The Case When I Created A Secret Society of Darkness Because I Reincarnated As A Villain, But For Some Reason, It Became My Harem – Chapter 255

Chapter 255: It’ll be an appeal

And Princess Claude is a man, even though she’s a woman, and I’m sure she hates me even more.

If you keep the marriage as an engagement rather than a marriage, it is certain that the engagement will be dissolved sooner or later, and it would be easier to dissolve the marriage than to enter into a marriage and divorce later on.

I have the advantage of being able to marry a woman who is not only a man but also a beautiful woman if I can ignore the fact that she’s a former man and that Claude is still a man.

Even if I were to take on a female form, the mere thought of marrying a male Claude and having a baby makes me want to vomit.

It’s not that Claude is a bad guy, it’s just that it’s impossible to be in a relationship with a man.

It would be normal for Princess Claude to think that it would be impossible for me, a man, to have such a relationship with her, and I’m sure she thinks so too.

And the Emperor doesn’t know it yet.

Perhaps because he’s been a member of the royal family for so long, he’s not familiar with the relationships between men and women in that area.

Since the common sense of marrying and having children with the partner decided by the parents has been firmly established, we should not have the slightest doubt that this betrothal will be broken.

“So, I have a set of documents here that I want you to sign, but the only thing I want you to do is to put Princess Claude’s feelings first if the engagement is broken or something. “

What does that mean? “

“Well, if Princess Claude had any cause to change her mind about marrying her former husband… If Princess Claude does not agree to the dissolution of the engagement, then the engagement cannot be dissolved. “

“Hmm. Is that what you mean? I don’t mind if that’s all. Besides, getting married isn’t a lighthearted commitment, and if that’s how you feel, you shouldn’t get engaged. “Now that I can show that I didn’t enter into this engagement out of a sense of good faith, I can also show that if the engagement were to be broken off, it would be because of Princess Claude’s selfishness.