Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 84

We had been holding our breath while checking our armaments since early in the morning but when we confirmed that fire arrows had been shot out from the Great Temple, the voices of the Royal Army were raised in unison at the various positions.

“The signal is up!”

“The Demon Lord is in the cage!”

A loud battle cry rang out and the Royal Army rushed out of their positions and charged at the Demon Army. The Demon Army resisted while showing signs of dismay but their momentum was completely different. The Demon Army which should be stronger in terms of individual strength is starting to be pushed in by the Royal Army.

This is a different man, a different army. Momentum is a force. Schunzel opens his mouth, holding out his palm as if to look into the distance.

You have the upper hand.

If he’s running around like that…

The Zehrfeldt’s army is now fighting in a corner of the battlefield, but they’re not as strong as the other families’ army. It’s because I’ve instructed Max, Augen, and the others to control the momentum of their troops.

Now is not the time to go all out. I think to myself as I watch the enemy’s fierce resistance.

But if you raise your voice like that late at night, it’s like telling us we’re gonna be attacked tomorrow. Are they idiots? The fact that they don’t care is indirect proof that the demon army basically looks down on humans.

I’m just thankful that we had enough instructions to get the whole army ready to attack. The losing armies often do things that, in hindsight, make you wonder why they did such stupid things.

“Does running around have any effect on you?”

It’s a psychological problem.

I responded briefly to Neurath’s question as I looked at the battlefield. The last few days the Royal Army has been on the run only when the Demon General Beliulace came out but otherwise it has often been able to fight the Demon Army on equal terms with them.

With Beliulace leading the main force on the move, there were only a few weaker enemies left to fight.

Repeating it for a few days gave the impression to the entire Royal Army that they’re not a fearsome or unbeatable opponent if they’re not Demon Generals. Images are scary.

“Victory is the best way to end fear. Even a small victory.”

“I see.”

I’m afraid of Beliuless, but not of the Demon Army. It’s impossible to make Beliulace not scary, so I’ve chosen to rewrite the impression in a way that’s not too difficult.

I mean, I’d be scared of that thing, too. Even from a distance, I knew I didn’t want to get too close. If he didn’t have a core army to move against us, we’d have to find another way.

“In short, they’re like fighting nomadic horsemen.”

What is it?

No, I was just checking.

I’m afraid Schunzel’s heard me, but I’ll cover it up. This is one of the patterns of the Germanic tribes in Rome or the northern horsemen in China. In other words, a belligerent leader who leads an army based on personal strength.

If you have a leader, you’re a serious threat, but if you’re not well organized, you’re not so well organized in places where your leader can’t see you. So you can target the forces that don’t have a leader, and cut their strength by destroying them one by one. In this case, you leave it to the front line commander and don’t need to give him detailed instructions.

And if there is no leader, the enemy army will resist desperately because they are afraid of the leader’s punishment later if they are cowed by the wind. But it tends to be only their individual fighting power, not an organized one. That’s exactly how the Demon Army is at this moment.

On the other hand… I’m saving my forces. But the Royal Army is quite skillful. Duke Gründing is getting on in years. He’s controlling them without giving orders that would kill their momentum.

There’s an army a bit further out that’s making a bit of a dent. I’ve seen their crests before. The one at the front wielding the battle-axe is the Viscount Davrak who fought so valiantly on the Hildare Plains. I see. He’s a fierce warrior. At least if I challenged him to a fight I’d probably lose.

By the way, it is often confused between “Yusho” and “Yusho”, but it is said that in ancient times, the one who defeated the enemy by wielding weapons by himself was called “Yusho”, and the one who was brave and excellent as a military commander was called “Yusho”. For example, Kiso Yoshinaka is called a brave general even though he did not kill a famous enemy general. The phrase “there are no weak soldiers under a brave general” is another way of describing a soldier fighting instead of a commander.

There’s also the word “fighter general”, but this is reserved for small unit commanders who defeat the enemy on their own. The word “fierce general” is used for a commander who leads a larger force than “fighter general”. But it was already used in the Warring States period, and it’s just a word or a pun. Words are often too vague.

Take it easy. Just stay calm.

“Work together, and one by one, bury them!”

“Just do what you’ve been trained to do!”

Augen and Barkei on both flanks are shouting at the men. So there’s no need to shout so loudly now. Is it the nature of warriors to get excited when a battle is about to begin?


And Max, you’re the leader of the Zehrfeldt. Don’t be fighting on the front lines. I think you’re very lively. But you’re better at paperwork than I am.

I’m not in the fray myself, so I’ll take in as much of the situation here and there as I can. It’s a surprisingly high place to be on horseback. A horse’s height depends on the kind, but it can be over 150 centimeters. A big horse can be over 170 centimeters tall.

It’s like sitting on a platform about your height. Not as tall as a poolside lifeguard’s chair, but you can still clearly see a long way. That makes you stand out from the crowd, and in the age of guns, you’d make a pretty good sniper’s target. Easier to shoot than a bow, that’s for sure.

“Is there something on your mind, Werner-sama?”

“How do you two see it?”

Neurath and Schünzel look once more at the battlefield. The soldiers of Zehrfeldt’s corps are also in combat, so the two could see knights and soldiers fighting against the skalengeck lizardmen and the crocodile soldiers, the Alligator Warriors.

We’re pushing them overall, but some demons are fighting back even though they’re being pierced by spears from multiple soldiers. They’re tough.

“I think we have the upper hand overall.”

“I agree…”

“I don’t think we’re struggling.”

Maybe he doesn’t even know. Maybe they think it’s normal. Maybe it’s because we’re in a game. I almost thought about it for a moment, but before I could say anything, things moved.

“Brave warriors against demons, listen.

Suddenly a voice echoed across the battlefield. It’s the voice of an old man. He must be a great man. I remember when they called him the High Priest in the games, but he was only a chip character.

I wonder if there’s some kind of voice-magnifying spell that’s making the whole battlefield hear them. I’ve never heard of such a thing before… but maybe there’s one in the temple where the believers gather.

“The ringleader of the demons that recklessly invaded the Great Temple of Our God has been vanquished by the hand of a brave young man.

The air is slowly growing thicker and thicker. So Mazel did it. That’s what the Temple Guard would say if he’d beaten her.

‘Behold! This is the end of the ministry of the ugly demon.”

And then a voice rings out and something is raised above the temple gate. It’s a spear or something. It looks like they’re holding it up with three toothpicks instead of one… but from here it looks too far away to be three toothpicks in a soybean.

That’s about the extent of my reaction… but it seems the demons weren’t as bad as that. They’re all at once very upset. So I’m pretty sure that’s Beliulace’s head.

I thought for a moment about how demons have better eyesight and all that nonsense, but that’s not important right now.

Zuehlfeldt Squadron, attack!



I think they could see that we were upset where we had been holding back. Everyone responded to my orders without hesitation and Zehrfeldt’s army literally fell into the ranks of the Demon Army. The other houses started to follow suit, but unlike the others ours had a lot of momentum.

More precisely, because the other units around us were giving it their all when the enemy was still holding strong, while the Zehrfeldt’s are giving it theirs now. They’re not as fatigued as I am. I’ve been waiting for the right moment.

On the other hand, the Demon Army’s will to fight, which had been maintained by the strength of its leader and the fear of being reprimanded for unsightly behavior, is no longer able to maintain its morale due to the presence of an enemy capable of killing its leader and the strange feeling of freedom that it will no longer be reprimanded if it runs away.

It’s a common occurrence in prehistory.

I myself, this time I rode into the enemy’s ranks on horseback. I stab one of them through the throat as we pass. It’s not only my skill but also my weaponry that makes me look so dependable to the knights and squires around me.

“Wrap them up one at a time!”

I’m coming right at you!

You’re getting used to fighting in groups. I don’t need to tell you. I’ve got Neurath and Schunzel on either side of me, so I can go in at even the toughest opponents without hesitation.

The two of you will finish off anyone you fail to kill, so you just look forward and charge forward, stabbing your enemy in the back and letting the ground suck their blood. It takes some training to swing a spear from horseback, but I’m glad I practiced while I was guarding the aqueduct.

And the temple gates opened and they came storming out from within. Perfect timing. I wonder if the Rugenz are in the temple. The Rugenz must be used to war. Will he make the right decision when he sees a chance?

“Coordinate with the troops in the temple to divide the enemy! Send Max’s squad to the front!”


I think you’re still strong enough to handle it. I hold my horse back and stretch my back a little to check the enemy’s movement. A part of the enemy force collapses as Max leads the charge.

The enemy Viscount Davrak was chasing has moved further back. Demons flee when there’s space behind them. I’ve felt the urge to flee when demons run wild. There’s no escape.

“Tell Augen’s men to hold the enemy from the left flank so they can’t get behind us. Barkay, you’ll follow behind me. My company will follow Max through to the temple.”

“Ha ha!”

It’s as if they’ve declared they’re going to break through the middle… but the demon army is clearly in disarray now that they know Beliulace is dead. We need to stand out so we’ll make a showier move than defeating the enemy.

the Demon Army will lose all semblance of an army. This is the part where we charge forward at once.

“The enemy on the right flank will collapse, don’t worry, just keep moving forward! If our troops break through, the enemy will collapse!”


All the troops charge in unison. In medieval and earlier battles, the side which attacked in a half-encircled position or the side which dared to break through the center or deploy in the rear usually won the battle. Or rather, it’s said that it’s a war theory that the besieged side collapses.

The word “reason of war” is not so common, but I think it means principles of war. I don’t know the detailed definition of “reason of war” either. If I had to guess, I’d say that the principle of war is to find a winning pattern that is easy for your army to win, and to think about how to get to that winning pattern in a logical way. But that’s all right. I’m not a military scientist or a linguist.

There may be many reasons for this, such as the morale of the soldiers or the inability to give orders in time for the war situation, but the detailed logic may vary depending on the individual situation, so I won’t go into it here. The point is that it’s all right as long as the people around you get the impression that the enemy’s army completely collapsed with that one blow.

As he and the Zehrfeldt break through the enemy, he smiles as he spots a familiar face at the head of the group that has broken through from the temple side.