The Case When I Created A Secret Society of Darkness Because I Reincarnated As A Villain, But For Some Reason, It Became My Harem – Chapter 208

Chapter 208: As long as you’re alive, that’s all that matters

“Master has always said that force is the last resort, hasn’t he? He’s always telling us to act as if our actions as Black Rose are equal to those of our master! And attacking her as soon as we meet her is not a pretty thing to do! Such an unbecoming purge is unbecoming of our master! Isn’t it beautiful to start with negotiations, and if they refuse, then gradually reduce their power from around them, and attack them at the very edge while thinking about where they’ll break! “

“Well… That’s just… I don’t think I’m going to like it… “

I don’t know what the hell is going on or how they got in through the wards, but a new woman in a maid’s outfit who might be one of the newcomers breaks in and smacks the woman on the head with a [thump].

I’m going out of my mind with all the things I don’t understand… but thanks to the new maid… I guess we’re spared from being killed for now.

By the way, the woman who came first is a beautiful woman with short-cut blond hair and a fox-like atmosphere, and the woman who came later is a woman with long black hair and a bewitching atmosphere.

And while the dark-haired woman’s breasts are so full they look like they’re about to fall out over her clothes, the blonde looks as if she’d just left them in her mother’s belly…

“Aren’t you imagining something pretty rude to us right now? Do you want to die? Do you want to die right now? What do you think? Hmm? “

I thought that the first time I saw this, but it is probably still in the process of growth. I am looking forward to the future.

“……. I think I’m imagining things. “

I don’t know how he read my mind, but it looks like I have nine lives.

And the only thing I’ve learned is that they’re monsters not to be messed with.

I’m not even sure he’s human anymore.

If I can survive and get through this moment, I strongly think that I’ll wash my hands of this world and move to the countryside in the surface world and live in seclusion.

As long as you’re alive, that’s all that matters.

How many lives can there be in a world with such monsters?”Oh, yes. If you think you’re getting a free ride home… you’re mistaken. I won’t let any of them leave. We need them to understand how sinful the practice of illegal slavery is. “