The Case When I Created A Secret Society of Darkness Because I Reincarnated As A Villain, But For Some Reason, It Became My Harem – Chapter 112

Chapter 212: depending on your answer, I won’t hold it against you.

And the man who says he’s a swordsman says I’m no sorcerer just by looking at me.

It’s true that in the eyes of the general public a sorcerer is nothing without a sorcerer’s rod so he probably judged me not to be a sorcerer seeing as I didn’t have the rod which is the lifeblood of a sorcerer.

There is nothing wrong with that, but when I tell him that I am a sorcerer, he lets down his guard as if the battle is already over.

His attitude made me angry.

He decided I was a small fish who didn’t need to be warned.

To me, a member of the Black Rose and Master Kaesar’s slave.

I could bear it if the insult was directed at me, but to have Black Rose and Master Kaisar insulted through me, even indirectly, was something I could never stand.

Well, to put it simply, I was pissed off for the first time in my life.

I was not this angry when I was betrayed by my people in the elf village.

“Now you’ve decided I’m not a sorcerer and you’ve let your guard down. What is that supposed to mean? I’ll show you no mercy if you answer me. “

“What? No, no, no, you call yourself a sorcerer, but you’re not a sorcerer. And I don’t even know how you knew I was a sorcerer… and if you weren’t a sorcerer but a fighter… how can you call yourself a sorcerer if you don’t have a rod? You really are an idiot. I’m just bluffing. I’ve never been in a fight before. Then get fucked by me. “

The other party had not finished their conversation yet, but I couldn’t resist and unintentionally punched the other party on the right cheek.

“I told you, didn’t I? I’ll give you a warning if you don’t take no for an answer. And since you seem to be mistaken… let me tell you something. There are sorcerers who don’t need rods. And you should know that for yourself. “”I’m a sorcerer, but I’m a striking sorcerer. “