Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 78

In the end, my punishment was light compared to my actions. I and the knights who accompanied me were reprimanded but not written down. Don’t do it again.

I got myself a reprimand, a fine, and another one and three days in the brig. I slept well for two days. Maybe that was more like a reward.

By the way, as a nobleman, I can pay the fine after returning to the capital, but as a soldier, it is deducted from my salary. It’s a small discrimination or something.

That was the punishment for the time being, and with the enemy right in front of us, we were told to “make up the rest with our military deeds. The enemy was right in front of us. This is a world of brains.

The problem is the last one. I feel heavy. Sigh. It’s going to be quite a black history. I wonder if the word “black history” is understood in this world. I think I understand some nuance.

By the third day, I felt like moving my body, but it was impossible. On the other hand, Max and his friends have been visiting us for the past two days to give us various information, since they are not prohibited from visiting us.

But they don’t allow me to bring you anything. Too bad. The food in the brig is not very good, but I’m not in a position to complain, so I put up with it. By the way, while I was sleeping and eating in the brig, the second group of supplies arrived. But it seems that they can’t afford to be extravagant.

Also, I have no intention of running away, but there are always two guards watching me in the brig. I’ve asked them to talk to me from time to time, but so far the war seems to be at a stalemate.

On the third day, Neurath and Schunzel showed up just in time for the early morning changing of the guard. Both of them looked tense, but I wondered if something had happened to them.

I’m sorry, both of you. What’s going on?

No, there’s no change in the war situation.

“I understand the standoff itself. Let me start with that.”

First, let us take a bird’s-eye view of the entire battlefield. In the game, the Great Temple of Finoi is buried in a high mountain, but in this world, it is built in the middle of the mountain, and it is difficult to approach it except from the front. Therefore, the battlefield seems to be concentrated at the main entrance of the Great Temple.

“What about the invasion from the surrounding mountains?”

“It doesn’t seem to be there at the moment.”

Among the three generals, Dreaks is an immortal undead type, so it is incompatible with monk type. The four heavenly kings are magic-oriented, so they are also incompatible with monkish defensive magic. Abadolus, the last of the three remaining generals, is a Giant Giant type, which is not suitable for capturing someone in a building. It is understandable that he would be a reptile if he were to attack a mountainous structure. So, it could be said that Belliulace is the best suited for an attack.

However, the main gate is currently blocked by the brave Mazel and his men. Although the situation has changed a lot from the game, the current level and equipment of Mazel and the others will not be able to break through easily, so it’s no wonder the situation is at a standoff.

I’m a little stuck on this one, but I’ll check first.

“The Royal Army is surrounding the demon army in front of Finoy in the shape of a half-moon, but they have set up fences and earthworks and are prepared for a long battle.

“That’s what I don’t understand. In terms of individual strength, demons may be stronger than soldiers, but what about their numbers?”

“The Kingdom’s army outnumbers the Kingdom’s army.

The two marquises and the knight commanders understood the strength of the demon army and did not bring slave soldiers with them, but some of the noble families even brought their own slave soldiers with them.

You’ve forced us to gather the numbers and bring them here for an emergency sortie?

“Isn’t that just undermining the flexibility of the military?”

“You are right. And because there are so many of them, there is a big burden on the supply side.”

“This sucks.”

Schunzel’s explanation made me sigh and say what I really meant. Neurath continues.

“It seems that the first battle made a big impression on him. The opponent who seems to be a general of the Demon Army seems to be a sub-dragonaut Dragonute.”

In this world, a sublunar dragonute is like a higher species of lizardman lizardman or half-fishman Sahagin. They walk on two legs and use weapons. They are intelligent, but their faces are similar to those of dragons, and they do not look very human.

However, skalokas and half-fish are also a threat to ordinary humans, but sublunars require knights and advanced adventurers. Even so, you have to be prepared for casualties. Even a soldier class person cannot even approach them. In the game, different colors of Dreaks and Beliures appear as randomly-encountered monsters in the latter half of the game, and both of them are strong. I’m not going to say this.

“According to witnesses, it is twice as long as a man, and its physical strength is also different from that of ordinary demons.

“At that size, it’s almost the size of a giant.”

A soldier’s chip unit is one square in size and a boss class is two squares in length and width for a total of four squares, so it’s true that they are twice as tall as ordinary soldiers. But that’s just like in the game.

And since he calls himself a general, it’s no wonder he’s so strong. But before his resurrection, he’s still weaker than the randomly-encountered mooks in the second half of the game. After its resurrection, though, it’s just as strong as Dreaks.

Did I tell Mazel that the three generals are coming back… I don’t think so. Although it’s not essential information, it would be better to warn him somewhere.

Neurath’s explanation continues while I open my notepad inwardly.

“It seems that some of our troops have been hurt in the first battle, and some of them have become restrained. Therefore, it seems that we are in a stalemate when we have established a field position.”


One of the nobles who underestimated Beliures in the first round took the credit for the victory and was eaten.

“He was eaten.”

“That seems to be the literal meaning of the word. One of his opponents cut off one of his arms with a single blow, and his abdomen was eaten off right there.”

“Hey, hey, hey…”

I’m gonna take a bite out of you. I wonder if they had leather armor or something instead of metal armor. There are a certain number of nobles who prefer leather armor in general, even though they use metal in some important parts, because it is easier to move. As for decorations, there are some who aim to stand out from the rest, but that is up to each person, so I don’t think about it for now. I prefer simplicity.

“They cried out as they were being gutted alive, cried out for help from pain and fear, screamed, and even collapsed from the surrounding soldiers who were terrified by the sound of the bones being chewed up.”


It’s like being eaten alive in a panic dinosaur movie, but in real life. Well, it must be scary to see it in front of your eyes. Even a knight might turn pale. And after the death of a commander, a nobleman, it’s no wonder he’d fall apart.

“I have seen the demons of the enemy army eating the fallen soldiers of the Kingdom’s army on the spot, not calling them dead or wounded, and it seems that some of the soldiers have not been able to raise their morale.”

“On the other hand, there are those who are overflowing with vengeance, so the atmosphere is quite different.”

And the nobles, who are leading an army with a low will to fight, can’t back down even if they want to, so they keep their positions on the battlefield, I guess. It is hard to move the whole army in the same way when there is a difference in willpower, so it is understandable that the movement of the whole army becomes sluggish. Even in a world of brainy soldiers, it’s only natural that knights, common soldiers, and slave soldiers all have their own differences in will to fight.

From what I’ve heard so far, even if the vengeful ones need time to cool down, the motivated nobles are falling into a pattern where the presence of soldiers with no will to fight is annoying and makes them even more stubborn. This is what’s wrong with a group of people who have been called in on short notice. If the group is on schedule, or if there are instructions in advance, only those who are motivated can be selected and brought in, but if the group is just assembled for the time being, this kind of gap in enthusiasm and motivation will inevitably occur.

But, I guess I was right.