Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 182

I have completed my work on the front and submitted it to Prime Minister Falkenstein along with my written opinion. I will also inform and consult with General Seyffert, who will be present at the meeting as planned.

I’d like to discuss this point with you as soon as possible, as there are a few things I’ve found out about the current locations of famous adventurers and mercenaries that I’ve requested through Feri, as well as a list of towns they’re based in.

“Which means that many mercenaries and adventurers are on their way to the Marquisate of Cortlezis. It’s a common occurrence now that the demon army is active.

“The problem is that one of them was accompanied by someone from the Church. It’s possible that the missing seer we reported on the other day may have been with them.”

“Hmm… So you’re saying that the Marquise of Cortolezis is involved in this as well?”

“We don’t have enough information to make a decision in that area yet.”

Of course it’s possible that the Marquise of Cortolezis is secretly keeping him locked up. The “accident” of the oracle’s missing person has left a post of High Priest within the Church open as a result, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re trying to send someone from their own faction there.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that the group is attacked by demons and the person who can receive the oracle is replaced by a demon and he is agitating Cortolezis in his appearance. Some people might seriously think that a king will come out of Cortelezis or that they are spreading a false oracle.

The point is, we don’t have enough information at this point. And since the Church is keeping quiet about the disappearance, it’s inevitable that information will be incomplete.

“But it’s also true that it bothers me when I look at it in light of this.”

And I submitted to you a report on the movements of Pückler, who I had tracked down while he was stationed in Anheim. It shows that he visited the temple on several occasions.

It’s not strange for a human Lord Pickler to go to the temple… but he could’ve been the Wizard Gesarius by now. I still have my doubts.

I’m sure that’s a concern. I understand. I’ll check with the government as well.

“Nice to meet you. And something else happened the other day…”

Now that the Prime Minister is satisfied, I will inform him of Clara’s case and explain our course of action. The arrangements and permission were approved, but the general laughed at me. the general laughed at me. I’d like to make things easier for myself.

“Work will always be concentrated in the hands of those who can do it. But I hope that the Viscount will be able to distribute the work that has been gathered.”

“… We’ll do our best.”

The Prime Minister said that to me… I’m still a student… I can’t be expected to have that kind of skill…

I left and returned to the house, keeping a wary eye on my surroundings, and had a short meeting with Norbert. I heard that Gouter from the Guard came to interview Clara today but he didn’t get much out of her. I’m sure they didn’t.

“There did not seem to be any reports from the refugee management staff.”


Which means the body wasn’t part of the Triots’ refugee system. He could have been a drifter from anywhere in King’s Landing.

Incidentally, as in medieval Europe, beggars and vagabonds, or more bluntly, beggars were the bottom of the society, but they were also a valuable class to maintain social activities. Not politically, but religiously.

In Christianity, helping others was considered to be an act of God’s will, and giving alms to those who were poor and had to depend on others to survive was considered to be an expression of faith. This is also the reason why the church had a dormitory where free meals were served.

It is similar in this world. Those who can afford it help them by buying religious security. Vagrants who are part of the social hierarchy have their own reasons for being. I don’t want to be medieval even in this.

“And what did Lord Gouter have to say on the matter?”

“It’s possible the confirmation process is delayed, so we’ll have to wait a few days.”

Surely it’s possible that the report will come in late? That’s prudent. It’s the right call.

Clara is resting in the back.

Just keep me as a guest for a couple of days.

Yes, sir.

That’s a soft way of putting it, but it’s effectively house arrest. And in the meantime, we can get ready.

If we get a report from the refugee agency that says, “There was no such daughter, I’m sure of it.” “there was no such father or daughter, I’m sure of it. Clara must be very restless. She’ll have a few days where she can’t do anything, and then she’ll jump at the chance.

Afterwards, I meet with Max to check on the arrangements and discuss them. He was strangely enthusiastic and said something like this.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good shot.

“I’d rather not be on.”

I cowered and complied. It’s better if the Guard can handle it. I’ve gone to the trouble of inviting the operative Clara into the Countess’s house this time and gotten permission to mobilize the House Guard by making it look like an internal Countess affair.

In fact, if the mastermind we don’t know who he is at the moment is a nobleman, he could leak information from within the Guard. The Guard will have to act, but ultimately the Knights of the House of Count Zehrfeldt will also be called into action.

Werner-sama’s distinguished himself in battle… the Count’s Guardians must do their part.

“Okay, just don’t yell at me at this stage.”

I can understand if he regrets that he couldn’t do anything at Anheim, but he seems to regret that he wasn’t there and couldn’t play an active part. I can understand how he feels.

There’s a knock at the door, I let myself in and Lily comes in to make me a cup of tea. Max’s face turns serious.

I’m sorry to bother you, miss.

“I hope you don’t mind, Lord Commander.”

It’s a waste of words.

Since the other day, Max has been treating Lily like a noblewoman. I don’t know if I should call her Miss, but she said proudly that she’d only call me Young Madam. I had to prostrate myself right there, yes.

Lily herself had resisted the request to at least call her by her first name on the first day, but now she seems to have given up on the idea. Augen and Barkei call her Miss Hulting, but they don’t seem to have any intention of stopping Max. Or maybe it’s just my imagination that those two seem to be enjoying themselves so strangely.

Neurath and Schunzel usually call her Lily, but when Max is present they call her Miss Hulting as well. They say Max will be angry with them if they don’t at least call her that. Father, do something, please.

Keep me posted, Max.

I’m at your service.

I look at Lily and sigh as Max leaves, having finished discussing the procedure and preparations. I can’t say that I’m really embarrassed at this point.

“I can work with that, can’t I?”

“I think you can count on me.”

But you can’t hide your smirk, can you? I know what you’re thinking.

“By the way, Lily, can you ask Ally and the others to make more of that paper?”

“I think I can do it if I have time. I still had the materials.”

Good. We can’t mass produce them, but we need a few more.

“Then I’m sorry, but you’ll have to make me some more. Just in case.”

Just in case?

He chuckles lightly at Lily, who tilts her head.

“That paper is only in Zehrfeld for now. So, Lily, if you get a call from me to move somewhere and there’s no proof on that paper, it’s a fake. Remember, I’ll always write.”

Uh… Yes, yes.

“Lily, keep some of these with you. You can use them to contact me.”

I understand.

I think it would be better if Lily could put some pictures on it, but we’ll see if we can find time for that. But I’ll see if I can find the time to do that.

We’ll have to make a plan so that we don’t have to ask Lily to move… but we don’t know what’s going to happen when we attack King’s Landing. We still don’t know what’s going to happen. We can’t worry about that just yet.

And after tomorrow.


“Tomorrow and the day after we’ll do some research in the archives, but the day after that we’ll be on the front desk. Lily, go to the library and study and watch Clara.”

Okay. Would you like me to talk to him?

“No, that’s fine. But if she asks you for help, just give it to her. And don’t say a word about what Clara gave you, just to be safe. I’ll leave this with you.

I’ll give you the antidote. I don’t think Clara brought anything else, but just in case. I’ve got a few other things to discuss.

I’m going to let Clara be a caged bird for a while.