Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 90

The next day we saw off the first group to return to King’s Landing which consisted of the First and Second Guards and the Mage Guard along with the Duke of Gründing and the Marquis of Norrpoth. We’ll be separated from Mazel and the others from the Great Temple.

The Mazel and the others seemed to be concerned about the Royal Capital as well, but we parted ways here because we knew that if the heroes returned to the Royal Capital it might alert the other side.

Well, you take care, Werner.

You’re better than me. I’ll be waiting for the Demon Lord’s head.

A greeting of clapping hands and making a nice sound. I used to do this when I was a student.

They shake hands with Rugenz, Erich, Feri and Laura, and then they are on horseback. In fact, it’s going to be more difficult for Mazel and the others. I can only wish them luck.

On the other hand, is it the game or Mazel’s personality that makes you think that Mazel will do something about it?

I heard that the Duke and Laura had a talk in the other room afterwards and that Laura was allowed to go with Mazel. That’s a relief.

Laura herself insisted that she shouldn’t be ungrateful to the person who saved her life, but the High Priestess ordered Mazel, the brave man who gave the High Temple a reconstruction budget, to accompany her as the Temple’s representative and help her on her journey, and the Duke couldn’t complain.

I don’t know, I’ve got people covering for me in all kinds of weird places, but it’s not my fault. Must be a game correction. Yeah.

I’m going to hold off on replenishing the Skywalker until I can afford to get Mazel’s. I don’t have enough money on my end. I’m on a tight budget. I’ll ask Mazel to bring them to the Zehrfeldt residence in King’s Landing when he can spare them.

I told him I could get him to see his family if I could find out when, and he laughed and said he’d leave it to me and not worry about anything. That’s the man.

The Duke said before the war started that he was in contact with the temple… but it seems that Feri was the one in charge of that contact. How did he manage to sneak out of the besieged temple so often? I may have underestimated Feri’s abilities.

The Duke asked Feri to join him but he chose to go with Mazel. I was upset when I heard. I’m relieved to tell you the truth. I feel like the Duke is getting the short end of the stick.

Most of the noble families’ army will return to their home territories from here. Some of the nobles are actually massing their troops with the force of emptying their territories… I don’t mean to sound like a stranger but I’m worried about the demons in the territory. And there’s also the matter of supply… I’m sure there’s a part of you that wants us to return as soon as possible…

But the nobles themselves will all accompany the second group to King’s Landing along with their knights. This is because we have to report the results of our military action to His Majesty and pay our respects. If we’d announced our intentions earlier or there was an emergency in our lands… but if we return to our own lands without such a reason… we’ll be suspected of having a grievance against the royal family. It’s a matter of social interaction or unwritten rules in this area.

Zehrfeldt’s column, together with General Seifert and Marquis Schramm of the second column, left the day after the first column and set out for the capital. The journey to King’s Landing would take about ten days, but they were in no hurry to return. Our wounded have been treated at the Great Temple so there’s no need for us to make an arduous march.

I had time to see the organization of the transports, and I was surprised to see that they’re completely organized and ready for piston transports according to the format. The general told me that His Highness the Dauphin had made a big change in such a short time. He’s really amazing.

The government will pay for the destruction of the armaments. In this case, the pay is also from the state, especially since the army is ordered by an emergency mobilization order. But the state pays the noble families, and then the noble families distribute the money to the knights and soldiers. My father and I have no intention of doing that, but it’s true that if you wanted to cut out the middleman, you could. In fact, in the Middle Ages… there were nobles who lived in luxury by skimming the money like that.

Of course, each noble house is allowed to pay its own expenses for those who take the credit. I’ll have to ask my father for permission, but I’m going to give a bit of color to the knights who accompanied us to the village of Aarea. I’ll have to pay Neurath and Schunzel as well.

By the way, shields are the most commonly damaged in battle. As you can imagine. However, shields are not so popular when you are carrying them during a march, because they take up a lot of space, they are heavy, and they are hard to carry. I can understand why some countries don’t use shields, like Japan.

On the other hand, many soldiers realize the importance of shields after they have experienced real battles. And they usually regret having a bigger and stronger shield. It is a set promise that the next time they go on a march they will forget all about it and complain about the weight of the shield they are carrying.

Shoes are the most common item damaged in a march, that’s why soldiers usually have a pair of files for every group of soldiers. Because shoes are handmade in this world where there are no industrial products. The degree of perfection varies from shoemaker to shoemaker, so you have to customize your own shoes. Especially if the part of the shoe that touches the skin is not properly chamfered, it can be torturous. It’s like being rubbed with a leather strap all the time while you’re on the move. Fungus can get in there and cause necrosis.

It may come as a surprise to you, but socks are not so popular. Socks are expensive just like clothes are expensive, and the technology level of wool weaving is not so high, so socks can cause beans from rubbing and steaming. It’s also understandable that many of the classics of the fantasy novels which are based on this area are barefooted when they take off their shoes. Soldiers are trained to walk long distances, so the soles of their feet are strong, and it’s faster to put on leather shoes.

And the cost of the shoes is not armed, so it is up to each of you. You are forced to choose between buying expensive but good shoes, or buying cheap ones from a store with a bad reputation and customizing them yourself. The country is cheap. I won’t say it.

There are also leather shoes made of demon leather in this world, but they are highly regarded for their durability, even if they are only found in the vicinity of King’s Landing. On the other hand, the price is also high because of the troublesome processing and if it is made from the leather of a famous demon, it is treated as a status symbol. In my previous life there was a guy who was proud of his brand-name leather shoes… but in this world he’s proud of wearing shoes made of the leather of a powerful demon… People like to brag about something.

On the way to Denhan and Valeritz, the first and second squadrons spent a whole day for the repose of their souls, and some of them stayed behind to deal with the aftermath. The Zierfeldt squadron had no such mission. After seeing the devastation I can only pray that the victims may rest in peace. At the same time I feel a lump of lead in the pit of my stomach at the thought of what could have happened to the castle.

I tried not to show it during the march that day but inside I was in agony. But when I saw the cavalrymen coming for Neurath I forced myself to turn my attention back to it. Neurath and Schunzel are approaching.

“Master Werner.”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

From the main body ahead of you and the Count of King’s Landing.

I sigh as I read through it, wondering why I bothered to write it in the first place. I’m impressed by how quickly they’ve been able to investigate, but it doesn’t feel good to know that there’s still some suspicious people out there. Even if we can take care of them this time, there’s no way the Demon Army will give up, so we can only assume that there’s going to be an attack on King’s Landing for sure.

I’m just worried that we don’t know what’s going to be attacked in King’s Landing at the moment. In the game, we could stop thinking about it because it’s that kind of scenario, but now we should assume that there’s some reason for the Demon Army to attack King’s Landing.

I’m going to turn my thoughts back to this matter for the time being. However, it seems that the Knights and the Royal Guard will be in charge of this matter, so it’s unlikely that I’ll have to deal with it directly. If I’m in the royal family’s position, I’ll have to pay them if they move the noblemen’s knights too much, and I’ve already requested an emergency mission from several noble families for the Finoi defense this time.

But both Duke Grunding and His Royal Highness the Dauphin of King’s Landing must be very talented if they’re going to go to the trouble of marching their messengers to and from King’s Landing and having them conduct all this research. The people in the Royal Investigation Department are pretty good too.

“Neurath, I’m sorry, go get Max and the others.”


As I watch the two gallop off on their horses I rethink the work I’ll be doing back in King’s Landing. Fortunately or unfortunately I was able to get a hold of a veteran mason and a carpenter for scaffolding while we were escorting them to build the aqueduct. I also got an introduction to a craftsman for bows through the general.

The rest is a blacksmith or a foundryman who can make big things. I’ve got to compile the documents for the orphanage as well, and I’m also worried about the progress of the countermeasure against ranged magic. Ugh, there’s so much to do.

With the way we’ve been pulled out of the Finoy defense, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any military action for a while. I think the aqueduct guard will probably be taken care of by another party. The Royals will think the Zehrfelds are working too hard. Maybe. I’m sure. I hope so.

We’ll take advantage of this time to finish everything we want to before the attack. Max and the others arrived just as I was thinking that. First we’ll deal with the day we get back.