The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 160

CH160: Advice (2) Shortcomings

<Amuntsaas is an organization recognized by the public as one of the world’s greatest criminal organizations that has killed many explorers.

They insist that you must not conquer the Grand Labyrinth and prevent you from forcibly conquering it by making promising explorers die.

“We’ve already engaged Amuntsaas.”

“… What?”

Mr. Warren’s eyes grow sharp at my response.

“The guild has been controlling the information. Have you heard about this? “Have you heard that Amunzarth was active in the Great Southern Labyrinth about six months ago?”

“Oh, I’ve heard that before. But I thought they concluded that the mortality rate of advanced searchers was within the margin of error since it was only slightly higher than in previous years. So I thought it was just a rumor…”

“It’s true that they appeared in the Southern Grand Labyrinth. <They tried to kill me right after the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky conquered the ninety-second level. I was lucky to get through it, but if it wasn’t for a bad turn of events, I might have died right then and there.”

The robed woman who tried to kill me… Theon Nasturtium.

That fight, I think I missed it.

I still don’t know why they let me go, but there’s a distinct possibility that I would have lost if I had kept fighting.

I’m confident I’ve grown since then, but I’m not sure I could win a head-to-head fight with her.

That’s how threatening her magic and powers are.

There’s a part of me that feels a strange connection to her, like we’ve missed each other or fought together.

But since she’s a member of Amuntsaas, that makes her an enemy of me as an explorer.

That’s the one thing you can’t get wrong.

“I see. Hearing that, some things became clear to me. Through the simulation battle I felt that you were well versed in fighting against people for an explorer, but you were already preparing for the battle with <Amnzarth> in various ways.”

<It’s more in anticipation of the battle against the Cyclamen Cult than against <Amnzarth>, but it certainly doesn’t mean that they haven’t thought about what would happen if they had to fight <Amnzarth> again.

Is there any need for correction here?

“Yes. I’m not going to quit being an explorer, so I wanted to get some experience in a versus battle to prepare for the worst case scenario. So today’s simulation was really a valuable experience for me. Once again, thank you very much for the simulation.”

“If you say that I’ve benefited you in some small way, then I don’t feel bad either… But you’ve already defeated Amunzarth? That’s none of my business…”

What do you mean, “mind your own business”?

“As I said before, I meant to alert you to the possibility of <Amnzarth> attacking <Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky>. But in fact, they’ve already done so, and it seems that they’re training in anticipation of future attacks, so it was just a bit of an afterthought.”

“No, since you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule to come here, I don’t think it’s any more than an afterthought to thank you.”

I mean that.

I’ve definitely grown from today.

“… Hey, just out of curiosity… how did you guys beat Amuntsaas? I don’t mean to offend you, but I knew that if we were attacked by Amuntsarth, Selma would surely die. That’s why I didn’t call you here.”

Selma’s gonna die…?

So Mr. Warren thinks it was the entire First Squadron that engaged Amuntsarth?

“I’m sorry, I don’t think we’re on the same page here, but I’m the only one who engaged Amuntsaas. The rest of the First Squadron didn’t fight them. It seems I was the only target six months ago.”

“What? You’re not fighting them, then, are you, Selma?”

“Yes. I didn’t explain myself clearly. I’m sorry.

“No… I was just mistaken… So Usagi hasn’t been attacked by them since Akebono. And yet they’ve been targeting Orn Dura personally. What’s going on?

Mr. Warren is mumbling something over his head as if he’s pondering something.

He’s in his own world, and I’m ruminating over Mr. Warren’s past words in my head.

And I think I’m getting to the answer to why Warren called me here alone.

The reason he doesn’t want Selma to hear it is probably because of what he just said earlier about the very real possibility of her losing her life if Amuntsaas and the First Squad engage.

It’s obvious why Mr. Selma is likely to lose his life.

That’s because she’s a grantmaker.

The grantor is the one who supports the ally who uses the buff by the support magic mainly.

Having someone in the party to manage the duration of buffs will allow the other members of the party to focus on their own work, making them much more efficient.

If you can work with them without any problems, your total strength will be much higher than a party without a grantor.

As a proof of this, the average level of the level reached by all the searchers has been raised much higher than before because of the advent of the grantor.

I fully agree with the opinion that a grantor is a must for an explorer party.

However, there are some drawbacks of course.

The fact that the grantor is inferior to the other members of the party in terms of single combat power.

Even though Selma can use all kinds of magic and is called the continent’s best Granting Artist, in terms of individual combat power she’s still a step behind other S-ranked searchers.

However, there are few cases in which the grantor joins the battle directly due to the hate control in the battle against monsters.

If you are an explorer who works in the labyrinth, you can ignore most of the disadvantages of the grantor, so you can practically enjoy only the advantages of the grantor.

In other words, it is in this special space of the labyrinth that the existence of the grantor shines.

This is ground… It’s a different story when it’s against a man.

If the enemy has reason and intelligence, hate control will be meaningless.

It’s the most easy piece to drop, even though it’s the centerpiece of the party.

It’s too ironic that he’s working so hard to master the art of fighting against monsters with the goal of conquering the Grand Maze, and now he might be forced to fight against people when he’s at the top of the game.

Well, we’re not stupid.

Although they are not as skilled at fighting against humans as soldiers are, not only the First Unit but also the Second Unit trains for some level of anti-personnel warfare.

I heard that there was a strong request from Mr. Albert behind it, but I see, so that’s what it was.

“And I’m sorry. I’ve been alone with my thoughts.

No, no problem. Have you ever engaged Amuntsarth before, Master Warren?”

“… Yeah. I’m sure you’re aware of that, aren’t you? About why I disbanded the explorer party I was leading, the Golden Reverberation…”

He always seemed to be in a good mood, but now there’s not a trace of it. He lowers his gaze, smiles sadly and speaks in a mumbling voice.

If you can connect these two things…….

It’s true that I don’t know anyone who was a member of the Golden Reverberation other than Mr. Warren and Mr. Albert.

I guess that’s what I’m saying.


“… Well! Let’s change the subject for once because it’s getting damp!”

“I understand that you’re serious about this war against the enemy. “So now, soldier… Let me give you some advice as a professional fighter.

Mr. Warren is back to his old self, and he’s smiling wickedly.

“Thank you. I’ll be listening.”

I didn’t expect him to tell me that much, and Warren’s suggestion was a godsend.

“First of all, I’m surprised that you have both swordsmanship and magic at such a high level. I’ve seen many people who are better than you at one or the other, but I’ve never seen anyone with such a high level of both, no kidding. And if you factor in the fact that you’ve reached the essence of the six basic types of support magic, you’re at a pretty high level of strength even if you look around the world. If it were only within Japan, he would definitely be one of the top five.”

“… I’m sorry.”

It’s honestly nice to get this much credit from Warren, who has spent a great deal of time in battle, both as an explorer and a soldier.

“But I’ve always found that to be your downfall.”

Is that a disadvantage?

“Yes. You’ve been training to be an explorer in all circumstances. It’s paying off. But that’s why you have so many choices in combat. There were a few times in the fight simulation that you seemed to be at a loss for a moment before making a move. That moment can be fatal in a battle against a high-level opponent. If we were killing each other I could cut you down in that split second.”

Now, what Mr. Warren just said made a lot of sense to me.

I’m sure I was thinking about whether to use swordsmanship or sorcery to intercept Warren when she closed the distance between us and him, and what to invoke in case of sorcery.

I think it was so short that I was unaware of it, but I guess that moment was a clear gap.

“I’m not trying to deny your current style. I’ve already told you that on a general level you’re quite strong. But your style is, in my opinion, poor at dexterity. I think you’ll be more successful if you focus on one of them and use the other to help you.”

“… Thank you for the warning. I will keep your words in mind.”

After Warren gave me some advice on fighting style, we talked about some other topics, and it was decided to call it a night.

“Mr. Warren, thank you for everything today. It made my day.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I’ve had a good day too. Good luck with the Grand Maze.

“Yes. I’ll do my best to conquer the Grand Labyrinth and report back to Warren-sama.”

“Ha ha ha! That’s a big one. Well, I won’t die before I hear the report… Good-bye, Orn.

Yes, good-bye, Mr. Warren.

We said our final goodbyes as we left the shop, and then Mr. Warren and I headed home.

But I had no idea this morning was going to be such a day.

It was a strange day, meeting an armored explorer and having a mock battle with Warren, a former brave warrior.

Well, I’d better get myself together again.

The day after tomorrow, we’ll be taking on the ninety-third layer with the first squad.

I’ll make sure to succeed in the day after tomorrow so that we can greet the New Year with a happy new year.