I Was Reincarnated As The Older Brother Of A Villainess Destined to Die, So I Want To Change The Future By Raising My Younger Sister With My Own Hands – Volume 4 – Chapter 4 – Part 1

The whereabouts of the culprit(1)

The week is over and school life has resumed.

The kidnappers haven’t made a move since the attack on Yudai and his men. He was in a good mood… but the fact that he was forced to retreat must have weighed heavily on him. An enemy with good judgment can be very troublesome.

In the meantime, I’ve upgraded the agents’ security levels. Now that we’ve ironed out the kinks, we should be able to coordinate more quickly.

Now, let’s get our heads back on straight. While we’re here, we’ll act like students.

I was spending the time before morning homeroom talking with Karon and the others.

“Oh, my God!”

The sound of the door being opened with a bang and the man’s loud voice is deafening. A large number of people cover their ears.

And so are we. Orca and Nina are a little hunched over with their heads in their hands. They have better hearing than humans.

I knew someone was approaching the classroom, but I’m surprised they went to such lengths. What kind of idiot does that?

You look in the direction of the voice with a hint of dismay.


I let out a little squeak. It was someone I knew.

A man with dark brown hair and eyes. He’s not that tall, around 170, but he’s well muscled. He has a glistening expression that says, “I’m a headstrong man! His glistening expression tells us that he’s a man with a strong, aggressive personality.

There’s no mistaking it. It was Eric Endreil y Sans Cipos, one of the saints’ targets.

House Xippos is a family of knights, counts and loyal subjects of the Holy King’s family for generations. His father was a close confidant of the current Holy King and a former Commander of the Kingsguard.

Eric was friends with the second prince, Gray, growing up, and I’m told they’re still friends. You have business there?

That’s what I thought, but I was wrong. He said a quick hello to Gray, but his feet were going in the other direction.

What is his purpose?

“Oh, it’s definitely real! I’ve missed you, Lady Nina!”

I didn’t expect it to be Nina.

He stood in front of her, his excitement evident.

What, Nina and Eric know each other?

There was no indication of a connection between the two, neither in the knowledge of the game nor in the information gathered by Foranada intelligence.

But Eric’s joy was as fervent as if he’d just been reunited with a brother he’d never met. I couldn’t dismiss him as a complete stranger.

“… Who?”

But Nina was acting normal. She was tilting her head with a blank expression on her face.

Nina doesn’t seem to know Eric. Their reactions were polar opposites.

Just in case, [reminder].

“I thought you knew him.”

“I have no idea.”

Her answer is very simple. You get the sense that she’s not the least bit interested.

Eric is all by himself, but he doesn’t want to talk. Nina, on the other hand, is also not very talkative. I decided to intervene, even though I had a feeling that I was going to get into trouble.

“I’m sorry to interrupt all the excitement, but may I have a word?”


Eric’s mood turned sour as soon as I called out to him. He instantly turned his gaze on me as if he were avenging his parents.

I don’t have time for a Foranada. Get out of my way. Shut up.

Wow, tremendous hostility.

Well, no surprise. Eric is Gray’s best friend. In his eyes, Foranada is the enemy that drove his best friend from legitimacy.

I know he’s an impulsive man, but he’s better than a heartless one who’ll just flip out.

But I couldn’t just follow him and keep quiet.

I can’t do that. Nina’s like family to me. I’m not gonna let her get herself in trouble.

And Eric gets this look on his face like, “I really don’t get it.” Then he throws an oversized bomb.

“Huh? Why is Lady Nina in trouble? She and I are engaged to be married.

“”””” fiancée ah!!!?” “”””

I and Karon and the others all looked at each other blindingly.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’ve been going over all the information I had on Nina when she was a viscountess, and I couldn’t find anything like that!

You’re the saint’s target, after all. Why would your fiancée… I thought Eric’s fiancée died in the original game. Nina’s dead in the original game too.

It all fits together. Are you sure he was your fiancee?

Wait, wait, wait. Calm down, calm down, okay? If he’s her fiancé, it’s not natural that Nina doesn’t know Eric at all. And there’s something else that’s not right.

First of all, Nina was a noblewoman before the Nine Order. You’ve chosen your fiancee way too early.

Nina was also treated poorly by the Harneus family. They would never have given her a fiancee.

The more I thought about it, the more I dismissed the idea that Eric and Nina were engaged. It was such a shocking statement that I almost lost my cool.

I mean, even Nina’s appalled by Eric’s fiancée comment.

“I’ve never heard of it.”

See, he has no idea what’s going on.

Eric and I have been having some differences of opinion. I don’t know what’s going on.

“Lady Nina?”

Eric finally noticed Nina’s confusion. He tilts his head and looks at her quizzically.

And he starts to get upset, funny enough.

“Maybe you don’t remember me…?”


“Well, I accidentally walked into your private room once before, and we exchanged a few words…”

“Um… I don’t remember.”


Nina was merciless. She cut them down without mercy. She’s a master swordsman.

Eric collapsed to the ground. He drops to the ground on his hands and knees.

Oh, no. I fell in love with you back then and I asked my parents to make you my fiance. I can’t believe you don’t remember that.

How old are you?

“… Two years old.”

You don’t remember.

I’m so pissed off.

It would be impossible for a reincarnated person to remember what happened when she was two years old. In Nina’s case, she had said that her time as a noblewoman had been gray, so she must not have been able to remember much more.

And if Eric’s right, they’re not officially engaged. He just asked his parents. So they’re fiancees.

“Well… If you live, good things will happen to you!”

“There’s more than one kind of love, yeah.”

“Uh… Don’t be shy, get back on your feet!”

Karon and the others must’ve felt sorry for him… because they offered Eric words of comfort. I’m not sure if that’s any consolation.

Eric stood up on his own. He looks at Nina with a determined look on his face.

What if…

“If you don’t remember, I’ll ask you to marry me again right here and now. Will you be my wife?

I knew it! He confessed again!

That’s understandable. I’ve been thinking about her for over ten years even though she told me she was dead.

Well, I wonder what Nina will say. It’s not hard to guess, considering her expression hasn’t moved a bit.

I’m sorry.

She said no. Her voice is so plain that you can’t sense the slightest hesitation in it.

Eric sinking again. I sympathize.

The air was filled with a sense of helplessness. All eyes turned to Eric in sympathy.

After a while, he stands up silently.

Then he pointed at Nina,

“I’ll make you fall in love with me for sure!”

He left the classroom after making a big announcement.

We watch his back in disbelief.

It’s gonna be loud.

Nina’s words. She was absolutely right.