The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 106

CH106: [side Luna] Fear

Fuka and Philly were staring at each other,

“Luna! If you stay here you’ll be in Fuuka’s way. You take the Marquis to the guild.

Mr. Hurt called me.

Apparently, they don’t want to stop Fuka from taking on Philly alone.

She certainly wears such a dense atmosphere that she seems to be a different person from before.

It’s obvious that my exhaustion is slowing me down, and I’d better leave now.

Okay, sir… Mr. Forgath, can you stand?

“Oh, yeah. It’s okay. You’re going to the guild, right? Can you explain the situation to us on the way?

I guessed from their exchange that the Marquis’s amnesia is related to Miss Philly, but is this also related to her unusual ability?

“… I’m sorry. Let’s get out of here first.

Mr. Hurt and the others have already started moving towards the north gate.

I also went to the guild with the Marquis at my back, keeping an eye on the surroundings.


“For your bravery in putting yourself in harm’s way, I’ll let you take the lead. Come on, let’s see what you can do.

Philly tells Fuuka with a calm and composed look on her face.

Philly knew from the fight earlier that there was no way he could lose.

But that’s only if you’re dealing with Fuuka, who was working closely with her party members to buy time.

Fuka’s purpose up until now was to buy ・・・・・・・ time until he could use [Future Vision] again.

Fuuka’s [Future Vision] allows her to see a few seconds into the future, but she can see further into the future if she risks it.

The risk is that if you see further into the future, you won’t be able to see the future for a while.

In the carriage on the way back from Maranto, Fuuka had seen the future in which Luna would be defeated by Philly, but until a few minutes ago she had been unable to see the future.

But now you can use [Future Vision] again.

The current Fuuka has become a different existence from the one she had been before, who had suppressed her powers for the sake of cooperation without using her supernatural powers.

… It didn’t take Philly long to figure that out.

Fuka closes the distance between him and Philly without any real action.

“… What?

The filly was paying maximum attention to her movements, unlike when she had received Fuka’s first blow earlier.

But even Philly, with its superhuman reflexes, was just barely able to catch Fuuka’s serious moves.

Somehow he manages to catch Fuuka’s movement and tries to catch the sword coming at him with the staff in his hand.

… But neither defense nor evasion will do him any good against Fuuka’s ability to see the future.

Fuka’s sword dodges the staff and brings the blade to Philly.

“Ugh… I’m…”

A mortally wounded Philly man falls to the ground.

“… I know this is a fake. Why don’t you just get me another one? I’ll keep you company until you reach the end of your rope.

Fuka tells Philly that he’ll be here.

Then the fallen filly disappears and an uninjured filly appears a short distance away from Fuuka.

“… Die.”

Fuuka, on the other hand, ducks all of them with her light movements.

He closes the distance between him and the filly in an instant and swings his sword.

Fillie chooses to evade this time, but Fuka, who already knows how to evade, slashes at the location after the evasion.

… It was as if Philly had come to cut itself.

Philly, who thought she had evaded the attack, is stunned by the pain that hits her and she dies.


The filly disappears again, and an unharmed filly appears nearby.

For the first time, I saw impatience in his expression.

Philly’s supernatural ability is [altered perception].

The effect is, as the name suggests, to rewrite the perception of an arbitrary object.

The two fillies that Fuka just cut down were fakes created by the fillies’ powers.

The true nature of this phenomenon is that it rewrites Fuuka’s perceptions and makes it seem as if Philly is there ・・・・・・・.

The trouble with this is that it’s an undeniable reality… for him.

Philly activates the offensive magic and alters Fuuka’s perception so that she can’t perceive the magic at the same time.

There is no way she can survive this attack… However, Fuuka calculates backwards from the future scene ・・・・・ of herself being attacked, and she ducks the attack.

(And we’ll lose even this…?)

Philly is acting tough, but she has used [Recognition Alteration] quite a few times today and has already exhausted her strength considerably.

In such a situation, you are dealing with an irrational being who will lose all your attacks, while you can neither defend nor evade.

The revisions to the plan forced upon us by the Marquis de Forgath are complete, and all that Philly has to do in that plan is done.

The Shinonome family leader’s death is just an incidental matter.

“I regret to say this, but this is about as close as I’m going to get… But still, it’s completely negligent of me this time that there were others besides me and Orn Dura in ・・・・ this town. I’ll make sure I get them next time, Fuka Shinonome.”

Philly mutters as she watches the sight of Fuuka mercilessly cutting herself down.

… But it was not easy to escape from Huka.


Keeping a vigilant eye on his surroundings, he slowly but surely approached the guild and gave Marquis Forgas a general overview of what had happened recently.

“… And you’re the one who started all this. I can’t explain what exactly you did…”

“… Okay. I’ll get this…”

The Marquis mutters as he stares at the collapsed building.

I think this whole mess started when the Marquis showed Mr. Oliver the golden magic stone.

It seemed to me that Mr. Oliver’s behavior was in response to Mr. Philly acting strangely.

I can’t forgive the Marquis.

But there’s no clear evidence that the marquis used the magic stone to drive Mr. Oliver mad, and I can’t explain it.

I don’t think anyone there but me and Mr. Philly were in their right minds, and I don’t think Mr. Philly would tell us the truth.

That’s why we can’t charge the Marquis with masterminding this.

Moreover, in this chaotic situation, announcing that the Marquis is the ringleader could cause even more confusion.

It’s frustrating but now the army, guilds and explorers must come together with the Marquis as the leader to settle the situation.

We need to get the Marquis to the guild at all costs.

The Marquis’s fate will be decided by those who remain after this matter is concluded.


It’s taking longer than usual, but the entrance to the guild is finally in sight.

“Master Forgath, your escort ends here. You’re on your own from here. I cannot go any further.

“Okay. Thank you for protecting me… Luna, I promise to face my sins. But for now, my duty as your lord takes precedence.

“… Yes. Thank you very much.

I’ve already explained my situation to the Marquis.

He responds to my statement and heads off alone to the guild headquarters.

(Shall I head for the south gate?)

The strength and number of the invading monsters are expected to be in the order of the east gate, north gate, south gate, and west gate.

There are <Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky> at the East Gate and <Late Haze of Red Copper> at the North Gate, so I thought I’d head for the South Gate next, which is expected to be a tough fight.

As you are about to move, several parties of explorers exit the guild just as the Marquis of Forgath enters the guild.

They’ve probably heard from the guild about the gates to their posts and are on their way there now.

And when they found out I was there,

… Hey, it’s Luna from the party of the brave.

… Why is the guy who’s running around town with you here?

Shouldn’t we… Shouldn’t we get him?

They look at me like I’m an abomination.

But that’s not an option.

It’s no secret that my people are wreaking havoc in the city, as Selma made clear earlier.

“… Hey! Luna of the Brave Party! Explain how this happened!”

And finally one of the men takes his anger out on me.

“… I’m sorry. I promise I’ll explain later, but right now I need you to deal with the hexenbiests. Our priority right now is to stop the invasion.

“Screw you! You’re the reason we’re here in the first place! You’re the heroes! My daughter’s worried because Oliver’s acting up! What are you going to do if she doesn’t recover?


“… Humans are emotional creatures… Blaming Luna won’t do any good here. If you’re thinking about your daughter, shouldn’t you just ignore Luna and kill as many monsters as possible?”

Sylph complains about the man’s statement.

“It can’t be helped. Everyone’s just a bit confused by this sudden situation.”

“Hey, this guy could get violent. We’re gonna have to restrain him right here and now!

I was surrounded by explorers, starting with the man’s statement.

These people are probably a lower A rank party at best.

Now I can neutralize them with no problem.

… But I have no intention of resisting.

His family’s involved in a major crime spree of kidnapping and human trafficking, and his party members are destroying the city.

Even though I wasn’t directly involved in either of them, I should be punished as well.

I’m gonna get caught here and spend some time in jail.

But it’s still good to have Sylph and Titania to talk to.

Well, if they’re willing to go out with me.

(I wish I could have at least seen how this one ended, but I guess there’s no way around it…)

Just as one of the explorers was about to grab my arm…

“… Stop it!”

I heard a woman’s voice from a little ways away.

The voice causes everyone around me to turn their heads in the direction of the voice.


I looked in that direction too and there was Eleonora who is the guild official in charge of <Golden Dawn>.

She’s always smiling and has a friendly atmosphere, but now she’s glaring at them with a stern look on her face.

A Guild official. He’s one of the main suspects in this. He should be in custody.

“Did you see her harm the city or people? Did you see the crucial moment when she caused the flood of demonic beasts?”


The man was taken in by Eleonora’s stern expression, and he became brusque.

“Your task now is to destroy the beast that’s attacking the city. It’s not up to you to decide what to do with her. It’s the guild and the army. Go to your posts now!

“”Yes, yes!””

The people who had surrounded me, swept up by Eleonora’s noncommittal mood, moved towards their respective gates as she had instructed them to do.

It seems to be true that normally gentle people are scary when angry…