Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 223

I’ve spent a lot of time since then doing paperwork, taking requests to the Adventurers’ Guild and asking them to make some arrangements, dealing with the affected areas, bringing jobs to the refugees, and so on.

Once Max asked me to take Lily and Annette dressed as a lady’s maid to observe the training of the Zehrfeldt Guardians. At the moment my father and mother are the heads of the House Order, but it’s going to be me and Lily eventually, so they want me to show my face.

Lily was very positive in this regard as she wanted to thank him for what he had done before and the younger members of the Order were very excited to have a cute girl visiting them so it was a good thing. He nodded when I told him that he should think about offering something to the Order in Lily’s name from time to time. It’s important to gain the trust of the Order.

I’m glad you had a chance to speak with Count Vogler in the midst of all this. He was in charge of the supply convoy during the previous refugee convoy and the Anheim Rescue Army. I might’ve ended up working with him at the time of the refugee convoy.

He’s a middle-aged man with a calm appearance and a strong inner political type who, if I may say so, is unusually good with numbers and letters in this world. He’s from the same faction as my father, but I’ve always had the impression that he was a staff officer of General Seyfert, so I haven’t had much of a personal connection with him. I only said hello to him when we were escorting refugees.

It’s been a long time, Viscount Zehrfeldt.

“It’s been a long time, Count Vogler.”

He’s a sociable man with a lot to say. I imagine he was quite popular in his youth. He even complimented me on my attack on King’s Landing. I suppose you could say he’s a man of talent, but he’s actually quite quick-witted. He’s only about 40… but I have a feeling he’ll be a minister one of these days.

Count Vogler and I had a chance to talk about the supply side of things. Basically, the Dauphin’s reforms to the supply chain.


I’m getting a feeling that we’re getting closer to the broader concept of “logistics” rather than “supply”, but that concept has been around since the early modern era, so I think His Highness the Dauphin is way ahead of his time.

“I’m more surprised that you can understand this idea.”

“I don’t want to starve on the battlefield.”

Count Vogler laughed and said he agreed. It’s true that many knights tend to neglect this area. Why is it that nobles and knights tend to neglect such matters when someone else will do it for them?

I’ve been thinking about this, and I’ve been trying to talk to them about it. Especially for items with short expiration dates, such as foodstuffs, the basic rule is FIFO, but if it’s done too strictly, it’ll only increase man-hours and management effort.

To put it bluntly, it is a world with few bureaucrats, and if we don’t make it easy to manage such a situation, we may go bankrupt somewhere.

“Maybe change the tents or mark the boxes in the order they’re stored.”

“It’s good to make sure people understand the priorities just by looking at them.”

In my previous life, we used bar codes or something to manage the supplies in the warehouse, but of course there is no such a thing in this world. However, we can’t let the food we have collected go bad, so we need to change the storage places in the order in which we collect them, and consume them in that order.

And as far as supplies go…

What do you have to offer?

It’s more of a proposal, a plan.

What I’m talking about is the military concept of the line of rear contact. It’s a concept that has been systematized since modern warfare. But I’m not an expert on military affairs, so I don’t know much about it.

But I know the case of Napoleon who concentrated his army and supply troops in certain roads, which made it more difficult to supply. As far as this is concerned, the examples of failure are much more informative.

Especially in this world, mass transportation by rivers is difficult. Therefore, we have to consider how to maintain it by land. It would not be wrong to bring in the idea of building a base of operations and operating mobile forces, and a rear line of communication that links the two.

“Roughly speaking, it’s a matter of dividing the city into the fortified cities and forts that are normally maintained, the supply depots that are built on the battlefield, and the frontline battle positions, and how to transport the necessary supplies between each of them.”

The concept of transporting “what you need” “when you need” “in the quantity you need” to “where you need” The concept of transporting “what you need” “when you need” “in the quantities you need” “where you need” does not yet exist in this world. The first example may be that supplies for reinforcements were prepared in advance outside the capital during the Battle of Anheim.

The complication is that in this world, demons come out of nowhere, making it difficult to arrange supplies and maintain safe transportation lines. I suggest that we should think of a basic plan for mobilizing a large army for a long period of time, such as actively recruiting adventurers.

“Because the amount and method of supply changes when you occupy key positions in sequence, when you are going in many directions at the same time, when you concentrate on one point, or when you attack a particular place continuously.”

I see. Indeed.

I explained to him that we could make a mistake like this if our supply lines were compromised. I wonder if it’s one thing to build a system and another to operate it.

I’m just saying that I’ve got my head in the sand here, but the Count seems to have an idea.

“The Viscount’s opinion is helpful. I hope you will take the time to speak to me again.”

I’d be happy to.

I think he’s a very talented person who can grasp something just from this exchange. He must have a high level of planning and practical ability to put an idea into a realistic plan.

“No, it’s a shame we only have three girls left.”

The Count’s tone was 100 percent joking, so I laughed in return. The Count’s eldest daughter is already married and his second daughter is engaged to someone else. The second daughter is only a year older than the first, so they may have crossed paths at school, but I don’t remember. And the third girl is ten now. I hope you find the right man.

I also have a feeling that the amount of paperwork I’ll be asked to help him with will increase tremendously if I become his relative, so I’d like to decline even if Lily doesn’t exist.

Anyway, I asked him what he thought of the Marquise of Cortolezis, and his response was that there would be a defeat in the near future, if only in a roundabout way.

I’m sure he’s expecting that much. He may know that I’ve been working on the manger. He also told me that the State is drawing up a map of the Marquisate of Cortlezis. That’s good news for me and saves me a lot of trouble.

I was wondering if I could talk to you about that.


If you add the capital, the Marquess of Cortlezis, and the Counts of Vogler, you get a triangle. There are a few smaller nobles’ estates in between, so they’re not quite adjacent, but that’s the general idea.

The reason why Count Vogler has not received any action from the side of the Marquis de Cortolezis, despite the fact that he is definitely on the royal side, is probably due to the fact that the army of the Counts of Vogler is not very large and the knights of the Counts are not very elite.

To put it somewhat harshly, from the Marquis of Koltoretsis’ point of view, the smaller noble families and the relatively large but civilian Count Vogler’s Domain aren’t that scary if they’re left alone. So their vigilance must have been neglected.

“I’m only asking for suggestions or advice…”

Count Vogler laughed when I told him what I’d been thinking and promised to consult with the Dauphin on a plan. I’m glad I don’t have to think about it anymore. I asked him for his kindness and left the Count’s office that day.

But it’s just an idea. We’ll have to think about what happens if it doesn’t work, or if they make a move we don’t expect. In the meantime, let’s see what we’ve got.

After a few days of busy work, the arrangements were made and the situation was set in motion with the rumors that spread throughout the city.