The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 137

CH137: Hero of the Kingdom vs. Hero of the Empire (3) Running Lights

I’m on the lookout for an attack from the <Hero> who has me in his sights, and a tree trunk floating in midair turns towards me.

“… Hey, you can’t be…”

An object more than ten meters in diameter is coming right at me.

“… Shit!”

The sword is still in the form of a magic sword, and he delivers a number of jet-black slashes.

You also use offensive magic to intercept the attacking trees, but you are overwhelmingly outnumbered.

(Should I have done the [Unsealing Cultivation]! Then you could have used your higher magic or your special magic… No, we might have been able to intercept them more easily than now, but that doesn’t mean we’d be in the same situation as now…!)

Finally, a tree falls in a straight line at me that I failed to intercept.

Stop swinging at Schwarzhase to evade.

More trees fall as the jet-black slashes can no longer be intercepted.

I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that a cloud of dust and smoke has covered the area, so they’ve lost me again.

The <Heroes> have switched to a wooden surface.

You keep avoiding it desperately, taking care not to get out of the cloud of dust.

A few moments later the trees stopped raining as the <Hero> ran out of ammunition.

(Next time, we’ll fight back…!)

The <Heroes> will think they’ve lost each other in a cloud of dust.

But I still see the hero.

My spatial awareness has improved dramatically since the joint defeat I took part in this past February.

I don’t know why.

But now that our field of vision has expanded dramatically, we can see the battlefield from a bird’s eye view.

This is the reason why you were able to fire a spell at the <Hero> accurately while hiding in the trees earlier, and why you were able to keep avoiding the trees in the cloud of dust.

“[Often type mont feuer].”

Schwarzhase forms a spear.

“… !”

Then he throws his spear at the <Hero>.

A spear closes in on the <Hero> at high speed.

This single point of attack might be able to penetrate the <Hero>’s force field.

But that hope was dashed.

The spear’s trajectory is deflected by the force field, as with all previous offensive magic.

Not yet!

The spear suddenly burst into a spread of magical power!

A jet-black shockwave engulfs the <Hero>.

But I know this still won’t reach you.

As expected, the <Hero> who was consumed by the jet-black magic comes out unharmed.

And he swings his sword at the place where the spear was thrown.

(Here it is…!)

It’s almost certain that the <Hero>’s supernatural ability is creating a force field that’s blocking all attacks. And if he’s going to use it to attack, then our attack will also pass if it’s at the moment of attack!

The jet-black magic power spreading around <Hero> gathers in my right hand,・・・・・・・, which I moved behind with [Space Leap Space Leap], and forms a long sword.

He’s wielding a magic sword.


The sword I wielded was caught in the Hero’s force field.

And he’s been held perfectly in place by the sword, even though he’s only been pushed back so far.

(So my guess was off.)

I immediately let go of the Schwarzhase and tried to leave on my own, but I myself was caught in the force field and could not move.

“A lot of unique attacks, quite enjoyable. Personally, I’d like to see it stretched out a bit more…”

This force-field constraint holds the object in place by applying a similar force from the opposite direction to the force applied by us.

Then, there is a possibility that you can escape if an unexpected force suddenly occurs.

I think so, and I let my ki flow through my entire body, ignoring the <Hero>’s mutterings,


It’s over.

I was pulled to the ground and slammed face down on the ground before I could even utter the words [unseal carmineation].

“Oh, God…”

And then something crushes my whole body down on top of me.

His whole body is crushed, and he cannot move a finger, and intense pain runs through his body.


That alone was painful, but the pressure on his body made it difficult for him to breathe.

The <Hero>, who has quietly alighted beside me, opens his mouth.

“You too must suffer the agony of not being able to breathe…”

The Hero turns his back on you and leaves.

And as my consciousness slowly faded away…


Running Lamp .

It is said that it is a phenomenon that past events come to mind when you are faced with the danger of death.

So, is this just another running light that’s going through my mind right now?

But that doesn’t make any sense.

Because there are many events that are going through my mind right now that I don’t ・・・・・ remember.


I became an explorer when I was nine.

Me, Oliver, and Luna formed a party of explorers and set out for the Great Southern Labyrinth.

We were moving up the hierarchy in no time.

In no time at all, I reached the middle level, and I continued to conquer the levels after that.

The first time we were forced to fight a hard battle was against the Titans, the floor boss of the 40th level.

But even though it was a tough fight, we didn’t lose. It’s just that they weren’t easy to beat.

Even if they were covered in natural armor, they could be defeated with Oliver’s Heavenly Flash and Luna’s Advanced and Superior magic, though it would take some time.

In contrast, I hadn’t developed [Convergence of Magic] at that time and the attacking magic I could use was at best beginner level. It was obvious that I wasn’t a force to be reckoned with in the battle for the 40th layer.

Still, he did what he could and played like a defender, showing great adaptability so that both players could focus on their own attacks.

I’m sorry.

At the time, I didn’t know the concept of role-playing, so I was angry at myself for only being able to contribute to my friends in such a way.

“Why am I so weak…! I want to be able to attack ・・・・ like Oliver! I want to be strong!”

I think I was shouting that while staring at the floor boss of the 40th layer.

And then,louis vuitton handbags outlet, I wonder if the anger I directed at myself had any effect,louis vuitton outlet online.


“Oh! Orn has finally developed a different ability! And he’s the same as me, I guess Orn and I are one and the same after all!”

“Congratulations, Mr. Orn.”

“Thank you both. It makes me stronger!”

But that’s strange. I’ve heard that each of you has a different ability. I’ve also heard that there are similar abilities… but are they really this similar?”

“Don’t worry about the details! Now we all have supernatural powers! There’s no other party where everyone has powers! We might be famous sooner than we think!”


“Grandpa! Listen to me! I’ve developed powers!

I’ve finished the 40th layer and I can’t stand still so I stormed into Grandpa’s general store.

I met my grandpa a few days after I became an explorer, when I was looking for a place to buy the tools I needed for my quest. Since that day, he’s been kind to me like a real grandfather.

I was still a child, and my story must have seemed incomprehensible to you, even with all the excitement.

But Grandpa still listened to me with a smile.

The words my grandfather said to me at that time still remain in my mind.

“A xenomorph has some understanding of his or her xenomorphism. But you mustn’t be bound by that understanding. A supernatural ability can be “expanded”. Orn’s supernatural power may not just be “the ability to gather magic into a sword and send it flying”. You should always explore the possibilities of your abilities.”

Those words meant a lot to me.

If it hadn’t been for Grandpa’s advice at the time I wouldn’t have thought of using it as a scaffold to solidify my magic or to use it for my original magic.

I would have been a very different explorer than I am now.

“Orn is our king, right?”

Nothing but space.

The silver-haired girl standing there called out to us.

I know she’s looking at me.

But I can’t recognize her face because it’s as if it’s in a haze.

You should be able to see it. ・・・・・・・・・・.


A boy’s voice was heard to answer the girl’s question.

But I couldn’t understand the words.

“Ha ha! That’s just like Orn. But you’re going to fight, aren’t you? So I’ve decided… I’m going to fight the world.”


“Yeah. I’ve thought it over. And I need your help. I need you to help me figure out what I’m capable of.


“… I’m sorry I’m being so unreasonable. But I know I’ll soon reach my limit if I go it alone. I’ve already gotten permission from your aunt and uncle.”


“Heh heh, I’ve been told repeatedly to keep my word. So let me tell you everything I know about my abilities… [I’ll tell you all about my ability to travel back in time. So, expand on Orn’s ability to travel back in time. With that [■■■■].”

Memories of things I’ve experienced and things I don’t remember are running through my head.

Running lights are said to be a phenomenon of extracting useful information from our past experiences in order to break through the current situation.

So, is there a clue to how to get out of this situation in the memory that has just been so strongly pulled out of you?

I mean, how could I stay so calm in this situation ・・・・・・?

No, that’s not what we should be thinking about right now.

I ruminate once more on what just went through my mind.

… I wanted to try an attack like that… and I manifested Convergence of Magical Forces.

… Luna said. Oliver and I are too similar.

… Grandpa said. A mutation is something that can be expanded upon.

… The silver-haired girl said. That my abilities could be useful in expanding my time travel.

… Oh, that’s what ・・・・・・ was all about.


The <Hero> turns his back to me and walks for a moment, then I stand up.

The <Hero> turns around, perhaps sensing that I’ve stood up.

“… Why are you still standing? I would have crushed you until you fell unconscious.

The <Hero> is muttering to himself, his eyes shaking.

I think you know the answer to your question.

I’m going to have to go to the hospital.

The <Hero>, on the other hand, is as determined as ever to avoid you.

Of course. My slash was powerless against the Hero’s magic.

… It’s not…

My slash will contact the Hero’s force field.

And without being deflected ・・・・・・・・・, it hit <Hero> directly.

The force was kept low enough to keep him from dying, but for the <Hero> it was a surprise attack.

I hope this is the end of it.

“It’s not that easy, is it?”

The <Hero> must have crossed his arms in front of his body as quickly as he could and took the slash.

A <Hero> emerges from the smoke with both arms wounded.

“… You nullified my powers…?”

<Hero> is clearly upset.

He launches a Thunder Arrow from the sky.

Arrows of thunder rain down on the <Hero> like rain.

The <Hero> sees this and chooses to evade for the first time.

I feel like my head is very clear now, as if the running lights have helped me to organize my mind.

I decided I had full control of my ki now, and I let it flow through me,

“… [Unsealing Culmination].”

I’m gonna get rid of whatever’s holding me back.

And he flanked the hero who dodged the arrow of thunder,

“[Sanno type mont dry].”

Wield the Schwarzhase, which forms a great sword.

The moment the magic sword comes into contact with the <Hero>’s alien force field, it uses its alien power to cancel out the repulsive force. ・・・・

The <Hero> prevents it with his sword, but he uses his physical prowess to swing it as hard as he can and knock the <Hero> off his feet.

Coincidentally, my abilities are in the same vein as those of the <Hero>.

If I didn’t have this ability, I wouldn’t have stood a chance.

My superpower wasn’t Convergence.

[Convergence of Magical Energy] was an expanded interpretation of the original ability.

I thought it was my gift.

If I had to name my true ability… [I’d call it gravity manipulation.

He can manipulate the gravity around him at will.

However, this leaves one question unanswered.

[Manipulation of Gravity is not an inherently magical ability.

So why am I able to perceive magic?

Only those who have the ability to interfere with magic ・・・・・・・・・ should be able to perceive magic.

Well, it’s not worth thinking about.

It’s better to be able to perceive, and that’s fine.

“<Hero>, here comes round two.”