The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 113

CH113: [side Luna] Moonlight Illuminating the Darkness of the Night (2)

“Hey, sis, want some waffles? They’re sweet and delicious!”

When I got into the carriage with Mr. Orn and his apprentices, Caroline, who was sitting across from me, gave me a waffle.

“Oh, thank you… It’s delicious.”

When I put it in my mouth, the sweetness spread in my mouth, and I felt relieved.

It’s really good.


Caroline is smiling at me. I found myself smiling along with her.

Her smile is so beautiful that it naturally makes us smile too.

“… So, Mr. Orn, I was wondering if you could explain this situation… I don’t know what’s going on anymore…”

I ask Mr. Orn, who is sitting next to me.

I’m really not keeping up with things right now.

Well, of course.

Mr. Orn smiled as he answered my question.

“The situation itself is simple. As it turns out, Luna and the others have been placed on probation.”


Probation was supposed to be a system whereby a convicted criminal could live outside the camp under the supervision of a probation officer.

“Yes. And I’ll be Luna’s parole officer.

Mr. Orn, my probation officer…

“… What? Could it be…

“Yeah. Luna’s been released, as well as Derrick and Anneli. But they’re both suffering from mental trauma. They’re going to a treatment center today. Their parole officer is the Marquis of Forgath. As for Oliver, he’s still in the camps because it’s too difficult to release him at this time. I honestly don’t know when he’ll be released.”

“Well, so are they. Thank you, Mr. Orn.

“It was the Marquis of Forgath who actually put his hands on me. I didn’t do anything.”

“If Mr. Orn has become my probation officer, does that mean he’s working with the Marquis Forgas? Then thank you, sir.”

When I said my thanks, Mr. Orn smiled lightly and said, “You’re welcome.” He replied, “You’re welcome.

A few moments later, the carriage stopped moving.

We’re here. Luna, get out of the car.

Yes, yes.

When we got off the carriage we found ourselves in the grounds of the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky.

I’m pretty sure I can see the Klan emblem on one of the buildings on the property.

You three, take Luna and head to your usual room first. I’ll be right there.

Mr. Orn told the three of them, and they responded. and then she pulled me lightly.


Caroline-chan led us to a room that looked like an ordinary explorer’s operation room, except that there was a podium in front of a blackboard.

There are many things written on the blackboard in Mr. Orn’s handwriting, so I guess this is their room.

“Oh, by the way, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Logan Hayward, and I’m the leader of this party. Feel free to call me Log.”

As I was looking around the room, Mr. Logan introduced himself.

I knew their names because they were Mr. Orn’s disciples, but they didn’t know that.

“I’m Caroline Inglot! You can call me Carol!”

I’m Sophia Claudel. Everyone calls me Sophie.

“Thank you for your kind attention. I’m Luna Flockhart. I’m Luna Flockhart.

I tried to say something after I told him my name, but nothing came out.

The hero party’s practically disbanded… and my family’s Flockhart Trading Company is no more.

There was nothing left for me now.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

While I was thinking about that, Mr. Orn came into the room.

“Ah, Shishou, welcome back.”

“I’m home… Now, why don’t you all take a chair and we’ll talk about the future. Luna, take a seat wherever you can.

Mr. Orn tells us this and the three of us immediately sit down in the chairs at the large table in the center of the room, while Mr. Orn moves to the podium in front of it.

Caroline beckoned to me, “Come here, sister!” so I sat down in the chair next to her.

After waiting for me to be seated, Mr. Orn opens his mouth.

“All right, let’s get started. Let’s start with Luna. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been named Luna’s probation officer. So I’m going to ask Luna to join the Silver Rabbit in the Night Sky as an explorer.”

“… Eh?”

“And you’ll be assigned to the Tenth Rookie Squad, which means this party. Technically speaking, you’ll join the party after you’re promoted to the third squad after tomorrow’s attack on the 30th layer. It’s a bad idea to have S-ranked explorers in a rookie squad.”


I’m just beginning to understand what’s happening now, but Mr. Orn has just said something even more outrageous.

I’m joining the Silver Rabbit in the Night Sky?

“But this is just what I want. As you can see from the fact that I’m a probation officer, this is just a way to get Luna out. This punishment is practically nonexistent. So, of course, Luna has the right to veto it. If she doesn’t want to do it, she can just say so.”

“I don’t mind. I’m rather grateful that you picked me up… But if you’re going to attack the 30th layer tomorrow, that means you’re going to be a B rank party from tomorrow, right? I’m not sure if it’s right for me to join this party as an S-ranked player?”

“I’ve already laid the groundwork. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s up to Luna now.”

“… How do you feel about me joining the party?

I ask Mr. Orn’s disciples.

Their feelings are more important than mine.

“I’m all for it! Shishou has always said that we need more members, and I have no complaints if it’s you!”

“Luna-san’s magic at the West Gate the other day was amazing! We’re very happy to have such a great person in our party.”

“Luna seems nice and Orn said she would be a good person to fill the hole in our party. If it’s okay with you, Luna-san, you can join our party!”

“I mean… Luna, I’m afraid Luna’s parents, Pascal and the others, will never be released. Even if they do, it’ll be at least a few years before they’re released. There’s no way they can get away with child kidnapping in the open.”

Yes, I know.

I don’t know what the punishment will be for your fathers, but I don’t think it’s going to be lenient.

“I’m not going to tell you that I understand what it’s like to have your parents held as criminals. But I do understand the grief of family loss. I’ll confess now that when the thieves killed everyone in our village and Oliver and I were the only ones left alive, we were the only two people left, and we were so lonely. I’m really thankful to Luna for coming to us and putting us in a party together…”

… I didn’t know Mr. Orn was thinking that.

I only approached Mr. Orn and the others as Marquis Forgas instructed.

In fact, I’m the one who should be thanking Mr. Orn and Mr. Oliver for accepting me, a puppet like me, as one of their own…

“… So now it’s my turn. I’m trying to make room for Luna. I’ll stay with her so she won’t feel so lonely. Let’s explore the labyrinth together again. We belong to different parties, but we can party together on free days.”

Mr. Orn told me with a smile.

The look on his face was the same kind, reassuring look he used to have for us when we were in the heroes’ party.

So I’m one of you again, Mr. Orn…

I found myself with a single tear streaming from my eye.

Oddly enough, my parents’ capture freed me from their bondage.

I heard that Mr. Orn was responsible for the arrest of my parents, so in a way I can say that he broke the spell I was under.

And not only that… I had lost my place in the heroes’ party… and you gave me a new one…

I feel that Mr. Orn is shining his light to guide me when I am lost in the darkness.

“… Yes. Yes, please.

I’ve made up my mind to continue to follow Mr. Orn of my own free will and not at the behest of Marquis Forgas or my parents.