I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Collapse and Escape

The dismembered bodies of the snakes turn to liquid and come together again.

A mass of metal slowly rises. The undulating mass looks like a golem with four arms.

Again! but the next moment Kanzaki and Aisha see something they can’t believe.

The Steel Giant’s body is covered in red streaks. The streaks glow red and steam rises from his body.

“Bloody Bloody Ore Oa?”

Aisha was speechless behind Kanzaki’s astonished voice.

With his sheer strength… he thought he was using the bloody Bloody Ore Ore ability. The Steel Giant had overpowered the Chimera in its bare form.

“Oh, come on… This can’t be…

Kanzaki mutters with a bloodthirsty look on his face and Aisha gulps down some saliva.

“Oh, from where I am now… It means I’ll be fifteen times more powerful!”

Red plasma spurts out from the Titan’s body. The air in the cave tensed up and the ground began to tremble.

He melts each of his three arms into a gel and produces one thick, long arm on each side. The Titan gazes at the completed arms and clenches them into fists.

The moment he readied his arms, he closed the gap with the golem at once.

They’re frighteningly fast for such huge bodies.

The earth roars like an explosion every time you step on it.

I put my weight on it and threw the Shoken-tsuki that Kanzaki taught me.

Your spinning fist explodes into the golem’s body, and the right half of the golem’s body is blown away. The destroyed parts are no longer solid, but instantly turn to liquid and scatter.

The Titan lowered himself and readied his fists against the dazed Golem, not knowing what had just happened.

He unleashed a barrage of blinding blows.

This is the rush of boxing that Kanzaki taught me. Even though he’d lost his mind, he was still able to fight the way his body had taught him.

The golem’s body vanishes without a trace. Everything turns to liquid, scattered like shadows.

Still, the scattered liquid begins to move again, to gather in one place and take shape. But they do not look right.

Its head is a serpent, its body a golem, its left hand a pair of crab shears, and its lower half a pair of ox legs. It can no longer retain its form, and its appearance is that of a composite chimera.

“It’s been destroyed so much, it doesn’t have the strength to rebuild.”

Kanzaki swallows hard at Aisha’s words.

Well, then…

The giant steps forward and swings his massive right fist. The veins in his body grow thicker and stronger.

The earth shakes and the ground shatters when you step on your left foot.

The ‘Shokken-tsuki’. The moment it sliced through the air and struck the half-baked demon…

The Chimera turned to sand and popped.

A lot of sand on the ground.

The mounds of sand disappeared little by little, as if dancing in the air.

“Oh, my God… He did it! He did it! Yuma did it!

Aisha sits down flatly behind Kanzaki who is overjoyed.

“… I never thought I’d actually beat you.”

Kanzaki got out from behind the rock and ran towards the giant.

The Steel Giant stands motionless, but after a while it begins to melt into a round sphere.

Kanzaki walked up to the giant sphere and was at a loss for what to do.

I was afraid to touch the metal.

“This is…”

To the touch, it was not a liquid, but a hard metal.

As Kanzaki stood there, unable to do anything, the metal ball gradually shriveled up and became smaller and smaller.

At the end, it becomes the size of a man and changes into the shape of a human being.

There was Yuma lying unconscious on the ground.


Kanzaki rushed over and put his finger on the carotid artery. I was relieved to find that it was pulsating normally.

He picked up Yuma and called to him “Hey! but he didn’t respond. Aisha rushed over to him.

Are you okay?

“Yeah, he’s breathing, he’s got a pulse. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.”

When Aisha is reassured by these words, her feet shake and the earth rumbles in the cave.


Kanzaki starts to panic and Aisha looks around and points above her head.

Look at that!

With a rumbling sound, a slope leading to the upper floor appeared, which had never existed before.

Kanzaki runs towards the spiral slope along the wall with Yuuma on his back. The earth shakes slightly and the wall begins to crack.

“Kotaro! The lowest demon’s dead! The dungeon will be destroyed in 24 hours!

It’s going to collapse from here on the lowest level!”

I know what you’re gonna say! Let’s get the fuck out of here.

Kanzaki runs up the hill carrying Yuma on his back and Aisha follows behind him.

When you go upstairs… the demon that was there is nowhere to be found.

“The demons are gone… Is it the effect of the dungeon collapsing?”

Kanzaki looked around, surprised at the change.

“I don’t know… I’ve hardly ever conquered a dungeon in the first place.”

Aisha looks at the dungeon with deep emotion and looks down the path she has just taken.

What’s wrong?

Kanzaki called out to Aisha who suddenly stopped.

“This dungeon has been like a home to me. It was the best place to study, and now it’s gone.

“Hey! I don’t care right now, that’s not important!

What do you mean you don’t give a shit? This is a matter of life and death for me!”

Kanzaki was dumbfounded. To think that he’s worried about his own research after all this time… But this is no time to dawdle.

Kanzaki grabs Aisha’s wrist and pulls her by force saying “Come here! and pulls her forcibly.

Aisha was grumbling but he didn’t care and hurried on. Kanzaki carries Yuma through the shaking cave, pulling Aisha’s hand as he runs.

It was a much harder climb than going down, but we held on for dear life, and finally, with Aisha at our sides, we made it to the exit after more than twenty-two hours.

The Self-Defense Forces personnel at the entrance quickly found Kanzaki, who had come up to the hospital out of breath, and hurriedly carried him to the infirmary.

A small earthquake followed in Yokohama, and the disappearance of the ‘Black Dungeon’ was confirmed later that day.

This was received with shock by the Japanese government and local authorities, and by the time it reached the mass media, there was a big fuss about ‘Japan’s first dungeon attack! Needless to say, this was a big deal.