Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 170

Viscount Zehrfeldt, are you not proud to be a nobleman?

Now it’s the participants’ turn to engage in a war of words, not war of words. This seems to have been extended to the whole venue. I wonder if it’s because the other party has spoken out, or is there some rule that gives priority to the accuser? In any case, I’ll remain silent for now.

I know who he’s fighting. He’s Count Garmlich’s brother and the uncle of the man who was made illegitimate because of me and Mazel. He’s currently the head of the House Guardians in Count Garmlich’s family. He’s a big man.

But the original leader was killed in the stampede. In that sense he’s number two in terms of strength. but this old man’s wearing heavy armor and he looks like a knight. He’s got the brains of the world… and I’m sure he’s capable too.

I don’t know what they thought I didn’t say, but they’re shouting as if they’re right.

“In the first place, the Viscount has too many problems with his usual attitude. He doesn’t even seem to be blue-blooded enough to be rumored to be a waste of money.”

I guess they decided the wind was blowing in a different direction than they expected. They’ve switched to attacking me personally instead of Mazel and Laura. You’re not wrong.

Blue blood” is a pejorative term in this world.

In my previous life it was used to describe a nobleman with fair skin who didn’t have to work hard to show his noble bloodline… but in this world it’s normal for some nobles to take part in slaying demons and wielding swords. It’s not something to be proud of if you’re white-skinned and don’t exercise.

Besides, there are blue-blooded and purple-blooded monsters and demons that attack humans and cause human casualties. So in this world saying ‘you have blue blood’ means ‘you’re cruel like a demon’ or ‘you’re savage like a demon’ or something like that. It means something like that.

I don’t know much about that… but it seems that demons’ blood comes in different colors because of their magic power. I was puzzled at first by the difference in the expression “blue blood” but here in this world it’s normal.

So the translation of your previous line is “You’re no better than a demon… who can’t even fight because you spend too much money.” I guess. The wording around here is really complicated.

But it’s one of the aspects of the world of brains that “less than a demon” is an expression of contempt instead of fear of the opponent. I don’t mind it if he slanders me, but it’s not good to keep getting slandered. It’s time for me to fight back.

“It stinks.”


I suddenly opened my mouth and he reacted that he didn’t know what I said, so I continued.

“Your mouth stinks. Stay away from me.”


I’m dead. Of course they were. This is normally the time for us to stand up for what’s right. I don’t think they expected us to say that.

But that’s good enough for us. I’m going to hit it right here.

“Don’t open your mouth. Don’t come near me. At least take a bath and come back later.

He flaps one hand in front of his face. A giggle starts to escape from the audience. The audience can’t tell if the smell is real or not.

“I’m sure your eyes and head are so rotten that you can’t even see that there’s nothing wrong with the hero Mazel-dono and the saint Laura-sama, but I can’t stand it when even your mouth stinks.”

You see his face turn red with anger and cower your shoulders exaggeratedly this time.

“Don’t blush just because someone points out a fact in front of an audience. It’s embarrassing.”

“You shameless boy, I’ll kill you!”

Oh, that’s very direct. The audience can hear you. The proud nobleman and knight seems to have lost his temper. He’s strode off to his horse of his own accord, leaving Count Garmlich in the accuser’s chair, discouraged. He knows a provocation when he sees one from a distance.

But a gesture or a glance can convey more than words. So the man in front of me is furious that I’m mocking him and Count Gamlig in the distance is mortified at his brother’s provocation.

And it is the same for the audience. Because they can’t see the audience’s eyes or facial expressions, they tend to think that the audience is fooling them for accepting such a provocation. In this case, I should say that I am leading the audience’s thinking.

I bow to Lily who is looking at me and at the judges and then I go to my horse and take the reins from Neurath. I guess General Seifert was just shaking his head in exasperation, as if he wanted to know if there was a better way.

I can’t argue with the general’s expression if you say it’s not classy.

The rules of dueling in this world allow both sides to use or not use shields if they agree. Neither of you have shields this time.

Aiming for the head is permitted in a fight or a duel, but only the most skilled can hit a small, moving target like a head on a rocking horse. Most people aim for the torso. I’m not going for the head myself.

In former times, jousting often involved the use of shields. The best part of a joust is when a jousting lance, known as a ‘peace lance’, is shattered by one of those shields.

In fact, jousting as a tournament game doesn’t often result in knights falling. In a former life a knight shattered 300 Spears of Peace during a tournament but only six could push their opponents off their mounts.

But even though it’s called the Spear of Peace, people die in the games. King Henri II of France died from a blow to the eye, for example. There’s a not-so-funny story of a knight who died of heatstroke because he didn’t take off his armor in front of a lady. I hope they don’t die that way.

On horseback, you mount your saddle and pick up your spear. Put your feet in the stirrups, but do not put your feet too deep into the stirrups. If you fall from your horse, your foot will be stuck in the stirrup and you will be in trouble. If you do not put your foot firmly in the stirrup, your weapon will not be powerful enough. Adjusting the height of the stirrups and the position of your feet is a product of experience.

The horse should sit in the saddle with his upper body upright, chest out, knees straight down, and in a deep seated posture. If you do not sit firmly in the saddle, you will fall on your back against the saddle as your body moves up and down in an anticollision motion, causing the horse to repeatedly impact its back with your weight.

I confess, when I was a student, I wasn’t very good at keeping my head up. If I leaned back, I would pull back on the reins and the horse would slow down. The saddle hardly moves up and down at a gallop, it’s more like back and forth.

When you want your horse to run at full speed, you should lean forward and hold the saddle with your thighs and lift your buttocks off the saddle. This posture is similar to that of a jockey in horse racing. But it’s very hard for a rider to stay in that position for a long time. It’s for short distance galloping.

With this in mind, I slowly make my way to the end of the hall. I can see from a distance that the other side is already very motivated, but I can see that they’re both motivated even though they’re trying not to show it. I can’t let them beat me.

There is a strange sound that seems to come from a wooden trumpet. It’s the sound of a musical instrument made from the horns of the Big Goat, a giant goat that lives in this world, a demon whose back is big enough to carry about six people.

The demon’s antlers are goats, but they split down the middle like a deer’s at the end. It’s a fantasy indeed. The main purpose of the horns is for meat and leather, but they have a hollow part at the tip that can be processed to be used as a wind instrument.

The quality of goat horns varies greatly because they are made from the material of demons.

The reason why they brought out such a thing is probably to show that our country is rich to the embassy officials of each country who are probably watching somewhere. Almost everything in this venue is a stunt.

I think about it for a moment, but then I see him running with a cloud of dust in the air and I start my horse too. The first shot was for my own confirmation. I want to time it so that I can ride my lance with speed as we intersect.

But that’s the point. We have to please the audience.

“Whoa whoa whoa!”


The first crossing. A heavy thud is felt in his hands, and at the same time, a loud cheer goes up to the sky from all around him.

The metal clashes with such force that sparks fly and a peculiar smell lingers in the nose for a moment but soon the horse’s momentum pulls it away from the scene. The other party is indeed the head knight of the count’s house. My hand feels a little numb.

But he’s lost his cool, and his blows are made in anger, so while they are strong, they are not accurate. He aimed at my head as expected, provoked, and I was able to deflect it by placing the hilt of my spear against his hilt.

You ride through to the edge of the arena without breaking your stance and turn your horse to face the center again. You pat him lightly and he seems calm. D’Isbert the Dauntless is a good horse after all these years.

All right, let’s do it again.

I struck the horse lightly on the neck and called out to him, then swung my spear in a wide arc. I kicked him lightly in the gut as he sent his horse galloping again with a yell that echoed through the hall.