Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 183

As planned, I spent two days in the underground library. One of the things that caught my attention was the water and sewage systems in King’s Landing.

Lily found a map of the waterworks and wells, and the sewerage system, and we looked at them together out of curiosity. We were surprised at the high degree of perfection of the city, which was spread over the whole city like a pattern, but it was not drawn where the water came from in the waterworks and where the water went after the waste water reservoirs.

I don’t think we need to draw outside the walls of the city, but what if there’s an accident there? And since we haven’t had any problems in the past, I’m sure that the anti-monster wards are effective against water and sewage as well, but maybe we should be wary of the underground too?

I may need to examine the situation a bit more closely, but to be honest I’m a bit out of my depth so I’m going to have to refer the matter to General Seyffert and then to Hydrographic Director Gebhardt. I don’t know who it will be, but I’d like to apologize in advance to whoever’s in charge.

But what about Lady Juliane’s graveyard, the big wards protecting King’s Landing, and this water and sewage system… The facilities and equipment don’t look right for this time period. Then this city must’ve been built on top of the ruins of an ancient kingdom. Maybe that’s why the Demon Lord’s coming.

I asked the General to conduct an experiment based on the shellfish research records. When I explained my intentions, he agreed to do so.

And today, the third day, I had to do the front work by the Prime Minister’s order, but it was really tough that there was no one to act as a secretary for me. Or rather, I’m in the position of a full-time secretary. This day’s work was related to personnel assignments inside the castle, so it was hard for me to compare it with other information.

There are nearly 100 hundred people living in the great castle. The number of people who have been allocated rooms is 100 alone. The Palace of Versailles in the previous age is said to have had 30000 residents at its peak, but even 100 is a lot in this medieval-style world.

Of course, there are single guards, live-in cooks who specialize in preparing the evening meal, and the lowest class of servants who have a room for four, but at any rate, there are that many people, and there are reserves.

The reserve is for example the six daughters of the lower nobility or those who can’t take over the family in any case and are looking for a chance to work as servants. There are no less than 100 people in this reserve. Some of them have only a great-grandfather who was a nobleman.

A servant of the castle is guaranteed a good life. Even a guard or a maid in charge of cleaning the corridors has no chance of attracting the attention of the royal family. Even a mere knight or civil servant has a high rank in society just because he works at the castle.

If you catch the attention of a nobleman, male or female, and are recruited as a direct retainer or chosen as a spouse… you could turn your life around. I know this may sound like a prosaic story, but the reason why the maids in the royal castle always have such beautiful posture and appearance is because there are many people who are betting on such a chance.

So the competition for posts is always fierce. A live-in position gives you more opportunities to be seen in the castle than a commuter position, and you’ll have less trouble making ends meet. It’s hard work, but you have a good diet, so it’s easier to keep yourself in good health.

As a result, personnel rumors are always flying around. Whenever there is a rumor that someone is getting married and stepping down from his or her position, there is a rush of people who hope to replace him or her with someone else.

If it’s true, the question is where the leak came from, and some people start to spread the rumor like a balloon, and some people think it’s true and start a hunter movement. What do you mean by “normal operation”?

On the other hand, if someone who’s supposed to be working at a ceremony says, “I didn’t see his face…” It’s a big problem. If the person in charge was not present at the ceremony attended by His Majesty, even his boss could be punished.

Therefore, it is always a problem whether you have the ability and will to do the job or not, because it is a job where skipping or being late is not tolerated.

There was even a case in the past where a carefree aristocrat got a maid drunk and took her home, but the maid was recommended by a marquis and all hell broke loose. In such cases, the recommendation is often an illegitimate child that even the wife doesn’t know about.

In short, today’s work is in the human resource department with 10000 employees, many of whom are connected to the company, and all the documents are handwritten. It’s no wonder that it’s important to check for any errors in the handwritten documents, but just checking and organizing the documents makes my brain cells tired.

There were some interesting relationships. The Marquess of Cortlezys’ recommended servant is still in the castle. I don’t know if they’ve been kept in the dark or if they’re just unaware of it, but I’ll make a list and submit it to the Prime Minister just in case.

After all that work we made a detour and returned to the Zierfeldt house. It’s not so bad that I let out a sigh when I dropped my jacket off. Lily gave me a worried look, but I just let it go. Just as I was thinking that Lily opened her mouth.

“Mr. Werner… I’ve left some red flowers in your office, if that’s all right.

“Thanks for everything. Yes, tomorrow you’ll need a blue-colored ‘handkerchief’.”

I understand.

We’re using these codes as we agreed because we don’t know where Clara is listening. Well, it looks like Clara wants to help, as expected. And by “handkerchiefs,” I mean I’ll be in the office until midnight. So it’ll be Clara who brings me after-dinner tea.

By the way, Lily sometimes puts flowers in a vase in my office. Fresh flowers are expensive, but she’s got my mother’s permission.

Flowers in this world don’t have the same sense of season as in my previous life. In my previous life, flowers like poinsettias were in bloom even in summer. It’s a fantasy. Or is it like in the game where all the flowers are in bloom all the time?

After dinner I’m in my office discussing new products with Frensen when Clara, dressed like an apprentice maid, comes in with a cup of tea as expected. She said she was just bringing the tea Lily had brewed for her. Is she trying to say that it was Lily who made the tea?

I was going to say I didn’t need the curtains closed if he asked, but he didn’t seem to be paying attention and didn’t say anything. Well, that’s good.

From this point on Clara performed the same actions that someone in the villa must have taught her during the day. First she places the tray with the tea set on a small table near the entrance and offers Frensen a cup of tea as a taster. Frensen drinks it and nods, then I prepare my own.

That table over there, from my seat I can only see Clara’s back, but from Frensen’s seat I can see her movements in the window. And Clara, who uses her body to hide the cup, can’t look at me.

Take the antivenom while you have the chance, just in case. Unlike in games, if you don’t wait too long, it’s still effective even if you take the antivenom first. I think this is a bit like real life.

He looks at Frensen, nods, takes the book with the red spine, stands up and moves it to the shelf behind him. That’s the signal. I knew you put that in my tea.

Sorry to keep you waiting…

“Don’t be so nervous.”

Your hands are shaking… you’re not a professional assassin. I’m sure he’s afraid you’ll suspect him… but he’s so nervous that I just laughed at him. I’d be in trouble too.

I take a sip and realize that it’s pretty tough at that point, but I resist and finish the drink. I try to keep a poker face, but I can’t. I have to realize that my face is contorted.

Clara, I’m sorry, go get Norbert.

Yes, yes.

Clara saw the look on my face and almost ran out of the room. I tried to hold back for a while, but finally I couldn’t help but sob. It was so hard! I can’t help but complain to Frensen.

“I don’t care if it’s sugar, I don’t want to drink tea with a lot of salt ever again.”

I’m sure you’re right.

Frensen offers me the tea he’s been drinking with a wry smile on his face and I gratefully take it. Ah, it’s soothing.

Usually, they would have been told that the poison was tasteless, so it would be strange if they thought the tea tasted different. I knew that, so I drank the salty tea without changing my expression, but it tasted so bad. It was a bit of a punishment.

I’m not lying when I say that I wished I’d saved the poison remover for a palate cleanser, just in case. I let out a sigh of relief at the ordinary tea.

“Maybe you should have used flour.”

“That’s what I’m thinking right now, too.”

It was a mistake to replace the salt. I’ll do so next time, I think to myself, and give instructions.

Well, you’ll take care of the rest like we talked about.

Yes, sir.

Sir Werner is about to fall ill.