I Was Reincarnated As The Older Brother Of A Villainess Destined to Die, So I Want To Change The Future By Raising My Younger Sister With My Own Hands – Volume 4 – Chapter 3 – Part 2


The headmaster’s office. It’s probably the most prestigious room I’ve ever seen in the school. The furnishings and furniture are first-rate, and the room exudes a stately atmosphere. However, they aren’t the kind of things that the aristocrats like, but rather antiques with a wood grain look. Probably the dean’s taste.

The headmaster and I were sitting on the leather couch facing each other. Nice couch. I’ll ask him where he buys it from later.

Now, the reason I called you here…

You can’t be all dignified now.

I cut off the Dean as she begins to speak with a mysterious expression on her face. I’ve seen her do a lot of pathetic things, including her earlier hentai act, so it’s too late to be overbearing like that.

The headmaster raised his eyebrows. His eyes were slightly moistened.

Can’t you at least be a little older?

We’ll see when you’re stronger than me.

“Is it not possible…”

The headmaster’s shoulders drooped in disappointment.

As you can see from our exchange, the young girl in front of you knows what I’m capable of. It’s not just a rumor. She’s experienced it firsthand.

The point is, the headmaster and I were fighting. We were trying to kill each other. But I wasn’t serious. If I was, she’d be dead before we could fight.

The reason it happened the way it did..,

You’re the Witch of Life, and you’re pathetic.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Because the headmistress was a witch.

A witch is a wizard who has broken a taboo. There’s a wide range of taboo subjects, but many of them are considered to be unorthodox. That’s why witches have always been seen as enemies of the human race.

The witches were part of the forces that wanted Nina, and when the headmaster found out she was a witch, he acted quickly.

Specifically, it was a pressure interview. He [intimidated her], told her he knew who she was, and asked her what she wanted. Then he attacked me, so I fought him back. The way he changed his attitude from a snobbish one at the beginning to a low profile was a bit pathetic, reminding me of a certain two-panel episode of instant fallout.

I didn’t kill her because I wanted to educate the next generation. She said she got impatient when she found out who you were and that’s why she fought you. Of course, I’ve got her back.

“So, what does the headmaster who’s been acting so heinously want with me?”

“Oh, that’s just because they said, ‘Cussing gets us fired up!'” “I’ll get fired up if you abuse me! I’d rather be blamed than–“

Can we just get on with it, please?

“Okay, okay.”

The headmaster’s about to make some outrageous revelations, so I’ll cut him off and get right to the point. I’ll interject a little [intimidation] as well.

Thanks to you, she changed the subject.

I summoned you here to ask you a favor.

A favor?

“Yes. I’d like to be your student body president.


I answered immediately.

I mean… Semaka was dismissed after all. I had assumed that she would be dismissed soon since the first princess had been in charge in the original game. She should’ve been able to arrange it that way.

But I don’t understand why it’s coming to me. It doesn’t make any sense. Let the game play its own game.

Why are you asking me to do this? There are other people who could do it. Like the First Princess.

She was supposed to be in charge, but the princess nominated you.

“What? What’s the reason?”

“Membership in the student council is based on top grades. The student body’s representative would be the head of the class.”

You have a point, but you can’t be sure.

I was so confused. I had no idea what the First Princess Arianaut was thinking.

She’s a rationalist, so I’m sure there are advantages to me being the student body president, but I can’t imagine any. I think the disadvantages would be greater.

I guess it’s impossible, huh?

Impossible. If I’m elected chairman, there will always be people who complain. I don’t want to deal with them.

Even if he shows his ability, there will be those who will oppose him just because he’s colorless. They won’t act openly because he’s a count… but there’s no denying that they’ll do something to him behind his back. That’s how deep-rooted discrimination is. This is a problem of emotion, not reason, so it is difficult to solve.


I’m too busy to do student council work.

I couldn’t care less about school work when I’m cutting everything to protect Karon and the others. I couldn’t take on a job at the Academy. I’d be apologizing to Theon and Marina if I accepted.

“Yes, all right. I’ll tell the First Princess you said no.”

It seems he knew we’d refuse. The headmaster simply backed down.

I’ll raise my eyebrows.

You have other important things to do?

If he was expecting to be rejected, it’s not natural to call him out. If all you wanted to do was tell him what you wanted to tell him, you could’ve done it some other way.

It seemed that he was right, and the headmaster nodded his head in agreement.

“Well. Actually, there’s something I wanted to tell you in person.

It seems to be a very complicated matter, since he seems to have a serious expression on his face.

I’m a serious listener.

“In fact, it turns out that over the years, a student from the academy has been kidnapped.”


What the dean had to say was more troubling than I’d expected.

It seems that over the last ten years several beastmen have gone missing. And yet the truth didn’t come to light until recently.

I know why. Every student who went missing was an orphan with few friends. So when they suddenly disappeared, no one was worried. The fact that only one or two students a year go missing may have contributed to the delay in the discovery of the disappearances.

In my previous world that would be an impossible mistake… but in this world I can’t rebuke you strongly enough. There are casualties every year in the magic classes… children of noble families who disappear after losing political battles… commoners who are erased because they got caught up in a quarrel between noble families… There are more than a few disappearances.

And with a total enrollment of over 300,000. One or two a year is probably a margin of error. but that’s how light life is in this world.

This is something that didn’t happen in the original game. Or maybe not. Maybe it just wasn’t told to the heroes. This is a lot for two freshmen to handle.

How did they find out?

From what I’ve heard, it’s gonna be hard for the academy to find out.

The headmaster cast down his eyes and let out a sigh.

“… I found a former student of yours being sold into slavery.


I don’t know what to say.

She may be a pervert, but she’s an educated woman. It must have been quite a shock to her to find one of her students enslaved.

As if to clear the heavy air, the headmaster forced himself to continue.

“In addition, the number of attacks has been increasing over the last few years. Sooner or later, they would have found out. Maybe the kidnappers got a taste for it because they never found out.”

“I see. So what do you want from me?

I understand that you want me to help you in some way. The question is, how much help can I give you?

I’m willing to cooperate with her if there’s a risk that our school life will be threatened as well. But considering the cooperation with the school, I needed to understand exactly what she wanted.

I’m counting on you to help me.

Well, that’s fair. Someone who’s been off the radar for a decade. It’s gonna take a good intelligence officer like Foranada to find out who did this.

Hold on a second.

I open [phase hidden cover texture] and pull out a report from Intelligence. I skim through the results of the investigations into King’s Landing over the past ten years. It’s a lot, but I’ve read it once before, so it won’t take me long if I speed-read it too.

I don’t see any mention of you being at the attack. Of course not. If there was, it would’ve caught my eye when I read it before. It would be fortuitous if there were even a hint of a detail…

In the end, I couldn’t find any information that might give me a clue.

We haven’t found anything suspicious on our end. If it’s all right with you, we’ll do our own investigation.

Are you sure?

“Aha. You can’t leave a kidnapping behind.

“Thank you for your help. We’ll keep digging, and if we learn anything, we’ll share it with you.


Then we worked out some details and I left the school.

A beast student is kidnapped and forced into slavery, huh?

I thought of Nina, the woman I used to be.

It’s close to the time of her death in the original game. Let’s make this case a priority.

I’ve put the search for the kidnapper at the top of the priority list in my brain.