Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 93

The ‘Blue Horn Pavilion’ where the mercenaries stay in King’s Landing was secretly surrounded by the Royal Guards on the front and a force led by Baron Kretschmer, who is well-known for his bravery, on the back.

Baron Kretschmer may be a nobleman, but as a man of war he loves to wield weapons on the battlefield. Because he is both brave and loved by his men, he is trusted by General Seyfert, and he was one of the generals who took part in the refugee response. However, since the adventurers are the ones who deal with the refugees, and this time he was left alone in King’s Landing as part of the supply party, it is true that he was a little nervous about the prospect of war.

The Dauphin had informed me that there were demons lurking in the capital and entrusted me with the command of the troops to deal with them. I’m sure the Baron felt he now had a place to motivate himself.

Are the people around here okay?

“Yes, sir. Everyone left home, ostensibly to watch the parade, but I’ve just been informed that they’re safe and sound at Guard Post 8.

“Then good.”

As he questioned the messenger from the Guard, the baron looked at the back entrance of the Blue Horn Pavilion from the shadows of the building. The architecture of the mercenaries’ residence is a little different from that of the ordinary people’s residence, and the atmosphere is different as well. However, it’s also different from a nobleman’s mansion and it would be most accurate to say that the appearance of the mansion is all about practicality.

What were the results of your investigation?

“The innkeeper has not been seen for some time. The food merchants in the area have been wondering why.”

“How many of them are there?”

“About thirteen. There are also about the same number in the Washuzu-tei in the third district and in the Sake Drinker’s Wind in the fifth district.”

Yes, sir. I hope we don’t lose them here.

“Ha, the worst they can do is let him be a corpse.”

The baron smiled ferociously. However it is the job of the Royal Guard to raid the inn directly. In that sense the baron would have been grateful if they had let him go, but there was no way he was going to mention it.


“Well, good luck.”

He sent the messenger off and invited his men to come and join him. and another force on either side of the back gate as well as a short distance away. This was to prevent them from escaping in case they did. Soon a call came from the front of the building and the sounds of bustle and other noises began to leak out from inside the building.

Generally speaking, soldiers do not seem to have much change in their equipment, but each soldier has different equipment depending on the mission and the position to which he is assigned.

The guards guarding the gates usually carry long-barreled weapons, because they have to stop their opponents who try to force their way through on horseback by forcing them to attack their horses. Similarly, the swords carried by the guards who patrol the city to guard and protect it are slightly shorter than those worn by the knights, and many of them have smaller brims. This is because they are expected to fight in the presence of passersby and inside buildings, so they give priority to ease of maneuverability. The fact that thrusting is prioritized over slashing in the training of these soldiers is also to prepare them for when they are forced to enter buildings and such. Usually buildings and criminal hideouts are not tall and wide enough to swing a sword.

Therefore it was usually the Royal Guards who were in charge of raiding such buildings as they were more specialized than knights or noblemen. Although it was a bit imprudent, the baron could only pray that they didn’t subdue them all.

Either our prayers were answered or the enemy was one step ahead of us. A few moments later shadows of what had once been human beings burst through the wooden shutters of the second floor and landed on the street. The baron shouts when he sees that they are werewolves or tigers.

Shoot him!

Dozens of arrows rain down on the werewolves and tigers that have landed in the streets. Some of them hit them directly and some of them fall down, but others try to cut them off with their claws and escape. The baron smiles ferociously as he admires the dexterity with which he cleaves away the arrows with his arm.

Don’t let him get away! Keep going!

The Baron’s weapon of choice is the long sword glaive, a long-handled weapon with a large single-edged blade like a Japanese naginata at its tip. It is strong in melee battles, but unfortunately it is not suitable for indoor battlefields. But if the roads have been blocked off in anticipation and the enemy has fled into the streets, there is no need to hesitate. The baron closes the distance at once and swings down without hesitation, cutting down a single werewolf.

The baron’s men are all confident of their prowess as befits soldiers of this world. They all rushed into melee range as their leader rushed forward and a fierce melee unfolded on the spot.

The length of the battle was short but the density was no less than Finoy’s battlefield. After that short but fierce battle the demon side was all but a mute body including the ones inside the building.

What about the front?

“This one had a potion provided by the royal family to ward off evil…”

“Then good.”

The baron was satisfied with the close combat. The baron’s subordinate looked at him with a troubled look on his face as he was being drenched in the blood. Seeing this expression the baron changes the subject.

I don’t think we’re gonna have time to go anywhere else.

As long as you didn’t miss anything, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The baron nodded at his subordinate’s reply and turned his gaze towards the royal castle.

At about the same time, there was a fierce battle in the ‘Drinking Wind’.

Baron D’Honani was the one who went here with the guards. Baron D’Honani was a member of the Armed Forces, but he was wounded when he rushed forward during the outburst of demons and was able to escape the situation thanks to the sacrifice of his men.

The baron has a large scar on his face. It was inflicted during the demon’s rampage. Advanced potions can heal the wound without leaving a scar and advanced magic can remove it as well, but the Baron didn’t remove the scar. He claims that he spent his budget on retraining his retainers, but there’s no denying that he was proud of his wounds.

But he was ordered to take care of something else right after the emergency order came out.

This was actually the Dauphin Hyber’s intention. The Dauphin had his own reasons for not wanting to send out the more decisive nobles and the relatively smaller nobles to Finoi, but as a result there were still many nobles who were confident in their individual bravery in the capital. It might have been a nuisance for the demon tribe.

Move in!

Normally he would have left it to the guards, but the baron personally took the initiative to lead the most elite soldiers into the building.” The ‘Drunkard’s Wind’ was an inn where mercenaries and adventurers often stayed, but it was an ordinary inn. If we were dealing with demons or monsters they might be able to escape through the boarded up walls or even through the windows. So he had a large number of guards surrounded by ten or twenty layers to stop them from escaping and he himself took on the role of hound to drive the enemy out of the house.

Nevertheless, the baron did not go so far as to conceal his true intention of wielding the weapon first, and there are several eyewitness accounts, including one by a soldier of the Guard, that the captain of the Guard, who received the order, had his head in the shadows.

The baron rushes into the room and sprays the room with an amulet with his left hand. At the same time he swings his right sword and cuts the mercenary-looking man’s arm off without question as he stands up, startled and in pain. The man doesn’t even scream as he strikes at me with his other hand. The baron noticed that the man’s arm had become something other than a human being and instead of catching him he ducked his head and swung his sword at the man’s gut.

“The enemy is not a man, do not be afraid!”

The soldiers rush in at the baron’s call and slash at the mercenary-looking men who were eating and drinking. The swords of the soldiers cleave the legs of the demons and the blades they swing smash their opponents’ heads in. The men with spears skillfully support the sword-fighting soldiers from the rear, preventing them from going toe-to-toe with one another as they wound and hunt down their opponents.

The demons are not unarmed. They revealed themselves and fought back with their beastly arms… sometimes biting the throats of their soldiers and chomping down on their flesh. Individually they would have been stronger than the soldiers who came in. But there’s no denying that they were outmaneuvered, and the fact that they were left wondering why they had been discovered was a major factor in the mix-up.

The demons began to flee as soon as several of their comrades were killed. However, those who turned their backs were severely wounded by the blades which they swung down without hesitation, and when they were forced to turn around, they were slaughtered by multiple swords and spears. It was not the resistance of the enemy that stopped the charging soldiers, but the corpses of the dead demons that impeded their actions. In a battle in a confined space you must always watch your step or you will lose your life. It is a funny story, but there remains an anecdote that a soldier who chased after an escaping enemy in a city battle suddenly fell down on a stone pavement and was killed by an enemy soldier who was supposed to be chasing him.

The demons escaped through the walls of the building but as a result they were all destroyed by the guards. The captain of the guards understood that the demons were stronger than them and gave priority to defeating them by methods other than close combat using flying gadgets and long-arm weapons. Even so, they were not unscathed. Shouts and screams echoed through the city, and more than a dozen people died, including the soldiers who dared to charge inside the city.

The one who deployed the troops on the outskirts of King’s Landing was Count Muye, who commanded the second left flank under the command of Marquis Schramm in the Hildare Plains. He was not a man of conspicuous appearance, but he was a solid man who flexibly handled political activities in addition to commanding infantry and cavalry and was a person of high credibility with the Marquis of Schramm. He was a man of great confidence in the Marquis de Schramm. His military experience had been rewarded with him leading a troop to move out of the city through another gate while the Knights were on parade and attracting attention, and deployed as a ranger force outside the city.

The Count is a man of letters and military prowess, but for some strange reason, animals don’t like him, and there are few horses that can carry him, so he is rarely used in mobile warfare. For this reason, he is most often used in situations where base defense or political considerations are needed, and is generally considered a low-profile figure. He is a man who is not well-known in the public eye. He says that he is not to blame because he has a bad horse, but it would be unfortunate if I were to say that he is not well-known.


You’re here.

Standing on top of the chariot pulled by two horses, the Count looked at the two figures that had rushed out from the royal city and gave a small nod. At first glance they look like guards of the royal city but the way they carry themselves and the speed at which they run is clearly not that of an ordinary person.

Wrap it up!

It was the Count’s duty to keep those who had escaped from the capital from escaping. It was difficult for the Count to decide whether two was too many or too few, but he decided that any number of them would do the job. The Count’s troop formed into a group and attacked the werewolves still wearing the guards’ armor. They were unharmed, but they were outnumbered and outgunned.

“I think he had a gatekeeper’s pass.”

“You couldn’t catch him. I’m afraid so.”

Not missing is our top priority.

“Though I’d like to take down a few more of them anyway.”

Count Muye muttered to himself as he watched the squires of the Count’s Guard take out the magic stone from the corpse of the demon tribe. He glanced towards the royal castle for a moment because he thought he heard a noise. But in the end his eyes didn’t see anything, so he went back to his patrols until the messenger from the Royal Castle arrived and returned to his duties as a guard and a ranger outside the Royal City.

If you scatter the potion around the gate the demons will not be able to come out of the gate. So the Count’s troops had no choice but to check each and every person who came out of the gate, a simple and inefficient task.

The Count is then forced to deal with the sporadic escapes of the demon tribe from the capital among the travelers and peddlers who try to leave the capital without knowing what is going on.