I Was Reincarnated As The Older Brother Of A Villainess Destined to Die, So I Want To Change The Future By Raising My Younger Sister With My Own Hands – Volume 3 – Chapter 1 – Part 5


I knew this guy knew I was in control.

Well, that’s all right. I didn’t think I could keep this from the lords and ladies of the great sons of the sea for much longer. The question is, how much is known? It wouldn’t be funny if he just admits it and then reveals he was just throwing a scythe at them.

I put a smile on my face and wonder what he’s talking about.

“I’m the ruler of the Count’s domain? Ha-ha-ha, the Duke seems to have a good sense of humor.”

“Don’t be so naive. “Don’t be naive. The development of Foranada over the last few years, the cunning of the dark forces, the way they dealt with the civil war two years ago. There have been many other exploits, none of which would have been possible with that bonkers ・・・・・・ at the helm. Even the dullest of men realize that.”

That’s a good argument. The Foranada would never have progressed as it has if it weren’t for the Count father’s skill. It would have been in decline.

But none of that was proof. Even if the circumstances spoke for themselves, it wasn’t enough to prove that I was the leader. There were, in fact, some nobles who took note of the unnaturalness of the situation and sent out secret agents to gather evidence… all of which we squashed.

Since he’s come directly to us like this, I’m sure there’s more to it than what he just said, but I wonder what the truth is.

Should we consider the previous line as a sick joke? We have to watch him and behave in such a way that we don’t give him any information.

So, I’m inclined to agree with you.

“Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m sure I’ll follow in his footsteps as his eldest son, but I’m too young now.”

“You’re just trying to make me fall in love with you.”

“You’re a fucking idiot.”

“”…” “

The smiling me and the pouting Duke, their gazes cross in silence.

After a few minutes of standoff, it was the Duke who broke first.

He lets out a sigh.

I understand what you’re thinking. You’re a good man, if you’d had at least one color. You’re a waste of a human being.

“Thank you.”

“It’s not a compliment. Well, it’s precisely because you’re that cunning that I’ve decided to use Minerva on you. Not the bravest man to come along this year. I respect your intelligence. I’ll speak my mind.”

“Thank you for your concern.”


The Duke sniffed and looked at the documents on the table. He wanted me to read it before I spoke.

I pick up the stack of papers and skim through them.

I knew that since there was only one girl in Loram Belle, but I was sure that the girl I was recommending was the best friend of the hero saint’s target.

Her name is Minerva Alllaini Yu Kari Loramvelle… dark-haired, dark-eyed… a magical girl. Ninety percent of the material contains descriptions of magic, and the remaining 10 percent is trivial nonmagical material.

From this content, we can grasp that Minerva’s character is not much different from that of the game.

If I had to sum her up in one word it would be “magical idiot.” As befits the daughter of a magic fanatic… Minerva’s a girl who’s always been interested in magic.

Instead, Minerva’s performance in the game is high, though it may be a little nuanced. She can attack and defend with magic, and she can also use traps and other lures. Her physical strength is not so great, but it is more than enough to make up for her weakness.

What I’m trying to say is… you’re out of balance with me. On one hand you’re a brilliant girl with five attributes other than light… and on the other hand you’re a coward and a colorless… They were too unbalanced.

Minerva must’ve been an important political card for Duke Loram Belle. In the games he didn’t even bother to make a fiancée to bring in a hero with magical prowess. You said earlier that you recognized my cunning… but that’s an impossible choice in the eyes of a magical madman. My abilities only served to reinforce the choice.

The first thing that comes to mind is to get her to marry Karon. If Minerva and I get married we’ll be related to Karon. Using that connection to bring in the blood of a light wizard in the future makes sense to me.

Which raises the possibility that the Duke came charging in with no evidence at all. I don’t have to convince them that I’m in control of Foranada. As long as they recognize my abilities and make the connection with Karon.

If this is true… then it’s a very Duke Loramvellian move. He’s a magic maniac… who’s not interested in anything but light magic.

But getting engaged to me was a roundabout way to go. He has two boys. It would have been quicker to recommend them as Karon’s fiancee.

I put the documents back on the table and look at the Duke.

I’m going to ask you a direct question. Why don’t you make a direct connection with Caron Caroline?

To which the Duke replies. the Duke replies with an impressed voice.

“For two reasons. One is to show courtesy to the crown.”

“Did you know of my engagement to the second prince…”

“I’m not surprised, considering my position. We’ve been working on this for some time. Well, I’m afraid that arrangement will fail.”


I nodded my head in assurance.

Then he starts to giggle. It was a different, more human kind of laugh.

Which leads me to another reason. You say Miss Caroline is infatuated with you. From what I’ve heard, I’m afraid it’s impossible to persuade her to change her mind, no matter how hard I try. Therefore, I can assure you that my engagement to the Second Prince is doomed to failure and that I will not pursue my futile attempt to promote my sons.”


I couldn’t get an answer out of him.

Me and Karon have been open about our friendship. So I’m not surprised he knows.

But I suppose I shouldn’t be confused when she assures me that she loves me.

It seems that even from a third party’s point of view, Karon’s bra-compatriotism seems to have gone too far.

I’ve been aware of it for some time. His love for me has grown over the years… but the direction it’s taking is different from the love he has for his family.

He is not aware of it at the moment, so we leave him alone. However, he will have to face it someday.

Unaware of my intentions, the Duke of Loramvell will wrap things up.

“I’m willing to cut Minerva’s ties with Foranada even if it means cutting our ties. I’m sure there are advantages to having House Loramvell’s backing.”

Well, that’s a good point.

I came to this meeting because I wanted a check on the crown until we’re ready. He’s right, it makes sense to accept the engagement here.

However, it was difficult to deepen the relationship too much.

Because the Foranada as it is now has too many secrets. I’m not sure I can keep that secret when my fiancée interferes.

The Duke’s eyes glazed over for a moment at our inclusive speech and actions, but he quickly recovered. Then he got up, saying he had done what he had to do.

I’m going home. As I said, I’d appreciate an answer sooner rather than later, but think carefully.”

With these words, the Duke of Lorambré left the room.

After I watch, I’ll think things over.

Well, I don’t know what to do.

Minerva is an important character for both protagonists. If she is in the position of a fiancée, she could be involved in the game scenario in a strange way.

But it’s a little late for that.

I’ve been playing the game like I don’t give a shit. Karon is no longer a villainess, and Orca’s career has changed drastically.

And this whole engagement thing. Because of Kalon’s fame. Because we’re so close. And because I’m presumed to be politically brilliant. For these three reasons, the Duke of Loramvell has chosen to make a match with me. Even at the cost of Minerva, a card he had carefully guarded in the game.

Well, some of them follow the same path as the original game. It can’t be said that they completely deviate from the game.

After all, there is a possibility that you will be involved in the scenario whether you are involved with the characters of the game or not. It is difficult to draw a conclusion of engagement based on the game.

Then should we think politically?

I stopped thinking about it when I got to that point. I thought that if we’re talking politics, we’d get better results if we had our people involved.

Soon after that, I’ll have a meeting with my men.

–Let’s start with the conclusion. It’s been decided that Minerva and I will be engaged.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages if the ・・・・ plan is implemented by the end of this fiscal year. Also, Daniel from Foreign Affairs strongly recommended it. He was pushing hard. I don’t want to tell you that I was a bit taken back by his desperation.