Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 74

I couldn’t react to what the old man said for a second. No, maybe in a way. I’m sure he was after Mazel’s family. But how could he know that?

The old man, despite my confusion, continues to speak angrily, as if he’s impeaching a criminal.

“You made Mazel go to King’s Landing so we couldn’t deal with the demons when they came!”

… Hey.

Forgive me if I’m mortified. Neurath and Schurzel and the knights are stunned. What’s the meaning of this?

“You said Mazel was the Brave One! If he were here, we could have sent him to fight! You guys sent that Mazel guy to King’s Landing, and this is what happened!”

“That’s right! If Mazel had stayed in the village like the chief said, we should have let him fight! We shouldn’t have let him go!”

It’s your fault we couldn’t save the village!

Mazel’s family keeps getting abused and they’re ignoring us. I can hear them talking, but I’m so stunned I don’t know when to interrupt.

“Watch out!”


Damn. Those idiots even started throwing rocks. I panicked when I saw Mazel’s father get a fistful of rocks smashed into his shoulder for defending Lily.

Stop it! Stop it!”


The knights came to their senses and rushed to intervene. And now they’re coming at us.

“Knight or no knight, stranger be silent! I am the chief of this village! I decide what goes on here!”

Ah, I’ve had people like this in my past life. The CEO of a black company… or the misguided face of a local government… who really believes that their point of view takes precedence over everything else.

I mean, Mazel was supposed to be the royal handler. The chief would’ve been briefed on this, right?

“Mazel is from this village! Then he deserves to be here! It’s his job to work for this village!”

“Yes! Mazel was supposed to be here! And these guys interrupted that!”

I’m getting more and more angry as I listen to their selfish arguments. I looked coldly at the group of villagers. I understand why Mazel hesitated before. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see her family.

I knew from my previous life that local communities with people who’ve been the face of the community for a long time can sometimes be very stagnant.

They’re just saying what they want to say because we’re silent, because we’re discouraged. You’re letting your own words drive you.

“Get out of my way, stranger!”

“Yes! Get out of the way!”

“If you understand, I want you to hand over the traitors of that village!”

What are you gonna do when I turn you in?

I asked him what he thought I was doing, and the village chief said to me in a very arrogant manner.

Of course I’ll punish you! Hey!”


A big young guy with an axe. Not for fighting. A lumberjack axe. Oh, come on, you’ve got to be kidding me.

“But even something like that will do you some good, at best it’ll scar you for life…”

I’m not gonna let the old man with the taste say the rest of the lines. I won’t let him.

I think that was a better step than I took against the demon. I thrust my spear at him at record speed and snapped the hilt of the axe the woodcutter was holding to his chest. The spearhead stopped short of piercing the man’s clothes. The lack of blood proves that I have restrained myself.


A pale man who looked like a woodcutter staggered back a few steps and fell into a heap. The villagers are silent. I mean you guys admit that the village was attacked. but you should be a little more aware of how you’re behaving towards armed experts. In this world a villager’s attitude towards a man of higher rank than a knight is punishable.

I looked at the knights to tell them I wasn’t going to hold back. I could tell by their expressions that they all agreed with me.

“What, what, what…”

Shut up!

He was about to say something. I’ve been making a lot of noise since the monster run amok. I’m confident I can make him shrink back if he’s just a villager.

“Your attitude has gone too far. First of all. My name is Werner van Zierfeldt. His Majesty the King has graciously granted me the title of viscount.

“Noble Lord!”

The village idiots turned pale. Well, he’s young and dirty-looking. He doesn’t look like a nobleman to me. It’s not my fault they thought he was just a knight or something.

No, it was disrespectful to the knights, and it’s a rule that’s rarely used or even dusted in this country, but nobles have the right to punish commoners. These men who called a nobleman an intruder deserve to be punished by me right here, right now.

I’m not going to punish you here because it would be too much trouble if I did. I’m here myself because of a breach of the Code of Military Discipline… and it’d be a real pain in the ass if someone who shouldn’t be here punished me. But I’ll make sure the villagers know that their attitude has paid off.

Turn around and face Mazel’s family first. Don’t cower like that. I may be a nobleman but I don’t take food from them.

Let’s just leave the reactions to me and do what we have to do. I knelt down before Mazel’s family and gave them the highest courtesy one would normally give a royal.


I can feel the surprise all around me. I don’t care. It’s staged. But I can at least act the part of a nobleman. I’ll just raise my voice so the villagers can hear.

“I’m meeting the Hulting family for the first time. I am Werner van Zierfeldt. Your Majesty has granted me the title of viscount.

So far we’ve done the same thing we did before, but here’s what we’re gonna do now. Keep your voice down.

“As a nobleman of the Kingdom of Vine, I would like to thank your son, Mazel Hulting, for the great contribution he made to the capture of our stronghold, Fort Velisa.”

I can feel the villagers’ surprise. I haven’t finished my line yet.

“Also, for his service in defeating the general of the Demon Army who took the life of our Marquis of Knaap, although his title is temporarily suspended because he is a student, his Majesty praised him for his great contribution to the nation.”

“Your Majesty…”

The king!

“Shhh, knighthood…”

I heard a drawl from the villagers. I won’t stop talking just because I heard it.

“His Highness the Dauphin has high expectations of you, Mazel, and has instructed me to give you his special attention.”

I didn’t lie about anything. It’s true that His Highness expects the best of you and I only omitted the name of the man Mazel told me to watch out for. I don’t know how anyone listening will misunderstand.

I glance over and the old man’s pale. Of course he is. He tried to attack Mazel’s family, whom His Majesty the King and the Dauphin admire and expect so much from… it’s a royal embarrassment.

I mean, I would’ve thought they’d have gotten the message about Fort Verisa, but I guess these guys have ears that can’t hear what they don’t want to hear. This time I shoved them in their ears by force.

“It appears that your home has been destroyed by fire. The Dauphin has asked us to be considerate, so House Zehrfeldt will be responsible for welcoming the Haltings back to King’s Landing for the time being.”

He’ll say it out loud. I’ll ask him about the villagers’ behavior in King’s Landing. The royal family will be told, or rather I will tell them. I don’t know.

It’s the job of those in power to protect the decent people, but the world isn’t kind enough to protect the misguided. There’s been some borderline disrespect. I don’t deny that lack of sleep and exhaustion have contributed to his temper.

“The Hulting patriarch is wounded. There’s at least a cart in the village. Go and seize it in the name of Zehrfeld.


“We will draw the carts with our horses. We’ll bring them to you.

Neurath is moving fast. Schunzel’s moving fast too. I mean, he’s already treating the villagers like they don’t exist. So am I.

“Oh, um, Viscount…”

Mrs. Hulting, see if there’s anything you can take from the burnt ruins. I’ll send a couple of knights.

Yes, yes.

Leave the heavy lifting to us.

The knights moved quickly. The more the knights favor Mazel for defeating Dreax the enemy of the kingdom… it’s inevitable that they’ll turn unfavorably toward this village.

I’m tired but resting in this village will rot my spirit. I’m sorry to Mazel’s family for having to leave in such a hurry… we’ll leave the village at night. There’s no reason those fools shouldn’t be punished. Dead snakes? That’s one way to put it.

I thought I heard the old fucker say something, but I’m pretty sure I just heard it in my head.