Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 195

I arrived at Zierfeldt’s house with Neurath and Schünzel. We’d been warned, but we hadn’t felt like we’d been followed since then.

“Welcome home, Mr. Werner.”

“Ah, I’m back. Neurath, Schünzel, wait a bit longer to get dressed.”



Tell the maid to prepare a room for Neurath and the others. Then I’ll write a letter and leave it with Norbert, explaining the situation.

I’m sorry, but you’re in charge. Neurath and Schünzel, please.

Yes, sir.

I didn’t make a fuss at the scene but I’m aware of the attack and the bodies left behind. I’ll report it through a different route just to be safe… but it’ll be troublesome if the messenger gets attacked. I’ll leave the rest to you.

By the way, Norbert, I’ll take the back room.

Yes, sir. Frensen has already made the preparations.

I feel like I’ve been told with my eyes that I’m going to do something again, but I’m deliberately going to go through with it. I’m just testing a hypothesis from a bunch of magic books I’ve read. I don’t think it’s gonna blow up or anything. Maybe. It’s just an experiment.

Now, I’m gonna need your help.


Yes, sir.

Lily looks somewhat curious and Frensen looks slightly puzzled. There are all sorts of tools here, including magical ones. In my previous life, it was more like a schoolyard lab. I picture an old man in glasses and a lab coat with a cardboard air cannon. If there was soap and water on the desk and a video camera in front of it, it might be perfect.

“I don’t know, I don’t use this area, but it’s not supposed to go out of control.”

“I thought only Werner-sama could make a grimoire go haywire.”

Lily got a surprised look on her face when she found out that Frensen’s comment had caused the magical tool to go out of control. I haven’t told you about that. I guess commoners don’t usually use magic tools like that since they’re so expensive.

“Anything that doesn’t go haywire. First, put the wind wand in the bag and seal it. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to touch it once it’s activated.”

“Yes, once it’s activated, all you need is the magic stone.”

Then seal the sack after you activate it. Lily can use your water charms to pour water into the cup.”

“I see. There’s a magical tool that creates water.

The glass cups are in plain sight. As Lily pours water into the glass cup, Frensen answers Lily’s question curiously.

“The amount of water that can be produced is inefficient compared to the amount of magic stones consumed, so there hasn’t been much research done. I heard that the water produced isn’t very tasty and can only be used for washing clothes, so there aren’t many people who study it.”

“I think some places could use the clean water itself…”

Lily has a point, but there’s still a big difference in status. Research and development progresses on items used by royalty and nobility. And since royalty and nobles have priority in water use even when there’s a water shortage, the research order for magical tools that make water less tasty inevitably takes a back seat.

Unless the Knights or the garrison need it… but so far there hasn’t been a case where there isn’t enough water. One reason may be that the number of soldiers is at the level of the Middle Ages of the last age. When the time comes when the number of soldiers moves in the hundreds of thousands, research may progress.

I’d like to say where is the law of conservation of mass when we can make water, an object that can be touched by hand. The inefficiency of quantity may be due to this. In fact, the water in the bucket is the cooled water from the well.

And if I’m right, maybe I know why the water doesn’t taste so good. But there’s nothing we can do about it. We just have to make the best of it.

The bag that the Wind Sorcery activated expands from the inside… Yeah, it’s even more surreal than I imagined it would be to have a sealed bag expand by itself from the inside. I’m going to light a candle with a fire magic tool like Chuckman’s.

When the bag is somewhat inflated, you explain the next steps to them as well. I want you to open the mouth of the bag and turn it upside down before it gets mixed up with the air outside, and I want you to hold it for a while, but you can let go of my hand when I give you a signal.

They nodded their heads and did as instructed. The wind magic tool that fell out of the sack is retrieved. Under the open sack we use the fire magic tool to create a heat source.

Just leave me alone for a while.

“What’s this?”

Well, let’s just wait and see.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. And then, after a while, the sack just starts to swell up from the inside. I give the signal and they let go and it floats up a little. Lily and Frensen look surprised.


Mr. Werner, this is…

“Uh, very roughly speaking, warm air is lighter than cold air. You’ve seen the dead leaves on a campfire float up. That’s how they float when the air in the bag gets warm.”

Like a hot air balloon. I’m too lazy to explain the details of buoyancy and so on, so forgive me if I’m being a bit sketchy. I don’t have enough brain cells to explain it in detail because my mind is occupied with other things.

When I shut off the fire magic, the bag itself is heavy unlike a plastic bag, so it floats for a bit and falls down quickly. I just smell the air inside. It’s odorless.

“Um, Mr. Werner? You seem to be making a difficult face…

Yeah, kind of.

I think I’m not answering the question myself, but I respond to Lily and take a sip of the water made with the water charms in the cup and roll it around in my mouth. It certainly doesn’t taste good, but it seems drinkable.

It would be better if we could find out the ingredients, but we don’t have the means or the technology in this world.

Now I plunge the tip of the fire charm into the water of the vat, and try to ignite it there. It is a strange sight that a fireball forms at the tip of a stick plunged into the water. A fireball standing still in the water is something that could only happen in a computer graphics.

I try to plunge the straw into the water with my left hand, but the straw does not catch fire even if I make it come into contact with the magic fire.

I have no idea what magic is, but my imagination seems to have been right. There’s something in this world that I don’t know, or rather don’t understand with my previous knowledge. Magic is one thing, but it’s not the only thing.

For the time being, stop the fire charms. Float the candle on the piece of wood in the water and turn the empty cup upside down over the candle. It’s going to take a while… so I’ll ask them a question while I’m holding it.

Lily Frensen. What do you think a magic stone is?

Uh, well, you get it when you kill a demon, right?

“I’m aware that it’s necessary to move the grimoire…”

In games, you can get gold directly, but in this world, you can’t. Instead, you get magic stones, which are these magical dry cell batteries that you can buy at any price. Instead, you can get magic stones, which are like magic batteries, and you can buy them for any amount, so it’s practically the same as getting money.

In the game, it would be safe to assume that this part of the purchase was omitted, but that’s not the point now.

“I did an experiment once. The simple answer was that there might be two magical forces at work here.”

I’ll briefly explain my previous hypothesis that there are two types of magic, human body magic and natural magic. Lily tilts her head.

“Then what’s the magic power of the magic stone that moves the magic tool?”

That’s it.

That’s what I’d rather know.

“I think my earlier hypothesis is correct, but it’s somewhat flawed because it can’t explain the magic stone.”

At first I thought that the original magic power that old man Uwe mentioned was the true nature of the magic stone, but that wouldn’t explain why there are magic stones in demons but not in humans.

The simplest answer is that there’s human body magic power, natural magic power and magic stone magic power.

“The point is, it doesn’t feel right. I just don’t know what it is.”

The candle has gone out and the water has been sucked up into the glass, and only in the glass the height of the water has changed. Frentzen and Lily look surprised. I wonder if my knowledge of this place is understood.

I feel that there is something strange, or at least a sense of being left out in this area.


I groan involuntarily as I check the results of the experiment so far. I consciously ignore the two people who seem to want me to explain. It’s not easy to explain this in my medieval knowledge of carbon dioxide dissolving in water and the change in atmospheric pressure between the inside and outside of a glass.

And most of all, there’s something fundamentally wrong with it, and if I explain it now, it’ll confuse you. I’m a little confused myself.

“Lily, I want you to write down what I’m going to say. I can’t quite wrap my head around it, so I’ll write it down later. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, just write it down.

Yes, yes.

He gave the order and Lily immediately sat down in front of the parchment she had prepared. Frensen sat beside her, probably to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. I’ll leave that to you, and I’ll just say whatever comes to my mind.

“Burning usually requires combustibles, air, and a temperature above the flash point. That’s why straw won’t catch fire in water.”

It’s called the three elements of combustion. I’ve avoided using the word oxygen in this world.

If there is an oxidizer like gunpowder, air is not necessary, but still, it is impossible for a fireball to be born in water, where there is neither combustible matter nor air, and to exist as it is, to my knowledge, so I can only say that it is magic.

Perhaps the candles are lit by magic tools as a result of reaching the ignition temperature caused by heating. It seems that there is a transfer of thermal energy.

“By the magic of icicle icicles, ice is born from nothing. All ice, clear and pure.”

Earth, water, fire and wind each have their own magical tools. In other words, water, wind, and earth are all separate entities, and fire made with fire magic tools is a mysterious phenomenon that is 100 percent fire, to use a strange expression. I don’t know if magic can be called a phenomenon, but let’s call it a phenomenon for the time being.

In the same way, snowstorms and icicles created by attack magic are probably water or ice without impurities. Since this magic is supposed to be reproduced in the form of a tool, the water produced by a water tool should be 100 percent water.

“Accidents rarely happen in the mine. An oxygen deficiency accident. It’s been documented that it was caused by stagnant air.”

I just don’t know if it’s a buildup of carbon dioxide or if it’s the release of toxic gases. I don’t know if there’s any way to find out at this point, or if there’s no way to distinguish between the two. But I can’t go to the accident site myself.

So this is a hypothesis, but from the point of view of the hundred percent water and hundred percent fire, the wind magic tool that was creating wind in the bag just now is a mysterious existence.

“The candle did not go out in the bag. When heated it became lighter. The gas created by the wind wand felt like normal air.”

In noble houses, there’s a kind of air conditioner with wind magic tools. That’s probably the reason why you don’t feel suffocated in that underground library, and the reason why you don’t run out of oxygen in the dungeons in the game may be because the wind magic tools made in the ancient kingdom period are still alive.

But the fact that there are no accidents with the stuff produced by the grimoire means it’s not like it’s 100 percent oxygen or 100 percent carbon dioxide or anything like that. We don’t have the equipment to measure it, but the water, the humidity, must be 0% too.

So what exactly is this thing that the Wind Sorcery is producing?

“Soil wizardry is used to mend roads. It creates soil that is less susceptible to weeds and other growth.”

The earth magic tool is only used for such construction work and I couldn’t get it easily even if I wanted to experiment with it, but the object that this earth magic tool produces is more of a mystery.

There’s more than one kind of soil I know. It’s a fine mixture of quartz and feldspar and all sorts of things, depending on the geology. I don’t know what you’d call soil in a previous life, but I’d ask, what’s at least 100 percent soil? I’m tempted to ask.

However, it is strange to think that only soil can produce objects like quartz while fire, water, and wind produce them independently, so there must be a substance that can only be named “soil” in this world in addition to various minerals. In this case, I can’t help but think that this is a different world after all these years.

“The candle went out in a cup. Without air, fire dies out. Fire from a fire charm, on the other hand, exists in water.”

While my common sense doesn’t apply to a thing made by magic, there are some things my common sense does apply to. There was a dust explosion, and there must be some kind of carbon dioxide, judging from the way the water was sucked up into the glass. But that would contradict the existence of the 100 percent atmosphere I mentioned earlier.

It seems that carbon dioxide was discovered in the past life only in modern times, so it is not known in this world, but I can’t judge whether it is the same in this world in the first place, and it is not the main subject, so I don’t want to conduct further experiments now.

“So the fire from a candle and the fire from a charm are the same but different things. What about water? Is water made by magic tools the water I know?

The taste of water is also affected by the taste of impurities such as minerals dissolved in it. Perhaps the water made by the magical tools “exists but doesn’t stimulate the sense of taste”. I think that the presence of the water on the taste buds is what makes it tasteless.

On the other hand, the fact that it’s only 100% water means that no pathogens can get into the wound, so there might be an advantage in that sense, but I’ll leave that aside for the time being. But I’ll leave that aside for now. I’ll have to find out if there are pathogens or not.

“Magical tools can be produced and the act of magic can be repeated. Whether it’s offensive or restorative magic, it can be taught. It can be reproduced.”

The fact that it is repeatable means that there is a rule of magic. On the other hand, there is also the rule that heating air makes it lighter, based on my past life knowledge.

‘God wrote two books, the Bible and the Book of Nature’ as I recall from the scholastic philosophy of a previous age… but it seems that there are two sets of rules in this world… magic and nature. Or perhaps there’s another.

“At the same time, is fire by magic the same thing as fire by grimoire?”

I thought they were somehow the same, but now that I think about it, I can’t find any reason to believe that they are the same. Maybe they are different too.

It is difficult to distinguish between the fire of a magical tool and the fire of a candle. Then, the fire of a magical tool and the fire of magic might be different phenomena, and there might be actually three kinds of things which look like fire in this world.

“The poison will disappear with an antivenom spell. But casting an antivenom spell on the poison powder itself will not make it disappear.”

This is what I thought when I heard that there was evidence left over from Clara’s case. I came up with this idea when I wondered how they would have tried to cover up the poison, assuming it was poison. If the powder could be removed with an antivenom spell… then the evidence would’ve been destroyed.

“Perhaps there are laws to magic, such as the poisoner’s spell. Magic can only affect you within those laws.”

I can’t say for certain what it is at the moment. But it would be strange if we didn’t think so. For example, lead is harmful to the human body, but lead ingots don’t disappear with antivenom magic. In other words, the magic is distinguishing between harmful and poisonous on its own.

In the same way, casting an antivenom spell on a poisonous demon does not remove the poison from its body. If you cast an antivenom on a bee, the bee’s sting will cause the wound to swell. But it can remove poison from the human body.

“I think that poison-dispelling magic reacts within the rules of what is considered poison in that state.”

There is a rule that someone decided to make a magic app. It’s like you can’t put an image on top of text data in a prehistoric way.

On the other hand, my knowledge seems to be superior in the areas of drinking magically created water and heated air going upward. I’ve put this time on hold because I didn’t have enough magic stones, but I’d like to experiment next time to see if carbon dioxide can be dissolved into magically created water.

Anyway, I don’t know if it’s a magic law or a supernatural law or whatever, but if it’s magic that’s working according to some other law that I don’t know, then I feel a little uncomfortable about it.

Just as magical attacks have little effect on armor, the laws of magic and the laws of physics are inherently different, and they seem to be strangely, or perhaps awkwardly, juxtaposed.

Why the devil’s law in the first place?

It may be translated into Japanese, but if God taught it, it should be a word that means something like kamijutsu or holy law, or something like that anyway.

The fact that the word “demon” comes to mind instead of “god” or “holy” suggests that it is not under the influence of a god.

And… Oh, no, no, no, no.

Watch out, watch out. The original magic was still a secret. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

It is a hypothesis that what is called magic is the rule of law of the demon king and the demon tribe, and that the use of magic itself might be promoting the pollution of the original magic. At this point, it is still more of an imagination than a possibility, but it is something to keep in mind.

But then, what about the existence of monkish magic used by monks? In the game, the healing magic used by enemy characters had the same name and effect as the player’s, but what if it’s the same in this world too?

Can a god be called a god in a world where enemies can use the same restoration magic as monks? I think that gods and demon kings are just classified as such by humans. Then what is a demon?

Scratch your head and break your train of thought.

“Sorry. I’m getting confused. Let’s cut the shit. I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to put these tools away.


I understand.

I’ll get what Lily wrote down for me. I laughed a little bit when I read the last part. at the end, which made me laugh.

It sounds cool to say that I’ve left the cleaning up to my retainers and have been absorbed in contemplation, but the truth is that I’ve just been left with a lot of confusion in my mind. I’m afraid I’ve made things more complicated as a result of having more questions.

I go back to my room and look at my notes.

At this stage, it seems that the rules of this world are in place first, and then another rule of magic is added on top of it. It is as if the rule that the air rises as it heats up first, and the hundred percent atmosphere created by magic tools is no match for it.

The fact that fireballs and icicles created by attack magic disappear by the time the battle is over makes sense if you consider that they can’t maintain their existence for a long time because the laws are different.

But that still doesn’t explain the existence of the magic stone. Water made from magic stones exists, and we can drink it. It makes more sense to think that there is a completely different rule of law called the magic stone law.

In any case, I feel that this current world, where two or three or whatever laws are being strangely pieced together, and what old Uwe said about the pollution of the original magic power, are strangely intertwined.

And then there’s the demon king who suddenly appeared in the ancient kingdom period. Is it my imagination that there seems to be a strange coincidence here? If it was the Demon King who brought in another set of rules, I wonder what his intentions are.

Here you go.

Excuse me. Mr. Werner, I’ve finished cleaning up.

“Oh, thank you.”

I was so lost in thought I gave a curt response to his knock, but he seemed to have gotten over it. I stop thinking when Lily brings me a wagon full of tea.

“Good night. Oh, yeah, Mazel and the others, they’re looking good.

“Well, that’s good…”

He makes me a cup of tea with a relieved look on his face. I know it’s reassuring, but I don’t think Mazel and the others have anything to worry about.

“It’s good that Mazel is more advanced.”

“Is there something on your mind?”

“There are more mysteries.”

That’s all I can say as I sip my tea. The answer itself is not a lie, but there is a problem that it is very troublesome to explain it to other people. This time, I did a science experiment, and I don’t know much about the laws of physics, and there are many things that are difficult to prove even if I know them. The most important thing is that we don’t have the equipment to do it.

Besides, the laws of magic are probably as close to common knowledge as you can get in this world today. To take it to the extreme, it would be like not accepting the geocentric theory without proof in the age of the natural laws. It must be a bit confusing to be told that there is a magic law rule and another rule of law.

And it’s only because I’m the one who knows the other law that I’m aware of it, which is hard to do unless you have other incarnations like me… Other incarnations?

Um, Mr. Werner? What’s wrong?

No, it’s nothing.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s an innocent tone. And I think the poker face is failing. But it’s a thought that I just can’t ignore. I hadn’t considered that possibility before, but it’s also why I’m here in the first place.

At least I wasn’t summoned by someone or something. I’m a spontaneous reincarnation, for lack of a better word. God may have been involved, but at least I’m not in this world because I want to be, and I’m not in this world because of someone else’s influence.

What if the one they call the Demon Lord… is a reincarnation from another time? What if the Demon Lord brought magic with him? Conflicts with other cultures and the development of technology are an essential part of human history. And in this world… at least on this continent… there are no other cultures.

In terms of different cultures, different technologies and different ways of thinking, aren’t I and the Demon Lord the same being from this world’s point of view?