The Case When I Created A Secret Society of Darkness Because I Reincarnated As A Villain, But For Some Reason, It Became My Harem – Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Irresistible and Terrifying

“Who says I’m on the verge of tears? “

I’m about to say, “It’s you, you!” but I’m sure you’ll never admit it here, and it will only make the conversation go on and on and on and on.

“Okay. All right. Let’s just calm down for now, Princess Claude. Princess Claude came all the way here to ask me for something, didn’t she? And from the looks of her, I’d say it’s a matter of time, wouldn’t you? “

“That’s right! “

And at my words Princess Claude looks like “Oh, I remember now! and then she starts to explain to me what happened.

“Like I said, I was following the Sphere. I wasn’t stalking her or anything, I was doing it because I had to, to protect her. “

Princess Claude has just said all this and Brigitte and Karendor are like… [How can you tell a lie that’s so easy to find out?] [If you’re doing it without her permission, isn’t that stalking?] 

I’m dreading every single one of them since we promised to have a baby yesterday.

“Yeah, I guess so. Princess Claude wasn’t stalking you, she was guarding the Sphere. “

“Yeah. You’re an understanding guy, you know that? “

What, you want me to hit you?

“Oh, uh… Oh. “

That’s what I thought, but I managed to swallow it.

“So, I was following Sfia as a guard, and just as I was leaving the school gate, someone kidnapped her! Please save her! This is it. “

“I can’t. “

“Well, I thought you could help my ex-fiancée and classmate Sphere… Eh? “

“I can’t. “

Why should I help you do something that’s going to expose my true identity, even though it’s not good for me and it’s only a disadvantage?

Besides, if we say no to this guy and then get him out as Black Rose, we’ll be fine.

“If you’re going to kidnap me, why don’t you just go to the guards or something instead of relying on me? You know what they say about arms dealers? I think it’s more dangerous for an amateur to go in there and help, don’t you? “

“I thought so too, but when it comes to combat there’s no one better than you! I know that you’re already as strong as or stronger than a Kingsguard, if not stronger than a Guardsman, because I actually fought you in a duel the other day! “

“Fine! I’ll take care of that problem, Caesar-sama! “

What? Bridget! Why are you making all these decisions?

Around the end of the second half of