his mouth as he watches Yuma lying on the bed.

That silver magic ore is about the same size as the last one. Does that mean it’s just as effective?

Aisha, who had been fiddling with the measuring equipment in the rack and recording the values in a good mood, nods lightly and replies.

“Well, yeah. Basically, if it’s the same mineral, same weight, the effect should be the same. Yeah, they should be the same, basically. Hmph…”

The president was exhaling cigarette smoke out of the window while wondering about Aisha who was smiling eerily.