I Was Reincarnated As The Older Brother Of A Villainess Destined to Die, So I Want To Change The Future By Raising My Younger Sister With My Own Hands – Volume 4 – Chapter 2 – Part 5

As an elder sister(5)

The day after the welcome party. We arrived at school as usual, but the way people looked at us was different from yesterday. The odd looks at me and the amorous looks at the women, including Karon, had diminished, while the curious and expectant eyes had focused on Orca and Nina.

That was yesterday.

“You said you were a big stand-up guy at the party.”

“I guess having two names isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

“I heard Foranada was great, too.”

From what I’m hearing in the background… the details of the mock battle with the student council president and the others must’ve spread overnight. The speed at which student gossip spreads is frightening.

Even after we arrived at the classroom, the attitude around us didn’t change,

“Yesterday was great, I was impressed!”

“I didn’t see your sword, Nina-san!”

I’m interested in your magic, Master Orca.

“Me, too! That’s Road Spike, right? I still can’t believe you can do that trick.”

The two were quickly surrounded by their classmates. The A1 classmates were in the same venue and seemed to be very moved.

I don’t feel any ill will, so there’s no need to keep him away. I don’t mean to be a downer, but for now, we’ll let them do what they want. Besides, Orca and Nina look a little happy.

You two look like you’re having a good time.

Kalon seems to have the same impression and mutters something like that.

I nodded, my cheeks relaxing.

“I hope this will be a chance to make friends.”

Orcas are easy.


Bright and friendly, Orca has the personality to make many friends. Don’t worry.

Nina… Yeah. She’s more social now than when we met, and she’s not lacking in communication skills. I think she can make friends. I’ll keep an eye on her.

“You two, don’t be afraid to make friends.”

I smile at her and Minerva gives me a half-glance.

“Don’t you talk to me like you’re some kind of… No, I’m not talking to you like an old man.

You sound like an old man. I’m just worried about our friendship.”

Karon’s a super bratty guy and Minerva’s a tsundere, so it’s going to be hard for them to make friends. I’ll keep it to myself, though, since I’m afraid that if I mention it, magic will fly out of my mouth.

She kept looking at me with her eyes, but then she let out a sigh.

“You can worry about us, but what about you? Oh, I’m not worried about you, okay? It’s just… Yeah! Your fiancée has zero friends, and you’re pathetic.

Minerva turned away with a pout. As usual my fiancée isn’t very honest.

I smile at her stubbornness and return the favor.

I don’t think I’m gonna make many friends.


“I’m sure your brother will make many friends…”

Minerva asked curiously.

Well, these two don’t care at all, so their reaction may be justified, but it’s not that simple in the eyes of the public.

I pick at my own hair.

“First of all, they’re colorless. People don’t often take the initiative to engage with the disenfranchised. Especially nobles who take pride in their magic.”


You must have some idea. Minerva gives him a hard look and snarls.

Karon, who is somewhat unfamiliar with the values of the nobility, refutes this without a trace of patience.

“There are at least a few who approve of you. And there are commoners too!”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

I don’t deny what Karon has said, but I give him my honest nod of approval.

I know that not all of us are as hard on the colorless as His Highness Weemley is.

“But I’m the current head of the school. Unlike most of the other students, I have a title. I’m sure a lot of people are put off by that.”

The school’s rule says “All students are equal. But outside of the school, it is meaningless and therefore ineffective.

Rather, these rules protect the nobility. It’s a way to exonerate the noble girls by saying that since the school is an informal place their grades won’t hurt their family status even if they’re lower than the commoners. It’s not a rule to protect the commoners from the tyranny of the nobles.

Note that dueling will turn into a public event, so be careful.

That’s why he’s hesitant to approach Count Orebic. I don’t know what I’ll do if I antagonize him.

“Your brother wouldn’t go on such an outrageous rampage!”

When I explained the situation, Karon raised his voice.

I’m glad you’re mad at me, but it’s not about what I think.

“It doesn’t matter what he thinks. He has that kind of power, and it scares people.”

Minerva opened her mouth before I could answer.

I could tell from the look of desolation on her face that she’d had similar experiences. She’s a duchess with many talents.

I think Karon must have sensed Minerva’s past. He didn’t say another word.

Instead ,

“Then I’ll go around telling everyone that neither your brother nor Minerva is such a brute. That neither your brother nor Minerva is such a tyrant. I’m unwillingly called the “Sunlight Saint” so I should have some influence!

He looked away and answered.

She looked a little awkward, but it was obvious that she was embarrassed because her cheeks were flushed red.


Minerva seems touched by Karon’s concern. They usually fight a lot… but they still recognize each other…

I’m so young… I guess I’m too old to think like this…

He smiles self-mockingly and thanks Karon for his concern.

“Thank you. Then let’s all try to make a hundred friends. I’ll try my best to make a hundred friends.”

What the hell is that?

“Hmm. There are a lot of students here, so it’s not impossible.”

They both laughed at my joking line.

The slightest bit of seriousness fizzled out and the air was supposed to be calm,

“This is an interesting topic. Then may I be your first friend?”

A woman’s voice breaks into our chatter.

I knew he was nearby, watching us. But now they’re coming to talk to us?

I turn towards the direction of the voice.

There stood a woman. She had breathtaking beauty, an air of nobility that could be felt even just standing there, eyes the color of white blue with wisdom in them, and blonde hair loosely tied into a single strand…. There is only one person in this world with these features. She was the First Princess Arianaut Easteria Yu’ari Katashit.