Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend MTL – Chapter 97

Um, what is it?

No, no, no, I mean this way.

I was looking at her face so hard, it made her blush. No, I’m sorry, that face is more damaging than mine.

I look away and think for a moment. I wonder if Lily can help me with this, we can skip the progress of the development of this thing. I’d be grateful for the extra time now that we’re short on time.


Yes, yes.

“I’m sorry, but I need you to go to the kitchen and get me this amount of soft dough. Put it on a tray if you can.”

Bread dough? Yes, sir.

She gave me a look of confusion, but I guess she saw the look on my face and understood that I wasn’t joking or anything. Soon Lily left the room.

Let’s get this done before I come back. I move the box with the prototypes to the table for the guests and sit down at my desk. Just as I’ve finished writing, there’s another knock on the door and Lily comes back.

Thank you for waiting.

“Oh, thank you. Lily’s still learning her manners and stuff.”

What? Huh, yes. And some math and…

“I’m sorry, but I need you to draw something for me while I’m studying.”


I get a tray of dough with a question mark over my head. It’s clay. Bringing dough into a nobleman’s office is bad enough, but bringing clay is worse. I mean, there’s no clay nearby if you don’t need it.

And in my case, since I can’t explain it with a diagram, the quickest way is to show you a model. You can’t help getting your hands dirty. There’s a lot of antiquities out there that are good for wiping off the dirt.

First, spread a thin layer of the piece on the tray, and then depress a part of it with your finger. The position is adjusted so that it looks like the * symbol drawn with many dots when seen from above.

Then, a sphere is made to fit into the hole, and it is put into the hole. The depth of the hole is about half of the sphere’s face.

What’s this?

Like this.

I only put the tray on top of the tea set that was brought to me first. When the tray is lightly turned with only the index finger, the tray itself turns around. The material is bread dough, so it’s not the smoothest, but it’s a small turntable.


“Actually, I’m going to use a metal ball, and I’m also going to insert a shaft in the center of the ball so that it won’t shift sideways. That way, with this as a base, even heavy objects can be turned easily. It’s just hard to explain with words.”

I show her the golf-ball sized ball that was sent to me as a prototype, and spin it around on the desk, and she looks at it with interest. It’s so close.

Do you want to hold it?

Are you sure?

“Be careful, it’s heavy.”

When I put her on my hands, she screamed a little, but she didn’t drop it. He kept rolling it on his hands or lifting it up high and peeking at it from below. It’s like a puppy poking its paw or nose at a rare toy before playing with it. I can’t help but feel relaxed, but I can’t stay relaxed.

In fact, the history of turntable-like objects in the past life is very old. The tyrant emperor Nero of Rome created a ‘rotating dining room’ in which the floor was rotated by the power of a waterwheel, so that people could enjoy a panoramic view of Rome while eating their meals. It is not a legend, but the actual remains are still there.

The hole where the metal ball was placed even has traces of clay used as a lubricant to make it rotate smoothly, so it must have been very well calculated.

Nero built something that spins the whole floor of the room, but it’s not so different from a turntable in the principle of using a ball to spin it. It doesn’t have to be that big, because I’m not trying to make a spinning diner.

While receiving the iron ball, he turns his attention to the turntable again.

“I have to report to the castle tomorrow. A drawing of a sphere turning in a hollow. I’ll tell my mother and Norbert to take that time.”

“Yes. Uh, should I put the size on the…?”

“That’s okay, I’ll show you this prototype when I ask the creator to do it, and I’ll explain it to you as we compare them.”

I’ll open the prototype box and show you the metal plate inside. This isn’t real size either, but I can explain it verbally.

I understand.

“Also, it would be helpful if you could re-draw the diagram of the lamp on a clean sheet of paper. And make this handle thicker and sturdier. And make this triangle here…”


I’m going to ask for a diagram of the main unit on top, along with the turntable. I’m sorry for the extra work and the detailed explanation, but I don’t understand why you look so happy, Lily.

I’ll pay you separately for this.

No, no, no, no, no.

“No, you have to pay for this.”

Not only maids, but the housekeeping duties fall under the jurisdiction of the madam, my mother. But this is not my job as a maid. You’d have to pay her or you’d lose control. I know some noble families are lax about that, but in Zehrfeld we’re very strict. You can’t be a minister if you don’t have that kind of attitude. And Lily’s paintings are worth money.


He’s making some kind of little grunt. No, I’m supposed to pay you for your work. I can get that much out of my stipend as a viscount.

“Also, I’ll tell Norbert that I’d appreciate it if you’d keep what you’ve drawn a secret.”

Of course.

I don’t think I need to tell you. However, I don’t want to just add more work, so I’ll give you what I’ve written on a piece of paper.

And this.

“A table full of numbers… It’s a chart.


Take the two small balls of bread dough that I used earlier to explain the turntable and put them on the tray. Next to them, two more. And two more next to them.

How many is that?


“Yeah. And where the two verticals and three horizontals overlap in the table…”

“At six… A…”

Yeah, it’s a multiplication table. I remember being surprised when I was a student, because there was nothing like this in this brainy world. I didn’t use it myself, though, because I didn’t have ninety-nine anymore.

By the way, the closest thing to a multiplication table is from ancient China in a previous life. This is before Qin Shi Huangdi. For some reason, it starts from [9 x 9], which is the opposite of the Japanese table. Of course, I wrote the table from [1 x 1] in Japanese style.

I’m sure this stuff will help you with your studies…

“Great, this is really easy to understand. Thank you.”

“Uh, yeah, for your information.”

They thanked me a lot. I’d forgotten that the literacy rate is so low that even this level of literacy is an excellent teaching tool for the villagers. In fact, if you go to a poor slum, it’s normal for people to not be able to read letters or numbers. But if you’re that impressed with this level of literacy, I’d feel a bit uncomfortable.

“I know it’s a lot to ask. I know it’s a lot to ask.

“Yes, I will do my best!”

I’m grateful for the help, but I wonder if this basic positive attitude runs in the Hulting family. Lily puts the dough and stuff away for now, and I pick up the trash on the floor and start making corrections to my plans for the future.

While I’m sorting through them, I thought maybe I could sell them if I made an abacus or an abacus, but I can’t get around to it, so I’m going to give up on that. If it survives, I’ll add it to the list.

Norbert later told me that my mother had complained about the 99 table that she had learned from Lily, saying that she wished she had learned such a useful thing earlier, since it could be used to teach other servants. It’s not such a big deal, but a table that shows numbers and calculation results at a glance is certainly a rarity in this world. I’ve been living in this world for almost twenty years now, and I never thought I’d experience a culture gap at my age. Just because I know something doesn’t mean that others know it. I’m sorry.