The Case When I Created A Secret Society of Darkness Because I Reincarnated As A Villain, But For Some Reason, It Became My Harem – Chapter 242

Chapter 242: I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it

“You don’t have to! Since I was able to change my gender from male to female, I can also change my gender from female to male! And if I can do it, then I can do it the other way around! “

“Your Highness Claude… I’m sorry. Princess Claude. You know what? There are more things in this world you can change from A to B but not from B back to A than you think? “

You don’t have to say that! I’ll make sure you get back to your normal self! “

And Princess Claude walks out of the classroom screaming. I wonder if she’ll be able to make it to morning class with that scary swordfighting teacher…

It seems that he’s already felt what I’ve told him, so it seems to have worked.

So maybe Princess Claude was so shocked that the next lesson had slipped her mind.

However, it’s none of my business, and since it’s finally getting quiet now, I don’t have any problems, but rather I’ve got a comfortable space, so I don’t even have to come back.

And in morning class, Princess Claude is naturally being severely scolded by her swordsmanship teacher.

“Heh heh heh, you did it, Leader! “

“Yeah. We’re not going to be able to stay in the Kingdom or the Empire anyway. Our friends are being captured one by one and it seems the kingdom’s been purged from the top. If we kidnap her one last time and sell her to a slaver before we flee to another land, neither kingdom nor empire, we’ll have enough money for our journey to a new home. It was a gamble, but I’m glad you managed it. “

I had spent the day dodging and dodging Princess Claude’s annoying interactions with me, and just as I was about to get into the carriage that would take me home to leave for school, my memory was gone.

And then I realized that I’d just been kidnapped.

If the carriage came to pick me up at the school the chance of me being kidnapped would decrease and that would mean that the chance of me meeting you, the Black Masked One, would decrease as well. but it seems they didn’t have to worry about that.I can see now that my Black Masked Boy is connected to me by fate so that even if I don’t make the trick of coming to pick him up every day by carriage he’ll be kidnapped when he’s kidnapped, and at the same time I can see again the strength of the power of fate between me and the Black Masked Boy.