The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 145

CH145: Dragon Hunting

I release some of the magic stones I’ve been storing towards the <Hero> and move away from the two of them.

The robe girl appears a magic stone as well and runs in the opposite direction from me.

The remaining <Hero> is levitating the magic stone we gave him around the area with his own powers, and the dragons are turning their hate on the <Hero>.

The dragons attack from above at long range, but none of their attacks can reach him because of the Hero’s unique abilities.

The <Hero> buffs himself and then thrusts the tip of the sword in his opposite hand into the ground with great force, causing the ground to crack in several places.

Then, when the ground shook like an earthquake, the cracked surface of the earth floated in the air and became rocks of various sizes.

The <Hero> shoots the rock up into the sky above the dragons.

The rocks strike the dragons with such force that they turn into black mist.

It’s probably because they’re man-made. They’re not nearly as durable as the real thing.

If it were real, no matter how powerful the attack, it wouldn’t have been able to take him out with a single blow.

A large number of magic circles appear in the sky above the dragons and countless attack magic attacks are launched at the dragons.

The robed woman seems to be focusing more on quantity than quality, scattering her offensive magic over a wide area but only a few of the dragons turn into black mist.

But the damage has been done, and its movements have been slowed.

I’m gonna go around killing dragons, and some of their hate is gonna turn on me.

He pauses his attack and moves further up into the sky above the group of dragons before looking down at them.

Some of the dragons were rising towards me, but a huge magic circle appeared at my feet from which the robed woman’s [Mjolnir the Thunder Hammer of Heaven] rained down on them, obliterating them.

The robe-woman killed a large number of dragons with her special magic, and the dragon group’s hate turned completely to the <Hero> and the robe-woman on the ground.

“…. Well, let’s see.”

I’ll leave the two of them to deal with the dragon herd and I’ll look further up in the sky.

Then for some reason, I locked eyes with the Black Dragon who had been watching the battle from the top.

“I’m your opponent, Black Dragon. You’re not strong enough as a fake, but I’ll let you be the measure of how much I’ve ・・・・・・・・ grown in the past six months.”

I don’t know if my words annoyed him or not but the black dragon roared and then shot out a flaming bullet.

I wield a magic sword and strike a jet-black slash into a flaming bullet.

The fireballs and slashes that collide in the middle of the two sides form a huge explosion and smoke billows up between us.

“… [Sanno type mont dry].”

The sword is in the form of a large sword and in his hand he swings it at the base of the wing which is right in front of him as he passes by the black dragon’s face.

The slash combined with the [Instantaneous Ability Super-Rise Impact] cuts its wings from the root without feeling any resistance at all.

The black dragon screamed almost like a scream, but it fought back .

The purple mass of evil magic in various shapes and forms attacks me from behind and the tail of the black dragon attacks me from the front respectively.

“… [Reflective Barrier Reflective Wall].”

I make a gray translucent wall appear ahead.

The black dragon’s tail bounces off the wall and leaps in the opposite direction.

It also reverses its direction of travel from top to bottom when I touch the wall.

The other wing was cut in two as well, as was the other wing, as he dodged the mass of purple magic coming at him.

You follow gravity and reduce your altitude to keep your distance from the black dragon.

I wanted the black dragon to fall to the ground, but it stayed in the air by using its own magic, Moya, as wings.

The black dragon let out an angry roar.

And in response he causes many blurs to appear around the black dragon, turning them into a myriad of fine needles.

I guess it’s not as easy as it looks.

I mutter as I turn off the magical foothold and fall further down.

At the same time, countless needles rained down on me from above.

I was in the dragon swarm faster than the needle could reach me.

My time fighting the Black Dragon was so short it was almost instantaneous.

Even so, the dragons were so focused on the <Hero> that no dragon would have cared if I had entered their midst as a foreign object.

I enter the dragon herd and treat the dragons as a shield. I move around as if my needle were attacking them to reduce their numbers as much as possible and slaughter them again with my magic sword.

Normally, a hexenbiest will not attack another hexenbiest, but it is possible for hexenbiests to chip away at each other like this through the application of hate control.

It’s going to take a lot for the three of us to destroy this many dragons… even if we fight together.

Then let the Black Dragon help us.

The black dragon’s magic struck the dragon group and the robed girl went on the offensive again.

You launch an offensive spell with more emphasis on quality than before.


For a while I was able to cut down the dragon with the black dragon’s magic, but the black dragon must have realized that this attack would not be effective against me, so it swooped down towards me.


I got it!

I see the black dragon swooping down and call out to the <Hero>.

We don’t have a meeting or anything, but with me and <Hero> here there’s only one thing to do.

“”Keep falling!””

The black dragon that received my and the <Hero>’s powers spreads its wings wide and tries to slow down, but its efforts are in vain as it crashes to the ground with a mighty crash.

The black dragon is crushed to the ground as he slips out of the group of dragons and takes the top of the herd again.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to get a hold of them.

The robed woman is naturally, I and the <Hero> also send out slashes and invoke advanced and special magic and attack the dragon swarm mercilessly.

Then it’s one-sided.

The black dragons are sewn to the ground and the dragon swarms can’t mount much of a counterattack in the face of our three wave attacks and their numbers are dwindling.

… But it wasn’t to be.

When a hole appears in the air again, a new dragon emerges from the hole.

“Huh… Huh… You’re adding to it here. You’re gonna do something I don’t like…!”

I’ve been fighting for a long time now, and I’ve been constantly activating my Ki since the latter half of the battle with the <Hero>, and the repercussions of maintaining the Demon Sword and activating a large amount of magic have manifested themselves in the form of fatigue.

We’re starting to pass the point where we can fool ourselves with our strength.

You look towards the boulder that crushed him, wondering if the new dragon was the work of the red-robed man, but you don’t see any significant change.

The two people at ・・・・・・・・ a short distance away don’t seem to have interfered with us either, so is it natural to assume that the man in red had the second wave ready from the start?

(One more step. You know you’ll regret it ・・・・ if you don’t hold on here. This is no time to be whining…!)

I don’t want to be caught between the new dragons and the surviving ones, so I duck and return to the ground.

Orn, are you okay?

The robe woman comes up to me just as I put my feet on the ground and she asks me a question with a look of genuine concern on her face.

It’s all right. Let’s get these hexenbiests out of here.

I know I’m pushing it, but I don’t want her to see any weakness ・・・・・・.

She replied to the robed woman with a stout heart and her expression fell a little. You’re all alone like that…” She mutters sadly.

But the sad look on the robed woman’s face was short-lived as she turned serious and opened her mouth to look straight at me.

“Orn, I need your help with something. I need you to help me finish this battle quickly.”