Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 73

As soon as you stand up, you make a large sideways sweep. It is natural that a spear is more deadly when thrust, but in fact, just swinging it around is quite powerful, including centrifugal force. But at this position and distance, you won’t make such a mistake.

It’s a quality weapon to begin with. The tip of a dead swordsman’s skull is smashed sideways as it pierces his torso. You take a half-step back, out of range of the other sword, and take a small breath.

It’s a given that the longer the reach the better. It was said in prehistoric Japan that you had to be three times as skilled with a sword against a long weapon. I don’t know if there’s any basis for the three-fold number, but a spear has an advantage over a sword. At least in an open place like this.

Meanwhile, the wizard is back on his feet, so let’s just say we’re even. We may still be at a disadvantage, but we’re not fools enough to be weak here. If we lose in spirit, we lose. Smiling and showing it will calm him down.

Psychologically speaking, we don’t laugh because we’re happy… we smile because we’re happy. I don’t know how brain cells work.

When I glance at the girl, her eyes are open, but they’re like cloudy glass, like she doesn’t see anything. I wonder if she’s affected by confusion or some kind of anomaly spell. I’m afraid she’ll hit her head or something. She’s Mazel’s sister, so she’s probably younger than me, but is there an age difference of maybe one or two years?

His face is covered in soot or something, but there’s no time to stare. Let’s just be glad he’s not acting up.

Come on, come on.

I don’t think he understands a word I’m saying, but the Corpse Swordsman is closing the distance slowly. He’s aiming for my left, of course. No wonder he’s holding a girl. It just goes to show you how dumb they are.

The actuality that you can’t get the actual a lot more than a few of the most recent ones.

I look forward and suddenly jump backwards once.

The Corpse Swordsman steps in to close the gap in a hurry though his expression doesn’t change. But that’s exactly what I expected. The distance I’ve gained by jumping back is longer than the stride he’ll take. And I know which side he’ll aim for.

That’s the spearman’s line.

If you stay on your heels, you recoil and move forward. The result is that he jumps into range of your spear. You half-turn your body to shield the girl behind you and thrust the spear out with your right hand. You lean forward a little and put all your weight into the blow.

The twisted tip of the spear stabs the opponent in the face with precision, scattering pieces of flesh.

I kicked him in the gut and blew his torso off. The momentum knocked his spear out of his hand and he quickly re-sheathed it and turned to face the sorcerer.

It’s one-on-one.

I tried to smile, but it’s really more than half a bluff. It’s a long way and they’re wizards. We’d be at a disadvantage in a long-range fight and more exhausted than anything. I don’t know what’ll happen if they decide to kill her too.

But I’m not going to tell you that I’m skinny. Instead, he raises his spear with confidence. He opens his mouth in frustration.

Who are you?

If you’re going to ask me my name, why don’t you just say it yourself?

He’s a demon too. I’m surprised he can talk at all… but not as much as he did at Fort Verisa. If there are demons in Dreax’s army… it’s not surprising if they’re in Beliulace’s.

I don’t know if lizards can grind their teeth. Maybe because they’re demons. I’ve never heard of demons grinding their teeth.

“… I’ll make you a deal.”

Huh? I didn’t know what you were talking about for a second. Deal? A demon tribe? With a human?

but that’s alright. I’m surprised that a demon tribe would talk about making a deal with a human. I’m not sure what to make of it.

“I’ll let you and your daughter go. Take your daughter and leave as soon as you can.”


Without hesitation, the answer came out of his mouth.

But maybe we made the right choice. It’s too much in our favor. I don’t know why, but he wants me out of here right now. Apparently, in the eyes of a third party, I’m in a better position.

Are you sure? You’re throwing away a life you could have saved for nothing.

“I don’t need you to keep me alive.”

They’re moving slowly towards each other. I’d like to get in range of the spear, but I’m holding the girl and I’m too slow. He knows he’s at a disadvantage if he gets in close, but he can’t seem to get away from me from here.

I suppose it’s possible he knows I threw the spear. In fact, if I show my back, I’ll throw it then, but that’s not all. It’s like he’s leading me to him, just a little bit at a time.

You’re trying to get him away from somewhere, but what the hell’s the point? At first I thought it was because of the boy, but when he said we could take him and run, I thought it was something else.

He’s got a reptilian face, and the moonlight’s not enough to see where he’s looking. What’s the target?

Each side was looking for the other’s next move, looking for an opening. The game was short, but tense. The balance was broken unexpectedly. And in the best way for me.

“Master Werner!”

Are you all right?

Don’t let him get away!

You order Neurath and Schünzel to shout at you as you come out through the grassy knoll. The skalengeckers turn themselves around. The two react to my voice and close the distance between them, swinging their swords at the same time.

Their swords slashed at him from both sides. His bodily fluids spray all over the place, but the quality of the weapons still doesn’t kill him. He turns and tries to fight back, but that leaves me open.


I threw my spear with all my might. He must have seen me at the last moment, because he narrowly avoided being hit, but my spear went into his thigh. Now he glares at me. Right in front of me.

 The skalengeckers have two swords growing out of their bodies and they crumple to the ground coughing up blood.

I was so distracted that I almost fell over, but at that moment the girl suddenly jerked away as if she’d been hit by an electric current, and I had to rush to support her. The battle is over, so the magic of the abnormality has been lifted.

Mr. Werner, are you hurt?

I’m not unharmed, but I’m okay.

Schunzel asks me worriedly, and I reply in a tired voice.

“Welcome to the party.”

I heard the explosion, and I thought maybe…

“I see.”

That’s the magic from before. I didn’t think you’d be on our side. I’m honestly glad we got you out of there.

I really wanted to just fall asleep, but then I noticed that the girl who had been looking at me blankly was shaking. Her hands are holding my clothes tightly, and they’re shaking a little too.

Of course I’d be scared. I’m about to be kidnapped by a demon. I don’t feel comfortable pulling him away. We can’t do anything until things calm down.

Neurath, Schunzel, see what the two of you have. The swordsman can wait.


Tell him to examine the dead robe and cloak, then pat the girl on the back. She’s wearing a metal cage, so it won’t be very gentle, but it’ll do. In the game, there were no stills, just the tip character.

“Neither of you seem to have much to offer, Mr. Werner.”


“Oh, um…”

The girl in my arms suddenly screams. Her voice is still trembling, but I think she has something to say. Neurath and the others look at her.

“Hey, that guy over there… He was holding something in his hand.

What is it?

He was trying to make me swallow something.

I couldn’t help but look at Neurath and Schunzel. What the hell is that? Is it poison or something? I don’t know, but now that I hear it, I’m curious. The girl who’s still shaking approaches the robed man with him.

I’m not sure if it’s the same one I saw at Fort Verisa but it’s a Black Mage… What’s a black mage doing here? He shouldn’t be here in the game.

I was frowning when Schunzel spoke up.

Mr. Werner, something has fallen here.

What do you mean?

“A magic stone… I don’t think so.

There’s a jewel-like object lying a short distance away from the black mage that glows black in the moonlight. It’s definitely not a magic stone. But it looks strangely suspicious.

 I’m not sure if it’s because of this guy… but I think my gaze was drawn away from him when we were confronting him earlier.

“Neurath, Schunzel. Don’t touch it, just in case. Cut out the dirt around it and wrap it in some guy’s clothes.


but we’d better be careful. Whatever this thing is… it’s sure to be some kind of a piece of junk.

There doesn’t seem to be much left.

Okay. Yeah, go get my weapons and their swords.

The Corpse Swordsman drops some pretty rare swords in the game. The problem is that even if I got one, it would be of little use to me.

Neurath recovered both swords and we were heading back to the village when I noticed the girl was barefoot… It’s not customary to take off shoes except to bathe and sleep in this world. I can’t help it.

“I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to carry you.”

“Well, um, but…”

Neurath, Schünzel, I need you to set up a perimeter.

I understand.

I’m not strong enough to carry a princess. We’re gonna have to compromise. I’ll tell them what to do and eliminate the other options. You don’t want to wear demon shoes… and we’ll be in trouble if we get cursed. I didn’t have the cursed shoes, but you’re out of the game if you can bring back any kind of demonic gear. There’s no need to risk it.

At first he was reserved, but when I gave up and carried him on my back, he was shy and quiet. I don’t talk much because I’m tired. I’m not dexterous enough to feel body heat through my armor.

I wonder what the scars on my back are like. I’m sure it’s sore… but won’t magic break my armor? I’ll have to check later.

“Father, Mother… Oh, my God!

Lily! Thank God…”

You’re safe!

Luckily we made it to the village without encountering any demons and when we got to the inn the girl ran to her parents. So Mazel’s sister is Lily. I never even heard her name. I don’t remember her name ever being mentioned in the game.

Near my family, hugging and crying and happy to be reunited… around the burned-out inn are the knights who came with me. They look relieved to see me.

I’m sorry for your loss. Please report back to me.

“Yes… The demons that entered the village have been safely eliminated. We haven’t finished putting out the fire yet, but I think we’re safe for the time being.

The oldest knight bows and answers. I brought him here on Max’s recommendation. I’m sure you’ve done well in my absence.

“The wounded man…”

“Some damage to the villagers, but it’s being checked. The innkeeper over there has recovered to within an inch of his life. We’ve used up all our potions. We have two wounded.

“Okay. Thank you.

No, no, no.

I bowed my head, a memory from a past life or a habit. The knights are panicking. I know it’s not easy for a nobleman and commander to bow… but this time I’ve forced them to go along with my reckless plan.

“Oh, um, thank you…”

Mazel’s mother was about to thank me, but then Neurath and Schunzel moved to warn me. Not at Mazel’s parents. I looked over to see an old man with some kind of a dead tree coming towards us with several male villagers.

I wondered if that old man had ever been in the game before, but then he pointed to Mazel’s family and suddenly opened his mouth.

“It’s your… It’s your fault!

Yes, sir?