The Case When I Created A Secret Society of Darkness Because I Reincarnated As A Villain, But For Some Reason, It Became My Harem – Chapter 259

Chapter 259: The Protagonist Move

And then I notice something else.

The Emperor never said that Princess Claude’s brother, Prince Douglas, would marry or take over the throne.

Even if they were saying similar words, they were all ending with “may” or something like that, and they were not making any definite assertions.

“Are you sure you’re really, really okay? Kaisar. The amount of sweat you’re sweating is at an alarming level, and it’s getting worse, isn’t it? “

“No, it’s gonna be okay… Yeah, it’s gonna be okay. “

I’m sure it’s a bad situation, but I’d rather not admit it in front of Princess Claude, because I’m afraid that I’ll get flagged by her.

“I’m supposed to… You know… The slaves told me, didn’t they? That’s why you’re so skinny… you’re always trying to do things on your own when you’re in pain… And they say you turned yourself into a villain to protect the Sphere… In fact… you’re the one in the Black Mask who’s been rescuing the Sphere in all its recent incidents. You really are too clumsy for your own good. “

What? No, what are you talking about? “

“It must be your lucky day to see you so flustered at being caught red-handed. But are you really so trapped that you’d let me see you so easily dismayed? Maybe you can’t handle it all on your own anymore. Maybe it’s time you asked someone for help. “

And then Princess Claude suddenly starts talking about something strange, and I freeze for a moment thinking [what is he talking about? I’m frozen in place, but Princess Claude thinks I’ve hit the nail on the head and starts to say even more off-the-wall things.

“I’ve been working behind the scenes to purge kidnappers, stop a war with the Kingdom before it starts, and secretly help my brother… I’ve been doing so much for the Empire and for people in recent events alone. I suppose it’s always been that way. And I’ve had to act the part of a scab to keep him from finding out. Because if they found out, who knows what my rotten parents and siblings would do to me? Even your family wouldn’t stand for you… and you could only trust your slaves. But I’m your slave now! If you say you can’t trust me with your back unless I’m your slave I’ll remain your slave! “

Yeah, I mean, really, what are you talking about? This guy.

Also, someone should tell him that it’s a bad part of Princess Claude to go straight ahead and do the hero’s move when he thinks he’s going to do something like this.There’s no medicine for stupidity, as they say.