The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 133

CH133: The reason I was called

“Ah, Master! Good morning!”

I wake up in the morning, finish getting ready and leave my room.

I ran into Log just as I was leaving the room.

“Oh, good morning.”

It’s been a little over a month since Log and Carol collided.

I think the logs have recovered and become mentally stable since then. I think I’m out of danger of exploding soon.

“Good morning, Shisho! Good morning to you too, Log!”

The first time I went to the dining room with Log,・・・・・ Carol greeted me with her usual cheerful ・・・・・ manner.

Luna seemed to follow Carol’s lead and she was back to her normal self the next day.

And now that Log has apologized to Carol, things are back to normal.

I thought the relationship would never sour, but I’m relieved to see it’s actually back on track.

Sophie and Luna arrive just as we sit down and the four of us begin to eat.

I’ve eaten my rations in my room as usual, so here I am sipping my tea and reading the newspaper.

I should probably eat with everyone else, but for years I’ve been having breakfast on portable rations on the days I dive into the labyrinth, and it’s already become a habit.

I try to spend time in the same space at least, because it would be a total disaster if I lose my condition by forcing myself to change.

The five of us were having a leisurely time before investigating the labyrinth when the door quietly opened.

I looked over there and the butler who greeted us when we first came to the house, Lewis, came into the room.

He comes up to me, puts away the newspaper he was reading and gets up from his chair.

“Good morning, Mr. Lewis.”

“Good morning, Master Orn. I’m sorry to interrupt your meal.

Mr. Lewis calls to me, bowing his head politely.

As guests of the Earl of Eddington, we’ve been treated with the usual courtesies.

But now Mr. Lewis is more polite than ever, and the word “I’m sorry” seems to be filled with more emotion than it should be.

No, that’s all right. Can I help you?

Yes. The master wants to see you.

The Earl of Eddington?

I’ve been summoned by him a few times before, but he’s never summoned me before the labyrinth investigation.

But this call came at such an inopportune time.

Yes, my lord. Shall I proceed as usual to the office of Orville, Earl of Eddington?

Yes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mr. Lewis affirms my question and bows his head deeply again.

A little over the top, don’t you think?


I left the others to their meals and came alone to the Earl of Eddington’s office.

You knock on the door and a voice tells you to come in, so you open the door.

When I stepped into the room, the air felt as if it had changed completely.

A heavy, tense atmosphere pervades the room.

Excuse me, sir. Mr. Orville, you wanted to see me?

I call on the Earl of Eddington, the source of this atmosphere.

There’s an old man sitting on a couch nearby, eddington.

He has the same old geezer look, only his eyes are sharper than usual.

I enter the room and Count Eddington opens his mouth.

“Sorry it’s so early. I’m sorry it’s so early in the morning. I’ll spare you the preamble. We’ve just received word that a number of what we believe to be Imperial legionnaires have crossed the border into our territory… It seems some of our soldiers were killed in the process.”

The Earl of Eddington suddenly says the most extraordinary thing.

You’d be surprised how many Imperial Guardsmen have suddenly found their way into another country… only to murder a few of their own on the way over?

I thought we had a non-aggression pact. What is the Reich thinking.

This is the kind of behavior that could lead to war.

“… How long ago was the breach, exactly?

Just a few minutes ago… A little over a minute ago.

Ten minutes ago? How far do you think it is from here to the border?

It’s impossible for information to get through so quickly without a gift like Selma’s.

Then does that mean the Countess has someone with similar abilities?

At least we know it’ll take the Imperials a while to get here.

We have a window of opportunity, but it’s better to move quickly.

“… I see. Then we will return to Tutrail. We will resume our investigation of the labyrinth when things have settled down.”

This is a matter of state. It’s not something we explorers should get involved in easily.

And since this territory is likely to become a battlefield, I don’t intend to stay here.

We’ll have to go back to the Tutrail and see what we can do.

After saying that, I was about to turn my back on the Count to leave the room,

“That’s not good, Mr. Orn… I brought you here ・・・・・・・ for this day.”

The old man opened his mouth.

For this day?

“Yeah. There’s been some unrest in the Empire for some time now. It was a 50-50 chance, but I expected this. You’re going to work for me. Orn Dura, hero of the realm.

(So this is what the old man… This is what Count Eddington was up to.)

A rank A explorer is enough for labyrinth investigation.

Furthermore, this is an important time for the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky. I’m sure you know that.

And yet you went to the trouble of taking out three S-ranked explorers so that you could be counted as a fighting force when the Empire invaded.

You’re buying it. I’m not a hero.

“That’s right. I didn’t conquer the beast flood single-handedly like the imperial heroes. But I’m sure you’re the strongest pawn I can move, Mr. Orn. Please lend us your strength.

“No, sir. I’m not a soldier. I’m an explorer. I have no reason to fight.

“No, there must be a reason to fight. I believe the Empire’s reason for invading this time is to secure the labyrinth. If that’s the case, where do you think the enemy will go next once they’ve breached our borders?

You think the goal here is to secure the maze?

The Empire may have lost the Great Labyrinth… but it still has many more.

There’s no reason for them to go all the way to another country’s labyrinth… but if you’re right… then who would they be targeting?

Rougaou, is it?

The old man nods at my words with a satisfied smile on his face.

(You’ve got to be kidding me…!)

I bite my back teeth and try to fight off the urge to slam my fist into the old man’s face.

Rugau is the city where Will and his people are.

So the Countess had Will and the others operating there to semi-forcibly put them in the line of fire.

“It seems that you said at the regular meeting the day after you joined the Night Sky Silver Rabbit that you would do your utmost to protect your comrades, didn’t you? Are you going to abandon your comrades who are unreasonably caught up in the ・・・・ maelstrom of war, and return to Tutrail on your own?”

“…. !!!”

The air vibrates as if my anger has spread to the air around me.

The Count of Eddington gulps in surprise at my deadly gaze, but the old man stares back at me with a sharp look in his eye.

(You old son of a bitch…!)

I feel like taking my anger out on the old man in front of me right now.

I hate that you’re letting this guy do what he wants.

But if it’s true that Will and the others are in danger, then my feelings take a back seat.

His story’s not very plausible. But there was a good chance I’d have beaten him in a fit of rage.

But the fact that he told you this must mean that his guess was as good as it got in his mind.

I take a deep breath and calm down before opening my mouth.

“… Okay. We’re going to Rugau.

“I knew you’d say that. Like I said, we were prepared for this. We were prepared for it, and I think we can handle it. Except for one thing.”

“A concern?”

“Well, it seems that the people who’ve come in are some of the most troublesome in the Imperial Guard… Some kind of member of the Crown Prince’s personal guard.

“The Crown Prince’s personal guard”? Is that…?”

“Yeah. You’re familiar with them, aren’t you, explorer? The men who conquered the Great Western Labyrinth… ・・・・・・. And among them, of course, there’s the Hero.

<The explorer nicknamed “Hero”… Felix Lutz Kreutzer is the crown prince of the Sauber Empire, the leader of the attack on the Great Labyrinth of the West, and is considered by many to be the most powerful man in the world.

Not only did he conquer the Grand Labyrinth, but he also single-handedly quelled an unprecedented flood of demonic beasts and single-handedly destroyed a division of the Imperial Army in a mock battle.

The idea of such a joke of an entity launching an invasion sends chills down my spine.

“Orn-kun, I want you to go ahead and guide the <Hero> to a certain position. We’ve already set up anti-Hero magic weapons there, so I want you to use them to neutralize the <Hero>. We’ll deal with the other enemies ourselves.”

(A magic weapon for heroes… You’ve been developing such a thing?)

The old man will give you a detailed description of the magical weapon.

From what I’ve heard, it’s not something you’d use against an individual, but it is against that <Hero>.

It’s gonna take a lot of work to neutralize them.

“… What if even this magic weapon can’t neutralize it?”

“If only the heroes weren’t here… we have enough strength to destroy the enemy. We’ll use it to take them all alive. Then the Hero will have no choice but to come to the negotiating table. He seems to value his friends very highly.”

So you want me to hold them off until you capture them?

I’m sure you’re right.

We don’t know how strong <Hero> actually is.

It is said that the West Grand Labyrinth is less difficult to conquer than the South Grand Labyrinth because there is no deep level in the West Grand Labyrinth like in the South Grand Labyrinth.

But if you’ve managed to conquer the Grand Maze, which hasn’t been conquered for hundreds of years, then you’re not weak.

I hope it’s just a rumor, but if you are as good as they say… I don’t stand a chance.

“I will not risk my life for this one. I will retreat with Will and the others as soon as I know we can’t win, so please understand that.”

“That’s not an option. Okay. I’ll leave it to you then. But you won’t back down if there’s even the slightest ・・・・ chance of winning, right?”

“… You owe me this. And I’m the only one who can help you this time. <I’m sending Götterdämmerung back to you. I won’t involve my disciples in this foolish battle.

“Yeah, I didn’t count them in the force to begin with, so they’re fine. Well then, I’ll be looking forward to working with you.”


I leave Earl Eddington’s office and quickly return to the dining room where Luna and I make our way to an empty room.

“… What’s wrong?”

As soon as I enter the room, Luna asks me with a serious expression on her face.

I’ve known her for a long time and she seems to have noticed that I’m in a different mood than usual.

“Oh, I don’t have much time, so I’ll keep this short and sweet…”

I’ll tell Luna what she just told me. That the Imperial Guard has crossed the border, that their goal is most likely an invasion, and that I’m going to take care of it.

Why didn’t you say no? This is war. It’s not like Mr. Orn.

“… I’m sure. But there’s a good chance Will and the others are involved. We can’t just abandon them.”

I see.

“Luna, I want you to go back to Tutrail with Sophie and the others. Nominally she’s to escort Abel Eddington to King’s Landing. There will be a few soldiers with him, though, so there should be little for the Dusk Moonbow to do. As soon as you reach Tutrail, please inform Selma of this matter.”

He quickly tells Luna what he’s going to do.

“… I understand. Mr. Orn, please make sure you come back alive. I won’t let you die here…!”

“Of course. I’m not going to die. I’m going to buy us some time, and then I’m going to come after you and Will and the others…”

After you’ve finished talking to Luna, you head to the stables.

I had hoped to see the faces of my apprentices one last time, but time is of the essence now.

I’ll leave it to Luna to explain to the disciples.

When I came to the stables, I found the horses, the old stable keeper, and Mr. Abel.

Abel bowed his head as I approached them.

“Mr. Orn, I’m sorry I dragged you into this.”

I’m probably looking down at Mr. Abel’s head right now with a cold stare.

It’s not his fault that I’m having a hard time with my feelings on this one. I know that.

It’s the natural course of action for a man charged with defending this territory.

I would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes.

“You were anticipating this situation when you suggested I take up riding.”


Abel didn’t answer my call, he kept his head down and didn’t make eye contact with me.

If I try to have a conversation with Abel like this, I might say something terrible.

I walk past Abel and approach the horses without saying a word.

I stroke him around the neck and say, “I’m going to have to push you a little bit, but take care of it, okay?” “I’m going to have to push you a little bit.

Then I mounted my horse and rode toward Rugau.