I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Combat Form

The dead chimera’s motionless body dissolves. They flow out as a liquid, and gather in one place.

The liquid metal rises and gradually takes shape as a giant quadrupedal creature.

It was a black buffalo on the 120th level.

The steel giant stands before him in the very same form as the demon. It claws at the ground with its cloven-hoofed hind legs and threatens. The two monsters stare at each other.

The first to move is the black buffalo. Kicking the earth, it rushes toward the giant in a cloud of smoke.

Just before the two horns collide the Titan grabs the horns with both hands and stops his mighty charge completely.

The buffalo try to step forward, but they can’t make any progress.

The giant gave a short yell and twisted his horned hands, hurling the buffalo as hard as he could.

The buffalo slams hard against the cave wall and falls over.

The impact causes a large crack in the wall and rocks fall one after another. The giant approaches the buffalo, not caring at all if he is hit by the rocks.

The buffalo tries to stand but is unable to move.

The steel giant extends a long sword from the back of his left hand and raises it high in the air. He swings it down on the neck of a buffalo that refuses to get up.

The sword is so sharp it could cut off a bull’s head with no difficulty.

The giant picks up the rolling head of the ox and throws it down. The head smashes into a stone pillar twenty yards away and falls to the ground with the broken rocks.

The rest of the buffalo’s body was twitching and twitching.

The giant thrusts his sword deeply into the ox’s body. He twists it further and pulls it out at once. Black ooze gushes from the wound.

The cow’s faint twitching stops suddenly, its shape collapses, and its whole body turns to liquid.

The heads of the cows that had been thrown to the ground melted into a black puddle.

The liquid begins to gather again, and when it rises, it forms a four-armed “Golem of Rock”.

“Hey! That doesn’t matter how many times Yuuma defeats him!”

Kanzaki sees the chimera replaying over and over again, and spits it out in disgust.

“… No, not necessarily.

What do you mean?

“A demon’s ability to regenerate is done by consuming the mana in its body. If you can repeatedly destroy them to the point where they run out of mana…”

You mean you can beat him?

“If you’re doing what you’re doing now, it’s possible.”

While Kanzaki and Aisha are talking the Titans charge towards the four-armed Golem.

When the giant tried to strike him with his right arm, the golem blocked it with its two left arms.

The golem uses its two right arms to hold down the other arm as well. The two men remain locked together, glaring at each other.

“Good. They saw they couldn’t win if we attacked, so they went on the defensive.

Kanzaki was surprised by Aisha’s words.

“Wait a minute! You mean the Chimera has wisdom?

“There are plenty of demons with advanced intelligence. In the Chimera’s case, it might be instinct…”

Aisha’s gaze shifts and the Titans change.

Its back rises up, and when it reaches a certain size, it pops open. Four steel arms emerge from within.

It grows directly from the Titan’s back. and six arms in total.

It produced more arms than the Golem.

“What the… What the hell?

Kanzaki is at a loss for words and Aisha is thinking.

“So the Chimera isn’t the only one that changes its body in response to combat…”

Aisha squints at the giant.

“Eva, Eva, Eva, Eva, Eva, Eva!”

The screams of the giants echo through the cave.

He extends his swords from the backs of his three left hands and slashes at the golem’s wrists, severing them.

The golem, losing its wrists, stomps on its bellows and falls back.

The giant steps forward, determined not to let him escape, and strikes him with three hard right fists. Each fist has spikes on it to make it more deadly.

The golem staggers wildly as its head, shoulders, and chest are crushed.

The Titan, not slowing down in its pursuit, sheathed three more swords with its left hand and stabbed the golem in the chest, neck, and legs.

He unleashes a relentless front kick at a mortally wounded foe, nearly breaking his knee.

The golem is blown backwards and falls flat on its back.

The earth rumbles, and a cloud of dust flies, and then there is a moment of silence.

The Golem’s body has turned to liquid again, and it is streaming towards you, but the Titan doesn’t seem to mind.

He looked majestic, as if he didn’t care what shape he took.

Six arms hang limply as he gazes at the approaching liquid. From the black pools of water come countless snakes.

Not a cobra, but a slender seven-legged serpent. They coil around the giants’ bodies and try to block their movement.

Several serpent heads bare their fangs and bite into your steel body, but of course they can’t do any damage.

But the restraints are unusually strong. The serpent’s body didn’t move even if I tried to rip it apart by force. The Titan’s movement comes to a complete stop.

“Oh, hey… Isn’t this a bad idea? Yuma’s stuck in the middle of nowhere, isn’t he?

“… It’s true, since Yuma-kun’s ability has a time limit, he might lose if it’s an endurance battle.”

What the hell are you talking about?

As Aisha and Kanzaki worry, the Titan’s jaws snap open.


A roar shakes the cave, and several ‶swords‶ fly out of the giant’s body.

The sword easily pierces the serpent’s body, and another sword grows out from the middle of the blade.

The body of the snake is severed, and the sliced body of the snake falls down in a heap.

The sword that had been extended from his body was put back in place and the giant glared at the head of the snake that lay at his feet and trampled it down mercilessly.