The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 161

CH161: 93 Layer Strategy (1) First Unit vs. The Serpent

“… You made it.”

Selma mutters as the first group arrives at their destination.

We’ve come to the Great Labyrinth today to conquer the ninety-third level of the Southern Labyrinth.

I followed the predetermined route and reached the door to the boss area after a few hours.

This morning as well, I was cheered on by the members of the <Yoten no Ginrabbit> just like when I was heading for the ninety-second layer, but I feel that time has passed longer than usual to the extent that it seems like such a long time ago.

That’s understandable.

The ninety-third layer also has a large number of demonic beasts, although not as many as the ninety-first layer, so they had to be constantly on the alert to avoid combat as much as possible.

Thanks to this, I am not so fatigued physically, but I am mentally fatigued.

“Thanks for your hard work, everyone. We can’t take it easy now, but let’s get ready and get our strength back. We’ll take the perimeter on rotation, right, Selma?”

“Yeah. That’s fine.”

Mr. Lane suggests a short rest, and Selma agrees.

I’ll take the first watch. Make sure the rear guard gets some rest. Orn?

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

Will will be the first one to come forward to warn the others.

I know what he’s thinking, so I don’t really have to say no. I just walk a little ways away from the door to the boss’s area and keep an eye out for him.

“We’re finally at the ninety-third layer. Let’s not let up until the very end, Orn.”

Will called out to me, maintaining a perimeter alert.

“Well… Will, as I told you in the meeting, this enemy is different from the others. If our initial plan works, it’ll be even harder for Will to fight, but he’ll have to rely on you in the end.

“Ha ha! I know. I’ll do my best. Don’t mess up on my part, okay?

“Yeah. I’ll set the stage for Will to do his best work.”

You’re good. I’m counting on you again, Ace.”

Then Will and I take a brief break and we all put on our winter gear for the final preparations.

It’s difficult to find the right level of warmth, since heavy clothing can interfere with combat, but this level of warmth won’t hinder you in battle.

“Ugh… It’s so hot… It’s so humid…”

Lecrae, clad in a winter cloak, complains.

The 93rd layer is warm and humid, reminiscent of the tropics.

It’s natural to feel very hot in such a place if you wear a winter jacket.

The coat I’m wearing now has long sleeves instead of the usual three-quarter sleeves, and the thicker fabric makes it easier for the heat to build up.

It makes you sweat even if you’re not doing anything.

But we’re dressed like this for this battle because it’s better to wear heavy clothing if we’re going to carry out our mission.

“Patience, Leclerc. Just stay focused.

“Yeah, that’s okay! I know you’re going through a lot, Rain, but I’m counting on you!”

“Yes. Leave it to your sister!”

Lecrae’s words are uttered with great enthusiasm by Mr. Lane, his chest heaving.

I don’t think Mr. Lane’s being self-conscious.

Rain-san is likely to be the main axis in this battle.

So it was a relief to see her in her usual sissy mood.

I think we’re gonna be okay.

“… Are we all ready?”

Selma’s gonna look at all of us to make sure we’re ready.

We respond by shaking our heads.

Let’s go. Let’s go kill the boss!

“””” oh !!!!”” “””


When I touch the door that separates the boss area from the labyrinth, the door slowly begins to open.

And I’m looking at it, and I’m thinking, “… “Hmm…” I let out a big breath.

Then let the Ki flow through you,

“… [Unsealing Culmination].”

I’m gonna let go of whatever’s holding me back.

As soon as the door opens and you can see what’s going on inside the boss area, you immediately check the situation inside.

It is the same as when I visited here about a year ago with <Golden Dawn>.

The ground is overgrown with grass, and there are a number of shrubs standing at wide intervals.

And it was right near the center of the boss area.

It crawled on the ground with a body so thick that it could be mistaken for a gigantic log, and from the tip of its triangular head, a long red tongue protruded as if it were flickering with fire… The serpent was staring at us while coiled in a coil.

“The giant snake is in the center of the boss area! Let’s jump everyone as planned!”

I’ll inform everyone of the situation as soon as possible, and construct the formula as quickly as possible in my clear head.

“[Space Leap Space Leap]!”

The four of them instantly shifted to surround the serpent at equal intervals along the outer wall of the boss’s area.

All right, everyone stick their daggers in the ground!

Selma-san’s voice echoes in your head as she uses [Mental Alertness].

Just as she said, she thrusts the white dagger into the ground just after they all shifted.

A white plume of cold air billows out from the hilts of the daggers that are thrust into five different places in the boss’s area.

The serpent is a serpentine hexenbiest.

Hexenbiests often combine the same characteristics as animals on the ground.

So he created a cold space, the natural enemy of reptiles.

This is a strategy inspired by the recent joint battle with Sion, so it was not used when we defeated him with <Golden Akebono>.

So, although there are some uncertainties and disadvantages, such as the fact that it may not be effective against the floor boss, the serpent, and the fact that the cold space slows down our movements, I decided that it was still worth doing.

A few seconds after we entered the boss’s area.

Still no major movement on the serpent.

By the time the wind stopped, the scenery had changed and it was a winter scene in the boss area.

Now, how useful is this operation?

“Chaos Slash Chaos Edge!”

When the white smoke cleared, Will was the first to move.

Will swings his double-edged sword and a slash of mixed magic strikes the serpent.

The serpent’s reaction to that was slower than I remembered.

“The scales are unchanged, but their reactions have slowed. It could be an individual difference, but it’s safe to continue the battle.”

Immediately share the information you just got with everyone.

“Okay. We’ll keep fighting. Rain, Lecrae, attack! Will and Orn, I need as much hate control as you can get!

“”Copy!”” “

“Aye! Orn, I’m gonna whack that snake!”


Following Selma’s instructions, Rain and Lecrae attack the serpent with water and ice-based magic.

I’m in sword range before the serpent can react and I strike him with my greatest slash using [Instantaneous Ability Super-Rise Impact] and [Gravity Manipulation] together.

I’d like to see the world go to war with the world.

The scales of the serpent are the exact opposite of those of the black dragon.

The black dragon is hard, whereas the serpent is very soft.

My slash felt as if the force was released, as if the impact was absorbed.

My biggest slash didn’t do much damage against its soft but sturdy surface.

And if he catches me, I’ll stop moving for a moment.

They’re not gonna let you get away with that.

The serpent’s magic caused a sharp-tipped trunk to emerge from the ground and come at me with great speed.


You immediately adjust your stance, kicking your magical foothold away from the serpent and out of the path of the fast-growing trunk.

A huge branchless tree appeared between me and the serpent, and its trunk was covered with holes at even intervals.

A lot of sharp twigs shoot out of that hole.

“[Corporal Noman Mont Huynh]!”

This attack was predictable as we had already seen it in the past.

He effortlessly curls up and hides behind a shield to survive the attack.

“Look at me, you snake!”

If it had been a giant snake, it would have been able to lose its way without difficulty, but it failed to do so due to its reduced physical capabilities caused by the cold environment, and it struck him directly.

However easy it may be for the body surface to release the impact, it is impossible to release all the impact when it comes to the head.

Will’s attack with my [Instantaneous Ability Hyper-Rise Impact] slams the serpent’s head into the ground.

But it’s a floor boss, after all.

His tail strikes Will with precision while the serpent’s head slams into the ground.

Will, who is stuck in mid-air, can’t avoid it.

If we don’t, it’ll hit them directly and do a lot of damage.

But for Will, pulling off an attack is a piece of cake.

It’s the same whether you’re stuck in the air or not.

Will has no trouble dealing with his tail, which has been slowed by his reduced physical capabilities and the interference from my [gravity manipulation].

I suggest that we use [Reflective Wall] in telepathic communication, and Will agrees, so we activate the spell.

I touch the gray wall, and Will and I get some distance between us and the serpent.

Then, as if they had been waiting for it, Rain and Lecrae’s magic attacked the serpent again.