I Was Reincarnated As The Older Brother Of A Villainess Destined to Die, So I Want To Change The Future By Raising My Younger Sister With My Own Hands – Volume 3 – Chapter 3 – Part 3


And the last minute. This was out of control. I couldn’t understand why they’d been invited to the duke’s party.


I don’t approve of this engagement! I won’t accept it if you don’t!

“Yes, you’re right. Lady Minerva’s betrothed should be Karva.”


Because they were stupid noblemen who went on and on like this. I’m speechless. What a bunch of wretches!

And these people seem to be of high rank and no one around them seems to be trying to stop them. The only one who could’ve done it was the Duke… and he was out of the room at a bad time. Maybe they came at us on purpose.

I’m going to open my mouth to calm these fools down for now,


“Shut up! Listen to the voices of the colorless ones. Your ears will rot.”

Don’t say a word!


No, that’s impossible. What’s with the bullshit. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about colorless, but that’s the first I’ve heard.

He yells and screams when I try to say a word. Don’t you see how annoying everyone around you is?

All right, we’re gonna have to change our tactics.

Are they?

“He’s only a count, but he’s a branch of my family. He’s my cousin. I hate to admit it.

I asked in a whisper to clarify the other’s identity, and Minerva gave me a disgusted look.

I can tell by your attitude. Are they always like this? She’s always so pouty and wilting… she must be a real pain in the ass.

“Every time I see you, you’re like this. “I’m the only one you deserve!” You’re the only one who’s worthy of me. You may have four magical aptitudes and an aptitude for magic, but there’s no way I’m the right person for him, personally or for my family.”

The boy called Karva seems to have all four attributes except light and water. He’s a step behind the dark-haired Minerva… but he’s certainly one of the best. He must have been admired by everyone around him. But her character is the result of that…

“Their parents aren’t going to stop them?”

The folly of rushing to the head of the family’s daughter, one would have stopped her. But since no one was stopping them at this point, the answer was obvious.

“The head of the branch, my father’s brother, is an ambitious man. He’s still bitter that he didn’t inherit the dukedom.”

“So you’re plotting to use my son to take over the family. What did the Duke say?

“Leave it alone. You don’t seem interested.

“It’s also…”

The name “magical madness” is no exaggeration… He’s probably aware that the head of a minor branch of the family with little magical ability is no match for him. In fact, the only means they’ve resorted to is using their son, so I think they’ve exhausted all other options.

I realize once again. I’ve been spotted by this magic-crazed Mahoukyou so thoroughly… even if his true purpose is Kalon… he’s quite an odd one… I thought I was prepared for that… but I’ll have to be careful how I act.

“Hey, you guys. What are you whispering about?

“You’re a treacherous fellow, fornicating in front of the Lord Kåñëa!”


“Ties. I know you mean something other than ・・・・・ but couldn’t you have said it better? Look, there’s a red-faced Miss Minerva.

“That’s enough. I’ll get you out of here.

Minerva, boiled with shame, rises to her feet, radiating a wave of dangerous magic.

This is a bad idea. They’re gonna take us out by force.

I’m sure she’ll be able to control the power of the spell, but releasing it at a party where other nobles are gathered would be a big problem. Even if they’re close enough to invite her to the Nine Orderly Ceremony, we can’t deny the possibility that she’ll take advantage of the fact that someone from our family has been put in danger.

So I stood up too.


Minerva let out a gasp. I’m sure it looked like a momentary shift from her point of view.

But that’s beside the point,

“Can you tell me the name of their house?”

I asked in a whisper.

“I’m a hore, but…”

“Thank you.”


Confused, Minerva answered honestly.

I give her a wink of thanks and she turns even redder. Yeah, she’s a little fresh. I thought it was a little too racy, but I guess it didn’t matter.

“What? You colorless wretch!

You’ve got to learn to control yourself!


I’m the one who’s in the line of fire… the members of my division are raising their voices. You’ve got a lot of bravado. I’m sure they saw what I just did.

He smiles at them in disgust.

Karva and the others are looking at us quizzically. Don’t worry. I won’t make a big show of it in front of these people.

I moved right in front of Carver in the same way I had done before. I’m going to have to adjust my movements so that only they can see the strangeness of it.

Inevitably, Carver is about to let out a startled yelp, but I beat him to it and tap him on the shoulder. Then I whisper to him in a voice only he can hear.




“No… Shit!”

His face flashes back and forth between red and blue, and he clicks his tongue and turns on his heel. He walked away toward the crowd, making no attempt to hide his displeasure.

“What’s the matter, Karva-sama?”


The sudden behavior stunned the punks, but they didn’t have the guts to stand alone in front of us.


Thank God the boy has some intelligence among fools. Otherwise, we would’ve had to use force.

As I let out a sigh of relief that the situation had been settled without bloodshed, a voice called out from behind me.

What did you do?

Minerva was discouraged. A reaction no doubt, after she turned those insurgents away with a single word. The nobles who’d been watching the proceedings were confused.

I cowered.

“I didn’t do anything special. He was just being understanding.

“Hmm. Well, okay. I’ll ask you later.

Oh, you don’t believe me… Or maybe that’s too deliberate.

We haven’t done anything really unusual, though. I just threatened to stop the distribution of Foranada vegetables to the Horde for the past few years. I used a bit of mind magic to convince them I was serious… but anyone could have done it.

“You seem very capable for an unattached man. I thought you were all talk. I’ll give you a little credit. But you’re going to be my mate… you should be able to do at least this much.”

Minerva sniffs and turns away.

He seems to be thanking me, though he’s speaking from a very superior position. Her cheeks are a little red, and the emotion she seems to be conveying is more happy than magical.

He’s as twisted as ever. He was stubborn in the game too, but he’s even more so now. Is it because I’m colorless? I’m sure she’s a good girl at heart, so I’m not complaining.

After a short time the Duke returned to the hall and the ceremony of the Nine Orders of Minerva ended without further incident.