The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 104

CH104: [side Hurt] The King of the Alien

After losing in the semi-finals of the martial arts tournament yesterday, Fuuka and I, along with Huey and Kati, headed to the neighboring town of Maranto first thing in the morning.

Why? Because Fuuka woke up this morning and said in her first voice that she wanted to eat Maranto’s dumplings.

Marant is a town about an hour and a half by carriage from Tutrail and is famous for its delicious dumplings.

This princess is really too free-spirited.

And how hungry are you if you wake up first thing in the morning with dumplings…

And now we’re on our way to Tlisile in the wagon after buying a lot of dumplings in Marant.

I don’t like to go back to the pontoon because it’s tiring…

But I’ve got dinner with Alf in the evening. I can’t just leave him out of it.

“Fuka, is it good?”

Kathi calls out to Fuuka, who continues to eat the dumplings, and Fuuka shakes her head.

“Yeah. That’s good.”

Normally Kati would have admonished Fuca for eating so much.

But Kathi, who thinks she’s hurt by Orn’s defeat yesterday, is even more lenient with Fuuka than usual.

… He’s definitely not hurt, right? That look on his face right after he lost, he’s definitely not sorry. You bet!

Fuka is taking advantage of Kathi’s lenient attitude and is behaving more freely than usual.

I’m sure that when you said you wanted to go to Maranto, you were hoping that Kati would agree with you at this point.

You have a really good personality.


As the outer wall of the Tsutrail begins to show through the window, Fuuka stops eating the dumplings and suddenly looks up and around with a furtive glance.

Fuka, what’s wrong?

Kathi is worried by Fuuka’s sudden behavior and calls out to her.

“… HART. Check the Tuttle.”

“What? What’s going on?”

Fuka is not stupid. He’s rather quick-witted.

But he’s basically self-contained, so he only speaks in conclusions.

I’m sure he’s got a lot of reasons for what he’s saying now… but unfortunately we can’t fully grasp the truth of what Fuka’s saying because we see the world too differently. I’m used to it.

Come on, come on.

I guess it’s faster for me to see it than to explain it to you.

Huka is right, you close your eyes and let your vision fly over the Tutrail…

This is my gift, my bird’s-eye view.

You can move your view to any place within a few kilometers radius of you.

I don’t need to close my eyes to use this, but I try to close my eyes when I have enough time, because it is tiring to look at two different views at the same time.

Looking down on Tutrail from the sky.


I couldn’t help but let out a cry at the devastation that spread across my field of vision.

Some of the buildings on the north side of Tutrail, in a block of luxury houses, have collapsed.

Commander, what did you see?

I get a question from Huey who heard my tweet.

“Parts of the city have been destroyed.”

“… Huh? !”

I answer Huey’s question, and Huey and Kathi are both crestfallen.


As I lowered my vantage point to get a closer look at the devastation, something popped up nearby.

I looked in the direction of the explosion and saw two people.

(We’re in the air. Why are there people…)

They were Orn and Oliver.

(This isn’t the finals of a martial arts tournament. If it were scheduled it would have been over by now. And that thing Oliver’s wearing…)

This could be a bad situation. Oliver’s gone off the rails. Probably that thing Christopher was talking about ・・・・. He’s fighting Orn right now. Of course, Orn’s outnumbered.

The one? Is that what the Commander and the others said was the reason they came to this town?”

Huey asks the question again.

I told you once a long time ago. How could you remember?

“Yeah. We… Or rather, Fuka came to this city at ・・・・・・・・ to finish off Oliver when he went rogue. We were told it was unlikely he’d go off the rails.”

Where’s Philly?

Even at a time like this, Fuuka is acting normal, asking not about Oliver’s condition or location, but about Philly’s whereabouts.

Overlooking the Tutrail again in search of Philly.

And I found Philly fighting Luna of the same party at the place where the heroes’ party had lived.

But it’s only a matter of time.

Fuka is the only one in the vicinity who can stand against him.

But Fuuka has a job to do, and that’s to finish Oliver off.

I’m gonna have to risk my life here to hold off Philly…

Philly’s where the heroes’ party used to live. I’ll buy you some time, but finish off Oliver and come back here.”

You don’t have to. I’ll cut the Philly.

Fuka is self-contained as usual and tells us only the conclusion.

Fuka, we’re in a crazy situation. Tell me what I need to know. What you need to do is stop Oliver. Why are you leaving it and going to Philly?”

I asked her why she was asking me that. and she tilts her head back.

“That’s because Orn is here, okay?”

So tell me why. Why do you have so much faith in Orn? I hate to break it to you, but if Orn keeps fighting Oliver, he’s going to die, no doubt about it.

“… Hmm? Maybe Chris didn’t tell you about Orn?”

Fuuka seems to have come up with something and asks a question.

Christopher told you?

You asked me to support you with Oliver and Fuuka, but other than that, you haven’t told me anything else, have you?

I’ve been digging through my memory, but I don’t remember anything else being said.

“… You’re not listening.”

“I see. That’s why the Orn stuff wasn’t working.”

“Tell me what you know and I’ll tell you what I know. Or is it something you can’t tell me because I’m an offshoot of…?”

I’m not sure what to do with the money.

“No, I don’t. In fact, I thought Hurt knew too. I’ll explain… First, did you know that the king of allies has appeared?

“I know that. You’re talking about the real Oliver, the one who was born around the same time as Oliver, right? But he died ten years ago in an attack by the Order, so… Hey, you don’t think…”

Oh, my God, man.

Is that why Orn was so unbalanced ・・・・・・?

but his physical prowess hasn’t kept pace with his martial arts prowess. That means…

“So . Orn is the hero of fairy tales who was given the sealing spell ・・・・・・・… “The King of the Aliens.”

That one word made all the sense.

I understand now what Fuka has been saying.

Then why is he outnumbered? As of 10 years ago, he should be able to break the seal at will, right?”

“What did Philly do ・・・・ to Oliver ten years ago, and you didn’t even ask that?”

“… I see. That means Orn’s memories have been rewritten too. ・・・・・・・・・, is that right?”

“Yes. And you don’t remember anything about Ki, let alone how to unseal it.”

You know, I mentioned Ki to Fuka after the second round, but he didn’t seem to know about it.

Then isn’t this a bad idea? Even if he’s the King of the Aliens… Orn won’t stand a chance if he’s under the Seal spell.

“It’s probably okay. I don’t remember anything about Ki, but he did break some of the seals. I’m sure Orn has another way to break it. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to defeat the black dragon by himself.

He did. He’s slaying the Black Dragon single-handedly.

A king and a brave warrior are setting out to conquer the Southern Labyrinth… it’s a nightmare to think of now…

We’re running out of time. I just saw a future where Luna was killed by Philly. ・・・・・. Orn will be devastated if Luna dies. That’s why I’m going first. Hurt, come quickly.”

Fuka gets off the wagon and runs towards Tutrail at an unbelievable speed.

How far into the future did you see… That means I won’t be able to use this for a while!

“Are you going too?”

Huey asks me with an anxious look on his face.

“Yeah. This is why we’re in this city. When you reach Tutrail in your wagons, you’ll help us evacuate the civilians.”

Huey and Kati are on the same side, but I can’t get involved from here.

Because one moment of carelessness can be fatal.

I don’t want these people setting foot in that place.

“I’m going with the Lord Commander.”

“Me too!”

“I don’t think you understand, so I’m gonna make this very clear. You don’t know what you’re doing, you’re gonna die.

“I can tell that from the mood of the Commander and Fuuka. But I still want to help the Commander and the others who saved my life. I don’t care if you cut me down if I’m slowing you down…”

“I feel the same way. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the Commander and Fuuka-san. So I want to help the two of you, my benefactors!”

… You both seem determined. We don’t have time for questions right now.

“Okay. Okay, we’ll move now. Kati, I need you to cast [Agility Increase Agility] on yourself and Huey.”


Then we asked them to stop the carriage and we headed for the hero party’s mansion to chase after Fuuka.