The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 114

CH114: What should be exceeded

The day after Luna had joined the Night Sky Silver Rabbit, I had come to the 30th layer of the Grand Labyrinth with the three members of Team 10 and Luna, for a total of five people.

“… Log! NOW!!!”


A huge boar-like beast rushes towards Carol.

Sophie sees this and immediately instructs Log.

“””[Mud wall rock wall]!”””

The two of them cast a spell and two walls appear between Carol and the boar.

The boar’s charge was so strong that it made use of its huge body and broke through the first wall, but in doing so it was killed by the momentum and was blocked by the second wall.

The boar stops its movement.

“… Huh!”

Carol is on the move before the boar is blocked by the wall, moving quickly and slashing repeatedly with the daggers in her hands, mainly at the feet.

(Okay, you’re handling it pretty well.)

I mutter to myself as I watch the three of them fight.

We’re in the boss area of the southern labyrinth.

This boar that Sophie and the rest of the Tenth Squad are fighting is the floor boss of the 30th level.

“Carol’s quick, but she’s very careful with her body language. And Log and Sophie, I’m surprised that you’ve mastered parallel construction, but you’ve even mastered standby activation. You’re Orn’s apprentice, aren’t you?”

Luna, who’s watching the three of them fight next to me, mutters.

Magic is activated only after you have constructed a formula and channeled magic power into it.

That is, magic can be invoked at any time.

The period between the completion of the construction of the formula and the influx of magic power is called the wait for activation.

The activation standby is something that anyone can do, but most of the people who make use of it are those who have mastered parallel construction.

If you have not mastered parallel construction, you can only maintain a completed formula, and you can neither construct a formula nor invoke a spell in the meantime.

Therefore, it is essential to learn parallel construction in order to make use of the activation wait.

However, while you are waiting for the activation, you can’t do everything, because it puts as much or more strain on your brain as the construction of a formula.

The most cost-effective way is to use the magic inflow right after the completion of the construction of the formula, so there are not so many chances to use the activation wait.

However, there is no doubt that it is a useful technique, and those who can choose to stand by to fire on the spur of the moment according to the enemy and the situation can be said to have excellent judgment.

In Sophie’s case, she had decided to stand by for activation.

So it is not a spur-of-the-moment decision, but it is good enough for the present situation.

“I’m not much of a force to be reckoned with. It’s all because of their efforts.”

“I see… Now all that’s left is the mind… If we can change our minds, it won’t be long before we become Tutrail’s leading explorer party.”

I knew Luna was onto us.

What’s Critically Missing in Today’s Tenth Group at ・・・・・・・・ .

But I’m afraid that’s something they’re going to have to figure out on their own.

My words won’t reach you.

“… I agree. It’s probably best to do it as soon as possible, and the best time to do it is now, when it hasn’t been so long since we’ve known a great defeat.”

“Is it a big defeat?”

I’m sorry… but this information was withheld from you. They actually engaged Amuntsaas about a month ago.

“With <Amnzarth>? How did a newcomer… And with all due respect, I’m surprised you survived.

Luna looks genuinely surprised.

I suppose that’s understandable. The organization’s a threat to any advanced explorer.

They haven’t appeared in the Southern Labyrinth for the past ten years, but they’ve started to appear here again.

I’d like to get this information from the Explorers’ Guild, but for some reason they are keeping this matter a secret.

We thought about releasing it from <Yoten no Ginrabbit>, but since the contents are so detailed that sending out a message from the Clan might cause more confusion than necessary, we haven’t spoken out about it either.

I’ve been trying to spread rumors, but so far it doesn’t seem to be spreading that far.

Luna didn’t seem to know either, so either it’s being dismissed as nonsense or it’s being covered up by someone.

“It seems Amuntsaas was after me. Somehow I was able to intervene and we all survived, but if I hadn’t made it in time, I’m afraid…”

“… I see. Maybe that’s why.”

Luna mutters thoughtfully.

“Of course. But there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Okay. I’ll take care of it.”

Luna replies with a look of intent.

What are you gonna do?


Carroll uses hit-and-away to gain hate on the boar, and Log turns around in his blind spot and attacks with his spear.

Sophie also attacks with a [Fire Arrow] or something similar in a position where the two aren’t.

He hasn’t done much damage, but he’s getting closer and closer to victory.

You two, get away from him! I’m going to Advanced Magic!”

At Sophie’s call, Carol and Rog move away from the boars.

“… [Fire Spear Fire Javelin]!

Sophie, seeing that the two have separated, activates her advanced magic.

Three spears of fire appear in the sky above and rain down to pierce the boar.

“[Wind Blade Aero Cutter]!”

“… [Thunder Thunder Shock]!”

Sophie’s [Fire Javelin] damages the boar heavily, and the two of them attack it with attack magic.


There’s no way that the boar, whose movements have been slowed even more by the damage from the barrage of magic blows, can put up a good fight against the three of them, but things are going according to the plan Sophie and the others had laid out beforehand…

The boar roars and rushes at Carol with all its might.


“I know! [Thunderbolt Thundershock!


Log slows the boar’s movement with [Thunderbolt Thunder Shock], and Sophie’s [Telekinesis] completely blocks its movement.

Come on, man… Get down!

Carol runs around the boar, which can’t even move, and slashes at it over and over again.

The two of them strike with offensive magic as Carol moves quickly.

About twenty minutes after entering the boss area of the 30th level, the floor boss, a huge boar, transformed into a demon stone.

“I won!”

You did it!

“Yeah! I think we did our best enough!”

The three of them are sharing their joy after defeating the 30th level floor boss.

I’m glad you won.

The three of us were almost certain to win, but you never know.

That’s a relief.

Okay, and…

“… Mr. Orn? Is something wrong?

I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find a way to get a good look at her.

In the last mission, after defeating a floor boss, a deep level floor boss suddenly appeared.

It was concluded that it was because of the door of whim that the party of heroes used.

I agree with that conclusion.

But now that there’s a greater chance of artificially causing a flood of monsters… I don’t think we can dismiss the incident during the search as a coincidence anymore.

I keep my eyes open for a while, even though I know it’s highly unlikely, but there seems to be nothing wrong.

“… No, it’s nothing. Come on, let’s get to them.

He smiles at Luna as he lowers his alert level.

“… Oh, shit! We won!”

Carol is the first one to notice our approach and runs up to me, screaming with joy and asking me to pet her head.

“Yeah, I saw that. You were working well together. You did good.”

He stroked Carol’s head as he worked on her.


I remove my hand from Carol’s head, who is looking happy, and pat the heads of Sophie and Log, who have followed close behind.

“Well done to both of you. This fight was close to a perfect score. Good job.”

“Oh, thank you…”

Sophie’s face is bright red as she looks down and smiles.

“No, not yet. In order to get as close as possible to my master ・・・・・・・, I can’t be satisfied here!”

You should be happy, but you’re trying so hard to hide it, Log.

“… Well then, let’s leave the review for later and head to the 30th layer…”

He tells the three of them as they look at the road to the 30th level, which the disciples have opened up by themselves.

“”””Yes!!!!”” “””


We came to the thirty first layer and went through the crystal to the entrance and came back to the Clan Headquarters.

“Well, congratulations again on reaching the 30th level. You are now both in name and reality explorers of the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky. From now on, you’ll be more responsible for your actions than ever before. I’m sure you’ll be fine now, but keep this in mind.”

The three who heard my words nodded with serious expressions.

“Well then, let’s move on to the general review of this 30th layer attack. Let’s hear Luna’s thoughts first. How did you feel when you saw this party’s battle for the first time?

“Yes. It’s a shame to leave them as newcomers, that’s my honest impression. I’m not surprised at their individual abilities, but their behavior in the labyrinth and the coordination between the party members is something you wouldn’t expect from a C-rank party. They’re already A rank… I think they’re good enough to go to the lower levels.”

Luna’s positive opinion as an S rank explorer made all three of their faces smile.

In contrast, Luna’s expression was serious,

“… I should probably stop talking here. I’m not at liberty to say such a thing to the party that’s welcoming me, but I still decided that I should say it if we’re all friends. I’d like to ask you one question… What is the goal of this party?”

Luna asks the three of them.

“Our personal goals are different. However, this party’s goal is to conquer the Southern Labyrinth!”

The log answers Luna’s question on her behalf.

From the looks on Sophie and Carol’s faces, it seems that all three of them feel the same way.

“I see. Well, let me be very clear. Mr. Orn just said you got a near perfect score. Are you sure you’re not just taking his word for it? I’d say you’re just barely avoiding a fail. Mr. Orn, aren’t you giving these kids too low a grade?”

Luna’s gonna turn on me.

(… I see. That’s what you meant when you said “leave it to me” earlier. I didn’t ask you to join this party so that Luna would hate me…)

Luna’s spirit magic is the best way to make up for the shortage of the Tenth Group.

There’s a big difference in ability between Luna and the three of them now.

But I think Sophie and the others have the potential to be close to the first squad.

No, that’s why.

We’re bringing in someone to the party who’s a few steps better than we are.

Luna is in a delicate position.

Should I take it as a statement to establish my position?

As a senior explorer, if you can give me a harsh opinion and still be welcomed as a fellow explorer, then so be it.

If they don’t like me and keep their distance from me, then I’ll be the candy and Luna will be the whip, and I’ll help Sophie and the others grow.

I don’t want Luna to be hated by Sophie and her friends.

But Luna’s eyes tell me she’s ready. “I’m ready.

Besides, if this exchange turns out to be a good one, there’s a good chance that the party’s concerns will be addressed.

… What the Tenth Squad lacks… is the will to surpass me.

Sophie and the others think I’ll never catch up.

It’s true that for newcomers, S-ranked explorers are above the clouds.

Few newcomers really think that they can surpass S-ranked explorers.

But you can’t go up there with that kind of resolve. The Grand Labyrinth is impossible.

Because even the current S rank explorers haven’t been able to conquer the Great Southern Labyrinth ・・・・・.

The only party that can conquer the Grand Labyrinth is the one that can overwhelm even the current S rank party.

Then I’ll respect Luna’s wishes.

We can’t get ahead just by being friends.

This would be a good time to reexamine the Tenth Group’s resolve.

“Yeah? You’ve all worked hard. It’s a good job. It’s a good job.

“That’s based on the level of the lower levels you reach, right?”

“… I’m not denying it.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean. If this party’s goal was to reach the lower levels, I would give them a near perfect score. But if their goal is to reach the deeper levels and conquer the Grand Labyrinth, they shouldn’t be satisfied with that kind of content.”

Luna turns to face the three of them again and raises her voice.

“… Do you have the will to surpass Mr. Orn?”

“Oh, no…”

“Impossible”? I’m sure you’ve already understood how sacred Mr. Orn is to you from the exchanges of yesterday and today. I’m of S rank as well. I don’t blame you for thinking of him as sacred.

“”””…”” “””

“But haven’t you forgotten that your goal of conquering the Southern Labyrinth is something even Mr. Orn hasn’t achieved? Your goal of conquering the Southern Labyrinth is something even Mr. Orn hasn’t achieved yet.

“”””… !”” “””

“If you guys don’t even try to surpass the current Orn-san, then conquering the Southern Labyrinth is just a dream.”

Silence reigns in this room.

Luna made it clear that Sophie and the others had turned a blind eye to the fact.

(Now, what will the three of them feel and do after hearing Luna’s words? Depending on their answers, the way we deal with Sophie and the others will change. I’ll respect my apprentice’s will. That won’t change.)

Not long silence followed,

“I… I…!”

Surprisingly, Sophie was the first of the three to open her mouth.

“… I thought I would never be able to surpass you, Mr. Orn. I’ve been saved so many times, I’ve seen so many great things, and I thought that I could never be as good as him…”


“But what you just said made my heart skip a beat. I want to be able to help Mr. Orn when he’s in trouble. I can’t help him if I’m just following him… So I will surpass you! Otherwise, I won’t be able to help Mr. Orn when he’s in trouble!”

“If your goal is to reach a place even your current master can’t reach, then your current master must surpass you. I knew that but I didn’t understand. I didn’t set the goal of conquering the Grand Maze just for the heck of it. I want to be the best explorer so that I can proudly tell the people of the village who sent me off that day that I made the right choice… I’m going to surpass my master!”

“Someday, Shishou, you’ll tell me.” He says the most exciting moment for a master is when his student surpasses him. I want to experience that feeling too.” I’m sure he’ll give us his best smile. I’ll surpass him too so that I can see his best smile!”

I can feel the three of you changing the color of your eyes.

These boys swore to become even stronger after their defeat at the hands of Amuntsarth, and now they seem to really think they can surpass me.

“Yes, let’s grow together… I’m not satisfied with where I am now. I’m going to get stronger and stronger and overtake you.

Luna smiles at me.

(Thank you, Luna. For changing their minds. They’re gonna get stronger… I can’t lose.)

“As I said before. “From now on, we’ll be held more accountable for our actions than ever before. I’m not gonna let you get away with this.”

This is no time to dwell on Oliver’s defeat.

To continue to be the greatest wall of discipleship, we can’t stand still…!