I Was Reincarnated As The Older Brother Of A Villainess Destined to Die, So I Want To Change The Future By Raising My Younger Sister With My Own Hands – Volume 3 – Chapter 5 – Part 5


Karon’s Ceremony of the Nine Orders has been forcibly terminated. It’s because we had to concentrate on other matters besides the ceremony, such as the commotion caused by the explosion and Gray returning to King’s Landing on his own accord.

I’m sorry for what happened to Karon, but it is what it is. A little delay can be fatal. The only thing that helped was that she didn’t mind at all.

I sent a complaint to the crown about Grey’s savagery, of course.

But their response was outrageous. She’d taken Becca’s word for it, and had come back with a protest against Kalon. She also said that Minerva must have perjured herself by assisting her because she was as close to him as if she were one of her own.

I couldn’t say anything. I had expected that they would try to cover up the second prince’s disgraceful news, but this was a surprise. And they’re already spreading rumors in King’s Landing that the Second Prince was attacked by the Sun Goddess. but I can see their cunning plan to push the truth into the dark.

If an ordinary noble family had suffered this, they would have suffered if they had been prepared for it. They would have been forced to settle the matter privately and Caron’s reputation would not have been restored. The court’s influence over the people is that strong.

But Foranada doesn’t have that future. We were unusual, and fortunately we were prepared. It wasn’t exactly what we had in mind, but it was time for our plan ・・・・ to shine.

Are you ready?

The office. Usually there’s a room full of men here… but now it’s just me and Theon.

Yes, sir. All divisions are reporting they’re ready to go.


It’s been a long road. I’ve been in control of this land for years. All the obstructions and harassment I’ve endured…

I can feel the heat rising in my chest. But I’m going to let it out somewhere else.

I’ll ask Theon again.

Are you guys here?

Yes, sir. I’ve sent word to all my men to report to the central hall.

Yeah. There’s enough room in the center hall for all my men. It seemed like a good place to meet.

Then let’s hurry. We can’t keep them waiting any longer.

I made you wait for years. I didn’t want you to have to put up with it anymore.

Accompanied by Theon, you head for the hall where everyone is waiting. Of course, we’ll use the [Phase-Connected Gate] to get there in the shortest amount of time possible.

He inserts himself into the hole in the void, and a moment later his vision switches. The smell of paper and ink fills the office, and I am transported to a hall filled with the heat of exultation.

I’ve designated the center of the hall as the site of the transfer.

That’s my men. They seemed to know that we were going to use the [Phase-Connection Gate].

Theon and I have landed in a circle with a radius of about five meters. It’s not what you’d expect from a child of your stature, but you can tell from the air that the room is packed with people. The men who work at Foranada Castle are gathered in this hall now.

After allowing Theon to quickly disappear into the crowd, you open [Phase Hidden Cover Texture]. He takes out a noma from inside.

Released from black employment a short time ago, she is dressed sloppily ・・・・・ in a jersey. She is completely off-duty and looks surprised to be let out of the [phase hidden cover texture].

“What’s going on? Are you working?

And then he starts shaking and shaking. You’ve been working him too hard, and now he’s mentally unstable.

I’m sorry… but I asked Noma for a favor.

“I’m sorry. Just once, I’d like you to build a platform high enough for me to look around in this void.”

That’s it?

“That’s it. I promise.”

“Okay, okay.”

I nodded vigorously at the teary-eyed Noma, and she let out a breath of relief.

Then, with a lovely “Ei.” and a raised platform was created with a cute little shout. I, who had been standing still, was inevitably lifted up onto the platform.

“Thank you. This way, I can see everyone.”

You thank him and send Noma back to the [phase hidden cover texture]. She seems to be emotionally drained, so I’ll let her stay in there as long as she wants.


I regained my composure and looked around me from the platform. I can see every corner of the room that I couldn’t see before.

All of my men in this room are watching. They’re looking at me with eyes of conviction and trust.

Their magic is filled with various emotions. A sense of accomplishment, determination, trust, rebelliousness, independence, joy, and so on. There was a hint of anxiety, but the main thing was positive emotion.

And what stands out most of all– expectation. Expectations of me, of Foranada, of what we’ve built. That was most of it.

I finally open my mouth to my men with their shining eyes.

“Thank you all for coming. I’m glad you’ve answered the call at this busy time.”

The preparations for the ・・・・ project are over, but they still have their normal work to do. I am glad that they took the trouble to come to the meeting, even though they are not so busy.

So we don’t have much time. So let’s cut the nonsense and get down to business.”

I took in a deep breath and shouted so that my voice echoed around the room.

“The time has finally come for Foranada to make its move. My days of enduring harassment from all sides, especially the royalists, are over. My inexperience has caused you many hardships. I apologize and thank you again. I’m sorry. And thank you.”

They said, “You’re not immature!” “We’ve been dragging our feet.” “We’re the ones who should be thanking you.” We’re the ones who should be thanking you.

I had some really good men. The swamp of indifference they’d sunk into was a thing of the past. They were now good men with burning passion.

He raises his cheek slightly and continues his speech.

“I’ve grown beyond the Nine Order and into adulthood. The Knights and the Magi are at full strength. We’re nearly 100 percent self-sufficient in food. The great internal chorus of discontent has been lifted. Many of our agricultural and other specialties have made us famous on the outside. Through this, we have established a strong distribution channel. The bad reputation of Foranada, including that of Oleh personally, has been eliminated through steady agitation. Friction with other forces…”

I know I said we didn’t have much time, but there was no way I could leave this part out. This is the work of my men. I cannot neglect their contempt.

The plan we’ve been calling “the plan”… has been in the works since I took power. It was to overwhelmingly strengthen Foranada. The goal of this plan was to create a territory that no other power could defeat.

For me personally, it’s enough to protect my own people. But in order to protect the smiles on their faces… it’s clear that we need to protect the people around us as well. A world where only one’s relatives existed would be too small and boring. That’s why I’ve decided to protect Foranada as a whole.

But even if I became strong on my own… there was a good chance I’d be outnumbered and outmaneuvered. After all… I’m a simpleton by nature. No matter how strong I get… I’m bound to make a mistake somewhere. No matter how hard I try… I’ll never be perfect.

So I made my men stronger. We’ve honed our military might so that we can defeat any hostile force in our vicinity… and built up a network of connections and information that will enable us to defeat their schemes… and strengthen our ability to survive if we’re isolated.

Without being discovered by the other forces, he slowly and deliberately improved the power of the Foranada.

The last year was largely due to Noma’s help, and the cover-up may have been a bit messy, but it’s no longer relevant. Today’s the last day we’re going to be sneaking around in the shadows.

“The court has underestimated us. They’ve tried to bend the will of Karon and Orca, hurt Theon, and now they’re trying to undermine our reputation. Now that we’re ready, is it enough to just stand by and endure? –The answer is a resounding no!

My men are all in agreement.

I took a beat and declared again.

“I say again, Foranada is on the move. As of this moment I take the throne of Count Foranada. We’re going up! And we’ll show the royalists what we’ve been made to do!

“””””””””” Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!” “””””””””

I can hear them yelling and screaming my name.

Foranada’s voltage was rising to its highest.

We don’t lurk in the shadows anymore. The time for endurance is over. It’s time to charge forward.