Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 77

“Viscount Werner van Zierfeldt has arrived.”

Let me through.

Excuse me.

I feel like I’m in court. I’m not too sure I’m wrong. It’s a hearing, but it’s more like a court-martial. I didn’t know what else to do at the time, but legally I’m totally in the wrong, so I have to be quiet.

At any rate, with the souvenirs and evidence, the death penalty is not likely.

When I entered the main camp, I found the Duke of Gründing staring at me with a scary face in front of him, and General Seifert beside him looking at me with his usual expression. He was leading a supply convoy, but as one would expect from a general, his rank is also that of a general.

Both of them are old, or in this world, old is more like it. Well, they have the power of a leading figure.

The captains of the First and Second Knights are sitting on the left and right, respectively, and the marquises, the captain of the magician corps, the counts, and other dignitaries are lined up from there.

Hmm. Most of the counts are a little younger than my father. I guess you could say that they are in their thirties to mid-forties, the generation that wants great military achievements. The captains of the knights, the marquises, and the captains of the sorcerers’ corps are older than that.

“Viscount Zehrfeldt, let’s hear your arguments first.”

Oh, no assumptions, no nothing. I was prepared for at least a little abuse. I guess it’s safe to assume we all understand the situation.

“Yes. Well, let me start with the facts.”

At this point, do not mention the person’s name, and explain the facts in as concise a manner as possible, but be as objective as possible. If you defend yourself suddenly, it is like claiming that you are doing something wrong.

“The facts are as follows. This action is…”

Now I will explain the reason for the action. This one is a bit subjective, but it is necessary in order to justify my actions. I have nothing to hide… I don’t think so. In a way, I’m jealous that you have knowledge of your past life.

Well, I don’t think you would believe me if I told you, so I won’t even think about it at this point.

“It can’t be true, can it?”

“A messenger has already been sent to King’s Landing and the Harting family is also on their way to King’s Landing. Please send a messenger to King’s Landing to inquire about this matter. In the meantime, I have no objection if you put me in the brig.

I’ll lightly threaten him. I can call myself a viscount. If you treat me, an aristocrat, as a sinner just because of a suspicion, I’ll hit you back later,” I said in a sub-vocal, which made him shut up.

“The reason I didn’t accompany the Hultings this far is…”

“I had seen the traces of Valeritz. We decided that it would be unwise to subject the villagers to a battlefield with such devastation.”

“You didn’t escape, did you?”

“I am not a fugitive in the name of my family.”

Some of the nobles were sarcastic to me one after another, but this did not make me angry. I’m not angry at all. I’m just short of fuel for my anger, probably because I’ve already vented it against the village of Arrea. I’m calm.

When I swear by the family name, I mean the honor of my family and its ancestors as well. This means that it is not a matter for me alone, and by extension, it means that I have nothing to hide as Countess Zehrfeldt, a noblewoman in the service of the state, which is the most important oath next to the oath to the king.

“You could have told them what happened and let someone else handle it.”

“As I explained, the brave man’s family was in danger even if I had rushed there in the condition I was in. I accept criticism for my arbitrary decision, but I believe that I did not make a mistake.

“You could have asked for assistance from other armies.”

“The Second Order was the only one there, and we did not know when or where the rest of the army would arrive. And there was not enough food to move in large numbers.”

Hmmm… Everyone from the Countess down is kind of persistent… Oh, I see. It’s the same everywhere. I’d give them a ride, but I’m afraid of spreading the fire to Mazel and her family. Let’s play it safe.

This is nothing compared to the experience I had in my previous life, when I gave a presentation in front of the president of a black company and the letters were out of alignment, as if I was poked into the corner of a heavy box with an electron microscope. I never thought that such an experience would come in handy.

“Is it true that there was a demon tribe?”

I can only say that perhaps. I found a mysterious stone when I was killing it.

Let’s see it.

Schunzel dug up the black jewel-like object from the ground and handed the bag to a person who appeared to be a retinue. When they opened it and looked at the contents in the dirt, the general and the captain of the magician corps had difficult looks on their faces. I wonder what it is.

After that, I continued to respond to the unprovoked slander with a firm attitude, sometimes lazily, for more than 30 minutes in my experience. I was getting tired of the harassing questions or the foot dragging.

“Let’s stop there. You’ve made your point. Now leave us.


A word from the Chairman, or rather the Duke, and the first round is over. Thank you. I’ll leave you in peace.

“The generals, the marquises, the commanders, and the captains of the magicians will stay behind. The counts and the others will go back to the front in case the enemy attacks.

Duke, it’s…

“Too many men cannot hold a meeting. Are you saying that those who remain cannot be trusted?

No, no, no, no.

We left the tent of the main camp and entered the antechamber right next to it, listening to the sound of one of the nobles resisting and roaring to the ground behind our backs.

I’m so tired. I’m sitting on the ground, finally catching my breath. You’ll never get away with this. Bad is bad. I wonder what the punishment will be.

The Duke sat down once he saw that all the counts had left the room after Werner. Taking a deep breath, he looked around at all the remaining guests and opened his mouth.

“Now, let us hear what your Lordships have to say about Viscount Zehrfeldt’s recent actions.”

“We do not believe he is a fugitive.”

The first to open his mouth in response to the Duke’s question was Hindelmann, Commander of the Second Order. Hindelman and Werner had not known each other directly until this assignment, but he had always held Werner in high esteem.

“The Viscount was the most dangerous man in the stormy stampede and brought many of his generals back alive. He has no reason to be cowed by the winds of cowardice.

“Maybe not this time, though?”

The Marquis of Norrpoth opened his mouth, but not so much with malice. His tone was purely for confirmation.

“He may have been a bit dogmatic, but he was not a coward. He had a stately bearing. It is a national failure that he did not pay attention to the families of the brave men. It is hard not to give him credit for that.”

Filsmeier, the First Knight Commander, responded. He has nothing to do with Werner, nor does he have any malicious intent. He states only the facts in a straightforward manner.

The Marquis of Norpoth also responded, “He certainly has a tendency to be dogmatic…” This may be a common understanding of Werner. Hindelmann opens his mouth again.

“For someone so young, you seem very calm. Does that mean he has nothing to hide?”

“His actions were arbitrary, but his calm demeanor was somehow not quite right.”

Hindelmann’s statement was followed by the Marquis de Schramm. The captain of the magician corps opened his mouth while the marquis remained silent.

“We will have to investigate, but the Viscount may have achieved considerable merit.”

I don’t understand.

At the Duke’s question, the Captain of the Magicians takes another look at the stone Werner has retrieved.

“The stones appear to be similar to those recovered during the demon outburst and when the enemy general at Fort Veriza was killed.”

“I’m not so sure.”

Here the general opened his mouth.

“I have only seen it once, but to my eyes it looks just like the one recovered by the one who killed the enemy general at Fort Veriza.

A small flutter spread among everyone. The general’s face remained difficult.

No way.

“I can’t believe it.”

I did not say that. But I want you to keep this stone in a safe place and take it to King’s Landing to investigate.”

Yes, sir.

The captain of the magician corps bowed his head respectfully and put it away carefully. The Marquis de Schramm opened his mouth.

“As for the mysterious stone, let alone the Viscount’s desertion…”

“The hero’s achievement in saving his family is an achievement, but it was not without its problems. What does the general think about this?”

Not a single person voiced a desire for severe punishment. The general stroked his chin as he opened his mouth to speak to the duke on that basis.