The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 126

CH126: labyrinth -Practice

We’ve come to the first level of the labyrinth and we’re heading for the eighth level, following the route I’ve decided upon for the time being.

The investigations from the first to the sixth layer have already been roughly completed by the predecessors.

As for the seventh layer, the report shows that more than half of it has been completed, so we decided to put off the investigation of the seventh layer and investigate the eighth layer first.

By the way, I leave the fighting to <Moonbow of Dusk>.

I’ve been training my ch’i personally, and I can deal with the enemies here with <Dusk Moonbow> without any problems.

The main reason for this is that we haven’t done much fighting since Luna joined, so we wanted to take this opportunity to see how the new party works together.

“Just ahead, around the bend to the right, there are five goblins.”

Sophie screamed as we were making our way through the labyrinth.

Sophie found a group of goblins out of sight and a good distance away.

And yet, it is able to sense position and number accurately.

Sophie’s sensing abilities are improving by the day.

Her detection skills are more akin to what’s commonly known as “intuition.

It is said that explorers who have been active in the labyrinth for a long time develop a keen intuition, which can be called a sixth sense, although it varies from person to person.

Actually, it’s just a “good guess” based on the atmosphere of the labyrinth at that time and years of experience.

However, Sophie’s sensing ability does not fit the aforementioned description.

Sophie has far less experience than the advanced explorers.

But he’s got a sensing ability that’s as good as any advanced explorer, probably thanks to his telekinetic abilities.

A xenophobia may induce secondary abilities.

My [Converge Magic] and Luna’s [Spirit Control] are the same.

Each of them has the ability to interfere with magic, so they are able to sense magic that humans normally cannot.

There are still many aspects of [telekinesis] that are unknown, but there is no doubt that it is an ability that can have a physical effect on an object.

In other words, it can be paraphrased as ・・・・・ which can interfere with objects.

We think it has something to do with Sophie’s sensing ability.

It’s only been a couple of months since Sophie manifested her powers.

It’s not hard to imagine that you’ll be able to use your abilities more and more from now on.

My sensing abilities are still better than yours, but maybe in the future you’ll surpass me.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how she develops.

“Sister Lu, can you send [Decoy Magic Light Induction] around the bend?”


Luna activates [Decoy Magic Light Induction] at the intersection.

Of all the members of <Dusk Moonbow>, Luna is naturally the strongest by far.

You’ll be the best at leading a party.

However, Luna has declined to be the conductor herself, so Sophie will conduct the party as before.

Log, I’m going to use my magic to kill them when they come out. Two for Log and three for me.

“… I’m on it.”

As Sophie and Log were constructing the formula the goblins came to the magic light.

“””[Fire Arrow Fire Arrow]!”””

When all five of them were in sight Sophie and Log invoked their magic and multiple fire arrows pierced the goblins.


“Sophie, that’s amazing! How do you know there are goblins here?

“Well, I kind of thought there was a goblin.”

Carol is addressing Sophie admiringly.

I hear the conversation in the background and talk to Log, who’s a little ways away.

“Good work, Log.”

“Master… I’m not tired at all, I was just following Sophie’s instructions.”

Log replies with a weak smile.

(I was going to talk to Log a little later, but I’m going to step in.)

“Are you worried about Sophie taking the role away from you?”


Log took a small gasp in response to my question.

Before Sophie developed her powers, Log was on guard duty around the perimeter.

I’m also far better at detecting logs than any other explorer of my level.

But Sophie’s sensing abilities are second to none.

It’s not as good as that.

“I was overloaded with logs to begin with. I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped the party by being both the vanguard and the grantmaster at the same time. You’re an indispensable part of this party. You should have more confidence.”

“… Yes. Thank you.”

It’s hard to go any further now.

If we go too far here, it may hinder our investigation of the labyrinth.

It is necessary to vent to some extent, but it is also necessary to worry, and it is difficult to find the right balance.

“Log! Sophie said we’re going to fight mainly vanguard next time! Let’s do our best!”

Carol noticed that Log was acting strangely and immediately called out to him.

“… Yeah. Let’s go.


After that, I registered the crystals of each level on my guild card without any major trouble, and I arrived at the seventh level.

“I heard that there’s a mixed group of demonic beasts from the seventh layer… so keep that in mind…”

I was on alert and a hexenbiest got caught in my net.

The hexenbiest is in a clearing up ahead.

One orc and two Cerberus.

Contact! One orc and a quadrupedal beast, maybe two Cerberus!

After a while, Sophie also notices the presence of the hexenbiest and screams.

Cerberus is a three-headed dog-like beast.

Their bodies are large enough to be carried on the backs of boys and girls, and they are very fast.

They also have a keen sense of smell and are one of the strongest among the so-called low-ranked magical beasts that can’t use magic.

“Sophie, what do we do? We’re going to use our magic and take them out all at once?

“Yeah, that’s a safe bet. We’ll start by getting close enough to get the monsters in sight. If they don’t notice us when we’re in their line of sight, Ru and I will each take out a Cerberus and Log will take out an Orc with our magic. If they are aware, Carol and Rog will each hold off a Cerberus. I and Lu will use our magic to defeat each of them.”

Sophie quickly assembles a plan and tells it to her friends.

There’s nothing wrong with the mission. It’s who we’re up against.

“Hmm, I think they already know, don’t you?”

It seems that Cerberus’ sense of smell has already caught us, and they’re coming at us in a vertical line from the front.

“!!! Carol hold the Cerberus in front of you! Log, Lu, I’ll stop the Cerberus in the back, please use your magic to intercept it!”

Aisa! Okay! Yes.”

Log immediately buffs Carol and she quickly closes the distance between her and Cerberus.


Sophie thrusts her left hand forward and stops Cerberus from moving backwards with [telekinesis].

“[Earth Thorn Lock Needle]!”

“[Thunder Arrow Thunder Arrow]!”

The thorns that Log created by raising the ground pierce the legs and abdomen of a Cerberus whose movement has been stopped.

Luna’s arrows of lightning rained down on Cerberus and he was reduced to a black mist and only the magic stone remained.

The other battle was dominated by Carol.

In a flash he closes the distance and slashes with the dagger in his hand. Cerberus tries to counterattack immediately, but Carol has already moved out of the enemy’s range.

He leaps across the ground, the walls on either side, and the ceiling, and his speed has already reached a level that no ordinary person can see.

Carroll has been growing up a lot lately.

Especially when it comes to physical abilities, you are at the top level even if you include advanced searchers.

It’s not as fast as the super speed that Fuuka showed in the second round of the martial arts tournament the other day, but it seems to follow Fuuka with the buff of support magic, which is a perfect backward compatibility of Ki activation.

If Carol ever masters Ki control, she could be right up there with Fuuka.

Carol! I’m going for the offensive magic!

Carol hears Sophie’s voice and does a final heel drop to one of Cerberus’ heads as she leaps vertically from the ceiling before quickly leaving the scene.

“[Fire Spear Fire Javelin]!”

Carol moves away and a spear of fire pierces Cerberus, turning him to stone.

The remaining orcs were also killed without difficulty when Luna’s attack magic hit them as they were being drawn back by Log.

“How was my fight, Shisheng?”

The battle is over and Carol comes over to us with a big smile on her face.

“I thought you handled yourself well. He hasn’t been hurt, and he’s really matured.”

I stroke Carol’s head and give her a compliment.



The labyrinth itself is small, and it took me less than two hours to reach the eighth layer of the labyrinth.

“All right, here’s where we’ll get down to business today… investigating the labyrinth.”

I’ll call on everyone after a short break.

“There are several steps in the labyrinth investigation, do you know what the first thing is when you come to an unreachable level?”

I know what it is. Cartographic mapping, right?”

The log answers my question.

“That’s right. The first priority is to make a map. If you know the inner workings, you can get around more efficiently. And to make a map, you use this.”

In the old days, the maps we made for the labyrinths were all handwritten.

However, this has the disadvantage that the scale varies from person to person.

So the Searchers’ Guild has created this board-like arcane tool mapping board.

If you put a special paper on this board and walk in the labyrinth while holding it level with the ground, this magic tool will draw a map on its own.

“Oh! That’s great! So useful~.”

After explaining the mapping board, Carol walks around the perimeter holding the mapping board.

Then a map is drawn on the paper.

“It’s really useful. I didn’t know they had magic tools like this. But when I think about it… it’s only natural. The maps of the Grand Labyrinth that the clan has are all the same scale.

“You don’t have to explain to me how much this magical tool will be appreciated by us explorers…”

“Yes. I have to thank the Explorers Guild for the guild cards, the mapping board, and so on.”

“Okay… Okay, let’s start mapping. Even though this labyrinth is small, it’ll take a lot of time if we have to go through every path at least once. You’ll have to fight a lot more battles than you usually do in the labyrinth, so if you fight as hard as you can every time, you’ll soon get exhausted. However, you can’t afford to relax too much and get yourself seriously injured. Be careful to keep a good pace.”

“”””Yes.””” “””

Okay, let’s go.

“””” Oh!” “””