I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 88

Chapter 88: The Deepest Scene

The group continued onward. Yuma tried not to use his ‘Metallization’ and ‘Bloody Ore Bloody Orr’ abilities as much as possible in order to preserve them.

I chose a route where I didn’t meet any demons in the levels I had visited many times, and when I met demons, I defeated them in cooperation with the boss. As a result, I reached the 80th level at the fastest pace.

This 80th level is the deepest level the SDF has ever explored. We’re the first to go deeper than this in the dungeons of Yokohama!”

Aisha urges them ahead. and urges them on.

The president and Yuma sigh as they hear those words behind their backs.

I’d have an easier time if he wasn’t here…

“That’s not what I’m saying.”

When Yuma said that… the boss said… “That’s right.” and swallows his dissatisfaction.

“By the way boss, can you really go to the lowest level today?”

“Well, it’s not a big dungeon. It should be possible to get to the bottom level in enough time. But that is if we don’t fight demons.

“I see.”

“But Yuuma, if you can use your liquid metal ability so well, don’t you need a nickel?”

The president asks me if I’m a good person.

“No, there is a limit to how much liquid metal you can use, and it’s much easier to use something that has a form as a base.”

“Hmm, I don’t see how that’s possible.”

“If possible, it would be easier to use if the handle of the nickel could be extended or the head could be oriented…”

Aisha, who was listening in the back, interrupts.

“Yuma, if you want something like that, I can make it for you.”

“Oh, really?”

“My lab used to be a metalworking shop. The equipment and tools are still there. I’m good with my hands, so I can make you all kinds of things.”

“Oh, thank you.”

I’m the one who should be thanking you. Thanks to you I may be able to solve the mystery of the Black Dungeon.

“The Mystery of the Black Dungeon?”

“Yes. The Black Dungeon is clearly different from other dungeons. Well, it’s considered by many to be a useless place, but I think it might have a role to play.”

“Role…? Is it?”

“Yes, and finding the answer to that question is the subject of my research. I feel that you can be the key man in that search. So I’m looking forward to working with you, Yuma.”

The two of them are the same age group.

“The number of demons is really decreasing.”

Yuma mutters to the president while keeping an eye on the surroundings. They had already passed the 100th level and had reached the 101st level.

Aisha’s right. The lower we go, the easier it’ll be. But–


The president stopped suddenly and hid himself behind a rock. Yuma hurriedly put his back against the rock and gasped for air.

“Yuma… Look at that.

At the president’s request, Yuma timidly peeks out from the rock. At the back of the cave, he sees a huge figure sitting with his back against the rock wall and his legs outstretched.

It looks like a large stone statue, but its eyes are closed and it does not move as if it were drooping.

“Oh, is that a demon too?”

“I’m sure of it. It’s many times the size of that golem you took down.”

Not by a factor of ten. If you stand up, your head will probably hit the ceiling.

Fighting that thing is no joke. For a moment I thought it was dead, but it’s moving.

I think he’s sleeping.

Yuma and the others left the place making noises so as not to wake the Titans.

As they descend the levels, they see unbelievable sights.

The earth shook and I looked up to see a black “water buffalo”-like creature, perhaps thirty meters long, striding about.

We have to go through the rocky area slowly so that we won’t be spotted.

On the other floor, there was a Hercules beetle-like creature with long, magnificent horns. Its entire body was covered in an iridescent shell, and its huge frame swayed as it walked. Yuma couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

On another floor, there were hundreds of black bats that covered the entire ceiling.

They’re about three meters tall. If they attacked us all at once, we’d probably die. Yuma and the others tried to muffle their footsteps so as not to provoke it.

You’ll have to go down the dungeon as fast as you can, trying not to meet up with any enemies.

And the best part is…

Look! Look at that, both of you!

Aisha’s pointing at me like she’s excited. What is it? and there’s a black monster with wings spread out.

“No~ It’s a dragon species with very few sightings. You’re lucky to have found it!”

Aisha takes a picture with the camera of her phone. The flash doesn’t burn, but the sound it makes makes makes the president and Yuma nervous that the demon might notice.

“Hmm, it’s too dark to see clearly… Can I come closer?”

The president grabbed Aisha by the neck as she tried to approach the black dragon and dragged her away.

“Kotaro! I want to observe the Black Dragon’s ecology a little more.”

Don’t be stupid! You’ll get us all killed!

When they come to the descent that leads to the next level, Aisha hangs her head in disappointment.

“It’s said that the black dragon doesn’t drop magic ore but black diamonds. No one’s ever seen a black diamond before because no one’s ever killed a black dragon. Don’t you two want to see it? !”

Yuma and the boss are appalled. Aisha is the only person in the world who’d want anything to do with that monster.

The figure of the “Black Dragon” glimpsed from the shadows of the rocks is a hideous monster itself.

Even a novice like Yuuma knows how dangerous the dragon species can be. The boss said “Let’s go!” and left the level where the black dragons are.

“The Black Dungeon, level 147–

Yuma and the others had spent 14 hours going through many dangerous levels and had finally arrived at what seemed to be the lowest level.

It was an open space, and it looked as if it had been cut through several levels. The stalactites that extended from the ceiling reached the ground and looked like huge stone pillars.

The cave is somewhat brighter than the other caves we have visited, but there is a misty white haze over it.

The mist covers the entire cave and gives it an eerie atmosphere with a slightly light reddish hue.

Yuma and the others go down the steep slope along the wall to the last level.

“It’s kind of… It’s a creepy place. Is this the bottom level?

Yuma cuts off his mouth as he steps into the level. He looks around and sees a reddish-white blur spreading throughout the cave.

“I’m sure of it. If we were to talk in floors it would be one hundred and forty-eight floors, but this place is so deep that it’s as if they’ve knocked three or four floors out of it. It’s practically over 150 stories.

Aisha smiled. She’s happy to have made it this far.

“He must be here… The last guardian of this dungeon.

Those words made the president and Yuuma tense.

–Yes, there is! The last boss of the deep dungeon!

The hand that holds the ice axe is strong.

“Let’s just take a picture of the demon and leave right after we see it. We’ll lose the Black Dungeon if we defeat it. That’s a big problem…”

I’ll go first.

The president walks ahead, followed by Yuma and Aisha. They hide behind stone pillars as they look toward the end of the cave.

Beyond the reddish-white haze… Something stirred.