Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 185

One of the accommodations reserved for the workers of the warehouse district. A man nodded as he listened to the report in a room that reeked of liquor that wasn’t just seeping through the walls.

“Werner’s just about done with him. We can deal with the commoners another time.


The man who muttered this in the back has the appearance of a man who wears the clothes of a nobleman but whose brutality and violence seem to be more apparent in his face than in his features.

He smiles triumphantly at her appearance and slurps down the sake in the china. He wipes his mouth roughly and asks another man who is standing by.

“Oh, by the way, that girl Clara, is she still alive?”

I’m sure we’ve got them just like your head said.

Well, I don’t know. It’s better to kill him.

The man called Okashira says so in a tone as if he’s throwing away a tool he’s finished with. In fact, they probably don’t think anything of it.

“Wouldn’t that girl fetch more than an old woman? I don’t think she’d want to talk about a highborn murderer.

“That’s true, too.”

“I don’t know if they’ll sell the kid…”

“Some people like that kind of thing.”

In this world, male prostitution is a business. Unlike prostitutes, however, the demand for them is extremely low. On the rare occasion a good-looking man is taken in by a noblewoman… but in a world where strength and bravery are valued… such men of low prowess are of little value.

The slave trade is not forbidden, but it is taxed. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be black market traders who try to evade the tax.

“Hey, if they don’t sell at market, just dump ’em in a ghetto slum.”

“Yes, sir.”

That’s not the point. We need to make arrangements. We can’t stay in King’s Landing much longer.

After the men had exposed Werner’s head and retrieved Clara and the others, they were discussing the procedure for escaping King’s Landing and the items to be taken with them when another man suddenly rushed into the room.

“Hey, head!”

“What a racket.”

Yo, I hear armor. They’re starting to surround us!”

The men look at each other for a moment and then stand up noisily. They ran to the wooden window frames and you could hear the faint sound of metal armoured men moving about and feel the presence of many more. One of them brings his eyes to the gap in the window board.

In the darkness of the night, your armor reflects the moonlight, and you can make out several figures slowly beginning to surround the building. Behind them, you can see more people moving, and there are signs that more are on the way. There are probably more than twenty of them at this point.

Everyone was crestfallen, but the man they called the head glared at the man who had reported Clara’s return.

Hey, you weren’t followed, were you?

What? No, no, I didn’t check, but…

You useless bastard!

I yelled at him, but it didn’t make things better. In fact, it made it worse. I guess my yelling got out. All at once, footsteps came toward the building.

How can I help you, head?

“What’s going on back there!”

There’s no one here yet, get over there.

“That woman and her kid…”

You’re slowing us down, let’s get the hell out of here!

The men hurry away, swords in hand. They haven’t made it to the back door yet, and the group of men barely escapes the building. They turn several corners along the way and finally stop when they are close enough to the city center to escape.

Oh, that was close.

How can I help you, head?

“Oh, shit, let’s just…”

“It would be easier if you would surrender for the time being.”

The men turned their eyes toward the voices. At the same time, the surroundings become as bright as daylight. A number of knights and squires emerge from the surroundings. The squires point their magic lamps at the road.

The man who was called “Okashira” raises his voice to the young man who approached him.

Damn you, Werner!

Who the hell are you?

Werner, spear in hand, asks with a carefree look on his face. In contrast, the man looks indignant.

You can’t be serious…


Werner responded with a cowering look on his face, his spear still on his shoulder. In fact, it was a somewhat surprising reunion even for Werner. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that he was so small that he had forgotten to keep an eye on him.

He continues with a sarcastic look on his face, feeling like he’s seen a face he doesn’t want to see.

“I’m at least aware that the owner would have lectured me afterwards for being too useless to stop you in the library, Viscount Vogel?”

The sound of clenching teeth echoes around them. Wotan Sven Vogel looks as if he could kill you with his gaze alone, but Werner looks cool. Werner looks cool.

“Well, you sure have the right face to be chased by Seiko and run away.”


“The whole thing surrounding the warehouse was mostly staged.”

Werner smirks and looks around at the group of startled bandits. Vogel opens his mouth.

What do you mean?

From where I’m sitting, the last thing we needed was a break-in.

Werner’s pattern predictions had taken into account the possibility of Clara being taken hostage, but there was no need to go so far as that.

And in this world, life below the common man is light. Killing a hostage would only increase your sentence. Werner’s concern for the hostages is closer to heresy.

“Because in the dark of night, when you hear armor and then you see a lot of people moving, you’re going to imagine the worst. You’d think they’d rush out the back where they weren’t surrounded.”

“And that armor…”

Maybe one or two you’ll recognize. And a bottle of wine for each of you.”

I had asked my schoolmates who had shown their faces during the dueling trials what they were doing now, and this is where it came in handy. Since some of them were of the noble class, I went around asking students who had time to spare to don their armour and join the siege, and some of them agreed.

Werner had walked a long way that day from the slums to the noble town and then to the orphanage. Ironically, he was probably making the most of his time spent running around the battlefield in Anheim.

I’ve also asked the adventurers to gather around the castle to fight them off if they attack, but the plan is for them to only surround the place. The fact that they turned out in greater numbers than Werner had expected was a testament to their reputation.

“By the way, there were six of us tracking Clara tonight. We had to track the building she went into and the guy who came out of it, so it was a bit of an extravaganza.”

Even when Clara didn’t look back, there had been a reshuffling of the followers. Of course it’s true that the number of people following them was carefully arranged so that they wouldn’t be lost in the darkness. They’d gone to the trouble of blocking the front gate with wagons so that the only way out was through the back gate.

For this purpose Werner had hired an expert tracker and tailer from General Seyffert. This means that the matter has already reached the highest echelons of the kingdom, but Werner makes no mention of it and continues his story.

The guards had entered the warehouse at this time to investigate and had rescued Clara’s mother and brother, but Werner did not know this at this point.

“… How could they ambush us here?”

“The packet that contained the poison was high-end. I’m just guessing that whoever’s behind the poisoning lives here.”

The result was that they had to take a few different paths on their way from the warehouse district to the nobility district and the central church in the capital. Werner had decided that if they had to travel in the dark of night they would take the shortest route and not the most convoluted ones, and so he had ambushed them here.

But I’ve also placed a few men on each of the other roads just in case… and if any suspicious people should pass by… I’ve instructed them to stall for time until Werner arrives.

“If so, how did you know the way from the warehouse district?”

“I just heard it from someone in the know. Unlike you, there’s a lot of people willing to help.”

It was not until Werner returned from Anheim that he learned that General Seyffert had Lily draw a map of the capital. Seyffert had advised Lily to take the draft of the map back to Seyffert’s house.

Lily herself was puzzled by the suggestion, but Seyfert told her, “The chart will be of use to Sir Werner, so you may take it home. But don’t spread it around too much.” But she couldn’t refuse Seyfert’s offer with the look of a bad boy.

Werner was seriously worried about how he was going to store a classified item in front of the real thing, but he couldn’t complain since it was actually useful.

“It was hard to arrange in such a short time, but it’s nice to know they’re simple.”


“Thank God you fell for it. If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to spend more money on your enforcer than you do on your poison pill.”

Werner shouted quickly as he saw Vogel’s hand reaching for the hilt.

If we let him live, he’ll turn into a bandit. I don’t care. Cut down the fish!


The knights respond to Werner’s voice and attack at once. Clearly Vogel and his men have been caught off guard. Somewhere they had let down their guard, thinking that they would at least be told to surrender at least once, and that the actual use of force would come afterwards.

The men rush to draw their swords, but just then one of them is cut down by Max.

Soon a melee broke out in the night of King’s Landing.