Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 79

I sighed after listening to him, and it was not my fault, I guess. Neurath followed it up.

“However, as one would expect, when the enemy attempts to head for the Great Temple, the Kingdom’s army will launch an offensive at once.

“The enemy can’t just turn their back on us,” he said.

“Yes. And the noble families are not cowards, so the commanding classes are willing to fight. In fact, they even suppress those who are too willing.

“The generals and soldiers share a common awareness that we cannot let Finoy fall into the hands of the enemy.

I get a headache listening to what Schunzel has added. The Royal Army has no common goal other than not to let the enemy go free for the time being.

I suppose we could divide them according to their objectives if we wanted to, but there is a lack of cohesion in this situation. It’s a rather well-organized army, I would say. But still…

“It seems that the Duke was half right. The question is, where and for how long will the standoff last?”


Neurath and Schunzel looked at each other as if they didn’t understand each other. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit. I’ve had two days of good sleep and time to think. I had to think because I couldn’t move my body.

“Let’s take it step by step. First of all, both of you have seen Valeritz.


“I’ll never forget it.”

Yes, the creatures, including the inhabitants of Valeritz, were literally devoured. In other words, the reptilian army, unlike the Reapers, eats things.

“They eat, too. But when the Royal Army is half encircling you in a field position, the enemy can’t go hunting for food.”

There is the idea of using the Royal Army’s generals as food, but they’re not herbivores, so there will be damage to them too. They may be willing to eat human flesh, but the Royal Army’s soldiers are not willing to be eaten unilaterally either.

Then, it is not as if the enemy has plenty of food. The fact that they were eating the generals of the royal army on the battlefield suggests that the enemy might be hungry too.

“So we’re feeding the enemy in the field. So far, so good.”

The problem on this side. First, there is the Great Temple of Finoi. They may have some stockpiles, but will they be able to withstand a prolonged siege? That’s the problem.

Besides, many priests and priestesses are not suited for rough work, and there is a high risk that they will get bored in a long battle. There is a possibility that the Royal Army will be encouraged to come to the rescue as soon as possible.

“And the Royal Army. I think we had the option of starving them out, but we have too many men.”

I think some of the aristocrats were over-motivated. People do not move according to a fixed schedule like in a game. I think it’s because of the brainy world and the Prime Minister’s emergency order, but it could also be because the enemy’s target was Finoy.

Although the relationship between the royal family and the nobility and the temple is not bad at the present time, there are still cases of power struggles between the royal and priestly powers. The temple would certainly have seen this as a good opportunity to sell its favors to the royalty. In times of plague, priestly magic can be very useful, so it is understandable that they would want to sell their favors to the temple.

As for the other reason, I will not mention it now, since it is only imaginary.

Another miscalculation is the surrounding area. I have not checked this with my own eyes, but I am probably not wrong.

“Even if we were to hunt demons there to solve the supply shortage, the demonic army would have devoured them on the march, so the absolute number of demons would be low.

He has such an appetite that he could devour the whole town of Valeritz. He must have devoured everything he came across on his way to Finoy. The village of Denhan, which we checked before joining the army, was in bad shape. Looks like a reptilian with an army.

In the case of demon armies, do they cannibalize each other, or are wandering wandering monsters and direct subordinates of demon generals different? In fact, from the human point of view, all of them must be demons, but just as there are quarrels among humans by country and by class, there may be some kind of disparity in the demon army as well. To be honest, this part is a mystery, but I don’t think demons will answer me if I ask them.

The Royal Army was dispatched on an emergency basis, so they would be behind in the supply side, and Valeritz, which could have been a large military base near Finoy, was in a state of collapse because of the loss of local means of procurement such as hunting demons.

“It’s not funny when you say, ‘I’m starving my enemies, but I’m starving myself. His Majesty and the Crown Prince must be having a hard time.

“The Dauphin?”

I wonder why.

“The fact that he’s not here is the best proof of that.”

His Majesty himself only gives orders at times like this. He has to make supply arrangements, deal with diplomacy, and check the situation of the nobles’ territories that have lost their soldiers. Probably the Dauphin and the Minister of War in charge must have so much to do that they can’t leave King’s Landing.

It’s rather amazing that His Highness hasn’t starved even though supplies are in such short supply. He’s a genius, isn’t he?

Diplomacy, sir?

“Finoy is not the only great temple in our country.

It’s like the Vatican in a previous life. Pilgrims come to Finoy from other countries. Depending on the speed of information transmission, of course, this situation will be leaked to the neighboring countries little by little. Probably the Crown Prince and the Minister of Foreign Affairs are busy blocking the information.

But come to think of it, the village of Aarea, where pilgrims from abroad also pass through, should have been bigger. I wonder what they were doing with the fallen money… I wonder what he was doing with the lost money.

“Once word gets out about the situation in Finoi, neighboring countries will be willing to send troops. But as you can see, the situation is still the same.”

In this world, we have to provide food and other supplies to the reinforcements unless the situation is very bad. In this case, it would be natural for us to provide food since the other side is a demon army, but at present, even our own army is in danger of running out of food.

If the number of volunteers increases in the name of “volunteer army”, the supply line will collapse. And since religion is involved, they can’t just keep refusing.

More than anything else, this is a chance for the neighboring countries to sell their favors to the Kingdom of Vine. Use when you can, sell when you can, antagonize when you antagonize. Diplomacy is like that. No matter what the relationship is between a leader and a leader individually, if it is country to country, the national interest comes first.

The Roman Pax Romana is only a product of a time when Roman stability was convenient for neighboring countries.

“I guess, it would be better to settle it in about 20 days at the most. If we can find a good solution by then.”

I was about to say, “Fine,” when one of the guards who had just been replaced started laughing… E-e-e-e? Uh…

They must have noticed my gaze, because they took off the mass-produced helmets worn by the guards, and there were familiar faces. I wondered if this was the reason Neurath and Schunzel looked so stiff.

“I don’t know, Duke, but the Viscount’s insight is not that of a teenager.”

“Yes. One has to understand that the victory on the Hildare Plain was won by the Viscount.”

Well, if you include past lives, my life experience is not in the teens.

His Seifert and Gründing, why did you come here dressed as guards again?