I Was Reincarnated As The Older Brother Of A Villainess Destined to Die, So I Want To Change The Future By Raising My Younger Sister With My Own Hands – Volume 4 – Chapter 1 – Part 6


It all started with the duel between Yudai and Viscount Trier. The two fought as in the original game and the result was the same as in the game. Yudai easily won the duel, and he let everyone know the prestige of his heroism.

But there was one development that was different from the game. The reward for winning. The one who wins the duel gets the prize… and that’s what sparked the assassination attempt.

What Yudai wanted was an apology. He demanded an apology from the Viscountess of Trier to his childhood friend Marina in front of a large audience.

Idiot. I just wanted to hit Yudai.

An apology is a serious thing for a nobleman. A nobleman must have dignity to follow a commoner. He must not show weakness easily. I won’t obey you if you’re weak! It would be a disaster.

And now I’m being asked to make a public apology. And they were commoners. It was an admission that she was weaker than Marina. At least he wouldn’t appear to the onlookers as a dignified noble. I don’t think I would’ve accepted if the duel winner hadn’t asked for it.

Well, in the end, they went for the extreme measure of “let’s get rid of the apologists and pretend it never happened” to destroy the evidence.

The actions of the Torians are not to be commended. But I don’t blame them. Yudai was clearly at fault for not taking the noblemen’s situation into consideration. Even if you wanted them to apologize, you should have shown them some consideration… perhaps by finding a place where they wouldn’t be overheard.

I’m sure you were motivated by the values of your previous life… I hope you learn the values of this life too. I sincerely hope so.

I don’t think he was this violent in the original game. I think they even made him swear to never go near Marina again. What made him get so bent out of shape?

I spoke to the agent who had Yudai under surveillance, and he said he hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. It would be best to keep a close eye on Yudai’s change of heart.

Let’s go.


We call out to Theon and sneak into the girls’ dormitory.

–Yes…the women’s dormitory. I and Xiong were on the roof of the dormitory facility on the school grounds which is used by commoners and nobles who don’t have a separate residence in King’s Landing.

It’s midnight. We were completely suspicious.

But there was a reason we had to do this.

Because Marina’s life could be in danger for the rest of her life. Probably for the rest of her life.

Of course, my men took out the assassins today, but there’s a good chance it won’t end there. As long as House Trier is out there trying to redeem itself, they won’t stop.

That’s why we needed to talk to Marina about how to proceed. The reason we’re being so stealthy is because it’s best to avoid contact depending on how we respond.

Foranada has no right to help Marina. She may be a citizen, but she’s not worth saving knowing she’s on a collision course with a nobleman.

But I’d already decided in my heart that I’d lend a hand in a pinch. Besides, it’s bad for my sleep to abandon the heroine I liked in the game. That’s why I decided to lend a hand.

Both Theon and I are skilled at stealth… so we reach Marina’s room unhindered. She’s sleeping soundly, unaware of the attack.

Marina had grown up beautifully since we had met eight years ago. Her facial features were soft and well-defined, and combined with her soft body in many ways, she gave off a gentle vibe. Her game profile was 88,58,90, I think.

… I don’t know what you’re thinking. It’s all about the ups and downs of big fruit. Maybe I’ve been tempted too much lately. I have to be careful.

He shakes his head and resets his thoughts. He then turns on the light and lets Zion wake her up.

“Heh… What? Morning?”

At first Marina utters some sleepy words. But as soon as she catches sight of us in the room, she jumps out of bed.

“What? Who?”

She seems to have a good sense of risk management. She shakes her light blue hair and makes a quick effort to get away from the two of us. She’s surrounded by me and Theon, so she can’t get off the bed no matter how hard she tries.

The actuality that there is no way out of this situation,Marina stopped moving with her pale blue-purple eyes tinted with fear. Her shoulders trembled slightly as she opened her mouth.

What do you want from me?

He seems to be able to assess the situation well enough not to scream.

Come to think of it, he didn’t have much of a role in the game because he didn’t have any fighting skills, but I think he had some good points in the original game as well.

First of all, let me tell you something. We mean you no harm.

As we agreed beforehand, Theon will be the negotiator. I’m a man. I’m afraid I might frighten them.

I’m sure I’ll get some criticism for not trespassing if that’s the case, but it was a matter of such urgency that I wanted to discuss it in secret.

After that, Zion and Marina exchanged a few words. Marina’s voice stopped trembling as she seemed to calm down. Well, it might be due to the influence of the spirit magic she was secretly using.

When Zion decided that it was safe to go on, he went straight to the point.

As a matter of fact, a certain nobleman wants to kill you.


Marina looks on blindly.

Then I explained slowly what had happened. That Yudai had reacted badly to the incident during the day. If we don’t do something, they’ll be after us for the rest of our lives. I explained it in a way that even a commoner like her could understand.

And Marina, who was calm before, starts shaking again. No wonder.

Theon proceeded to speak, though he was concerned for her.

“But rest assured. A certain someone has come to lend you a hand.

You’re going to help me?

She must have been clinging to straws. Marina leaps to her feet.

Zion replies in a calm manner.

Yes. Zechs here will assist you.

“Oh, this guy over here… Ah!

She seems to have been so absorbed in her conversation with Theon that she forgot I was there. She looks at me hurriedly.

–But then the heat in his eyes changed. At first it was gratitude… No, they still contain that, but they’ve turned into something more passionate.

I flinch at her gaze, which gives me the illusion that I could get burned. The feelings she was giving off were unmistakably affectionate. Of course, it’s a romantic feeling, on a level comparable to that of Kalon and Zion.

I didn’t understand. I’d practically never met Marina before. I’ve rescued her from a wreck before, but she was unconscious. And she was disguised as a Sith at the time… so there’s no way she could’ve recognized me.

Marina asks, her eyes shining with anticipation while I’m inwardly confused.

You’re the white-haired prince, aren’t you?

“Gray hair.”


Theon and I are tilting our heads in perfect unison. I’m sure our minds are in unison.

She seemed to have noticed the question mark on my face. Marina continued to speak, waving her hands about.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ve been calling you that in my head so much, it just came out.”

Always? I thought we’ve never met before?”

I have a bad feeling that the conversation is not going well.

No, no. You saved my life when I was lost in the mountains. Thank you very much! I was going to thank you first but the arrangements fell through…”

Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Marina’s confession makes my eyes go black and white.

You don’t think he was conscious when we rescued him from the mountain? If so, that’s gonna be a problem.

I don’t remember rescuing you.

I spin the words of denial, even though I know it’s futile.

But Marina answered firmly, as if she were sure.

That’s not true! You and I are… No, it’s not. My little friend ・・・・・・・ helped me. I remember him well.

“Oh, shit.”

I took her line and rolled the swear word around in my mouth.

There was no escape. If Marina knows about the spirit Noma… then she must have been unconscious at the time of the disaster. No, she must have checked whether she was conscious or not.

There was a time when I had to remove my disguise to correct Noma’s misunderstanding. She must have been in a temporary state of consciousness. Palm-sized spirits and white-haired humans stand out. It is not surprising that they are recognizable in their faint consciousness.

Once again, my knowledge of the original game has slowed me down. Marina’s been in a coma for a week.

I’m still not entirely convinced. Marina was completely drained of her magical power at that time. I couldn’t believe that she had barely regained consciousness after being drained to that extent. I need to know all the details so that I don’t make a similar mistake in the future.

I came here to help Marina, and now I’ve heard the damning revelations.

Let’s just try to stay calm and positive. Her demeanor suggests that if it weren’t for tonight’s incident, she would’ve stormed into class during the day. It’s better than being called “Prince Charming!” in public. Yeah, that’s what I’ve decided.