Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 86

I don’t know if you’d call it a battlefield memorial ceremony or what… but after all that’s settled down we’re called into a room in the High Priest’s palace. We’ll finally be able to talk. I guess…

Brother, it’s been a long time.

Don’t be my brother. I think you did all right, Feri.”

That’s what I get as soon as I walk in the room. He smiles at Feri and then smiles at Mazel and bumps his fists together in greeting.

“That’s Mazel, thank you.”

“That’s my line. Thanks for asking about the reward.”

No, no, no, it would have all been for naught if you hadn’t killed Beliulace in the first place. I don’t know if there was a game-correcting factor or not, but you’re right to thank Mazel.

And then we’ll go to my roommates… Uh, let’s say hello to the two men first.

Rugenz, it’s been a long time, Erich.

You’ve managed to lead that foul thing into a trap.

Well done.

That’s a big compliment. It’s itchy. I’ll just show him with a hand gesture that he doesn’t need to be polite. Then I turn to the one I’m interested in. What the hell is Laura doing here?

“Her Highness, the Second Princess.”

“No need to thank me, Lord Werner. Please make yourself comfortable.

I knew you’d say that, but your aura makes it hard to tell. I’m not sure if it’s really as good as I say it is. I’m going to sit down in front of Mazel, with Laura’s permission, while maintaining a level of politeness that isn’t excessive.

Erich was kind enough to pour me a cup of tea, which I gratefully accepted. I’m pretty tired after the ceremony this morning. Laura opens her mouth after a sip of tea.

“First of all, thank you, Lord Werner. You’ve been very helpful.

No, I haven’t done anything.

Please don’t be so down on me. And the fact of the matter is, we were behind the curve this time. I meant it, but Laura shook her head.

“I heard those demons were after me. I would have been in danger if it weren’t for you and Mazel-sama.

I think the main character’s compensation will be enough to make up for it though. Also, he’s addressed as “like” at this point, just like in the game, but he seems to have gotten closer to Mazel and the others. I guess they got to know each other during the siege. That’s a good trend.

I’ll wait for the next event before I call it off. I won’t be able to see that event. No, that’s not important right now.

“But that’s to the credit of Mazel and the others, so…”

“You’re being modest. If you hadn’t told Mazel-sama to be on the lookout for Finoy, we might not have made it in time, you know?”

By accident. No, really. I’m just saying, in the story’s scenario, Laura’s the next one to join us, so we should target Finoy. I wouldn’t say that.

It’s just not polite to keep denying it to a royal. Oh, no. Let’s get off the subject. I have more important things to do.

I’m sorry. By the way, Mazel, I’m sorry. I owe you an apology.”


Mazel’s expression turns into one of puzzlement when he is suddenly asked to speak, but he can’t help it. I decided to explain what had happened in the village of Aarea step by step.

“… Thank you, Werner.”

“No, I’d rather apologize for all the things I haven’t gotten around to.”

When I finished explaining, Mazel thanked me. My family home was burned down, my sister was almost kidnapped, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’m sorry for everything that’s happened, but…

And Laura’s air was cold as she listened in silence. Thankfully it wasn’t directed at me. More obvious are Rugenz and Felli.

So what happened to the chief?

“I don’t know, I’m just over here on this side of the war, so I’m leaving it alone.”

“You’re not okay with that.”

We all have our priorities. They were stupid and annoying, but they’re like dust in the corner of the room compared to the Demon Lord.”

“Couldn’t you have made it tougher?”

“I understand what you’re saying, but I only have one body.”

Punishing him on the spot and calling it a day is a bad move, and not my cup of tea. And it’s not easy to punish.

Basically, a nobleman can kill a commoner with disrespect, but if the scene of the attack is in another nobleman’s territory, the other nobleman will have a problem with his face. In addition, the nobles might be asked if there was no other way, or they might get a bad reputation for being short-tempered. It’s like how in the Edo period, the samurai would have cut down and spared themselves… but in reality, it was rarely done. That’s why I stayed out of it. It’s a really tricky balance.

And don’t you dare say in a tone that says I’d have given you a bullet if I’d been there. Erich didn’t react in any way, but I have a feeling that if he had been there, he’d have cornered him more sharply than he did me.

“Well, I’m not gonna leave it like that. Don’t worry about that. I’m just sorry I couldn’t get around to it and put you in danger.

“I’d be the bad guy if I blamed you for that.”

Mazel laughed at me. You’re a good man. You’re a saint instead of a hero. And I’m sorry, Your Highness… but what’s that I’m saying to your father…

Laura can be mischievous at times, but when she gets really angry, she can be scary. Even in the game… I can’t hear you talking to yourself.

So you’re going to King’s Landing?

Not for a while.

We’ll need to get him out of there before the attack on King’s Landing. Fortunately, we have a plan. I’m sure we can find some good reason to get him to join us in renovating Fort Veriza. I forgot to ask you something.

“Feri, what happened to those shady guys you were talking about?”

“Uh, those guys?”

Feri was still under the effects of the potion when he returned to the High Temple. Feri went looking for them after he met up with Mazel and the others… and as soon as he entered the room with the pilgrims… they began to suffer… and their skin started to crack and they revealed themselves.

There was a bit of a panic when the demons showed themselves… I’m surprised no one died. And that potion… I guess demons don’t like it… And that’s how he got close to Laura…

That was a close call.

“Once he found out who she was, he tried to grab Laura, who just happened to be in the room.”

“… I’m sorry about that.”

“It was kind of an accident.”

And Mazel was there to protect Laura. You just called the second princess “Mazel. I don’t care… but it’s just like in the game… I’m hiding a wry smile inside when Erich speaks up.

“By the way, what do you think Sir Werner should do now?”

“Uh, yeah…”

Hmm, now that you mention it, there’s a problem. In a real game after this, after leveling up in Aarea Village, we’d go to the Tower of Stars, but I wonder if Mazel will go to Aarea Village now. I don’t think so. I wouldn’t.

It’s quite different from the game, and I might have to look into how it happened later, but that’s for now. Well, in the game, the information about the village of Aarea is…

“… Your Highness, do you know Uwe Almschick?

“Of course I know who you are, where did you hear that name?”

The last of the brave party. He’s an old man who used to be the king’s teacher and a legendary wizard who disappeared a few years ago. He definitely looks like Gandalf. Back then fantasy was all about finger tales.

I’ll let that part slide for now. In the game, he’s supposed to have gone into hiding a few years ago to investigate the Demon Lord’s resurrection, but no one but some of the higher-ups know about it. We’ve lost touch with him.

It’s not really necessary to mention that the level of the wizard is low when he joins a group of wizards, as it’s common in games. He’s also a bit short tempered for an old man. In the game, there’s an event where you roast an enemy unit that’s been sitting in a collapsed city by casting a huge spell on it. It’s a rare chip-carrying event where the humans win in a single blow.

“I’ve only heard of him. The last I saw of the old wizard’s footsteps…”

I took out the map I’ve always worn and found that not only Laura but also Erich looked surprised. Is this the first time Erich’s seen a map of this continent? It’s not because I’m a bad artist. I’m not a good artist.

“He went to the tower here. They say demons roam there now, but he may have been doing some research. I wonder if that would be helpful.”


Laura would probably know he’s hiding in case the Demon Lord comes back. She’d also be concerned that we’ve lost contact with her. I think in the game she’s stuck in the ancient kingdom to stop a magical device that’s about to go haywire.

I don’t really care, but the way she’s thinking with her head tilted back is so picturesque… That kind of gesture by the main heroine has an impact.

“Sure, maybe the doctor can give you some good advice. You might want to look for him.”

Looks like they’re going the same route as in the game. That’s a relief. The astrolabe on the top floor of the Tower of Stars should lead us to Uwe in the Ruins of Emdea. I can’t tell you that much.

“I see. Then I’ll go to the tower there.”

I’ll come with you. I’m the only one who knows your face, aren’t I?”

Wow, I never thought I’d see a video game exchange in real life. I mean, Grandfather, will Duke Grunding say yes? I’m a little nervous about that.

It’s gonna be okay, I guess. I stopped thinking. Running away from reality? Leave me alone.